All the Crazy Things That Happened in Chicago This Year

All good things must come to an end… but luckily, not-so-great things do, too. Whether 2018 fell into the former or latter category there is up to you. But whatever your feelings, the year of pop-up bars, Tide pod poisonings, and Kanye decidedly moving to Chicago (but not really) is finally over.

We all know some crazy shit went down this year, so we thought we’d put together a list of everything that happened to remind you of the good (and bad) times.


So here’s our year in review, UrbanMatter-style.



8 Chicago Restaurant Openings We Can’t Wait For In 2018

The restaurants we’ve all been waiting for.



Lyft Branded Beer Will Launch Next Week In Chicago

When Lyft partnered with a Chicago brewery to make the Five Star Lager.



A Juice Bar That Only Hires Attractive Guys Opens Tomorrow In Chicago



They’ve since opened three locations downtown with two more in the works. Yeah, no shit.



Kim And Kanye Named Their Daughter “Chicago West” And We’re Shook


We were like  …………..



Big Star Is Opening A GIANT New Location In Wrigleyville


Life has never been the same.


Chicago’s Potential Amazon HQ2 Site Looks Unreal

That moment when Amazon ALMOST came to Chicago and we wrote like 6 articles on it.


Both O’Hare And Midway Now Have Unlimited Free Wi-Fi




Aurelio’s Pizza Is Opening A Wrigleyville Location This Summer

*casually drools over cheese pull*


10 Inevitable Malort Reactions: Before And After Shots


When our whole office tried Malort and we all died.


Meet The Download Your Social Life’s Been Waiting For

When we launched the new UrbanMatter social app! Download today.


Houston’s New Bean Sculpture Is A Total Chicago Rip-Off

That time Houston tried to be as cool as us and failed.


The Star Wars Celebration Convention Is Coming To Chicago In 2019

Star Wars Celebration

“Power. Unlimited power!”


Taco Bell Is Bringing Frosé Slushies To Chicago This Summer


When Taco Bell gave us life this summer.


Chicago O’Hare Is Gonna Be The First Airport In The U.S. To Fly Direct To All 6 Major Continents


Save Antarctica. Because no one really wants an arctic vacation.


Elon Musk Is Gonna Get Chicagoans From The Loop To O’Hare In 12 Minutes

When Elon Musk tried to modernize the whole damn city at once.


Looks Like Union Station Might Be Getting Some New Digs

image-1 (3)

That time Union Station almost got an upgrade until everyone hated the designs. Twice.


Forbes Names Pilsen One Of The Coolest Neighborhoods In The World

Murals Of Pilsen

When a South Side neighborhood kicked ass.


Au Cheval Named The Best Burger In America By The Daily Meal

14156394_1751415731805597_892463186_n-2 (1)

And people loved our food (no surprise there).


Chicago’s Lost Lake Has Been Named The Best Cocktail Bar In America


And our cocktails, of course.


Study Names Chicago The ‘Rat Capital’ Of America


But definitely not our rats…


Chicago’s First Raw Cookie Dough Shop Is Open for Business


We got even more creative with our (un)baked goods.


Chance The Rapper Buys Chicagoist, Announces Purchase In New Song


He bought the Chicagoist just to “run you racist bitches out of business.” Yeah. He said that.


Facebook To Open Massive New Chicago Office


Still not sure when… so that’s awkward.


The U.S. Pizza Museum Is Officially Opening In Chicago This Summer


We beat out New York for the location of the U.S. Pizza Museum (IN YOUR FACE). And, clearly, we’re ~lost in the sauce~ over it.


The Chicago Accent Is The Least Attractive In America, Study Finds


They just don’t like da way we say da Bears.


Chicago’s Merch Mart Is Transforming Into The World’s Largest Digital Art Projection


When our art scene got even cooler.


Chance The Rapper And Zazie Beetz Are Killing It In ‘Slice’ Movie


When Chano played a sexy pizza delivery guy for the second time.


Rock ‘N’ Roll No More: McDonald’s Iconic Flagship Store Reveals Sleek Update On Thursday

Big Macs are here to stay. You just gotta order them on a self-serve screen now.


Chicago Is Finally Getting A Steak ‘N Shake This Month


No more hauling ass to the suburbs for a steakburger.


Amazon Opens Checkout-Less Grocery Store In The Loop Today


No lines. No fuss. No, really.


Kanye And Kim Have Purchased A Home In Chicago


Correction: Naperville, probably.


A Baby Trump Balloon Will Float Over Chicago For March To The Polls


And it. was. awesome.


Logan Square’s Giant Robin Williams Mural Is Our New Favorite Chicago Landmark



When Owen Dippie and Jerkface broke our hearts all over again.


CH Distillery Purchases Chicago’s Most Revolting Drink: Malört


Yup, it’s here to stay.


Chicago Ranked As The Best Big City In America, Again


I mean, can you blame them?


Nisei Lounge Is Hosting A Wake For The Closing Of Wrigleyville’s Taco Bell


Truly a tragedy.


Chicago Ranked Among The 10 Best Cities For Celebrating Halloween In America


Just call us Chicago the Urban Ghost.


The 2018 Christkindlmarket Mugs Are Heart Shaped And People Have Thoughts (1)

When Christkindlmarket switched it up on us and we all freaked out.


What The Fuck Is Going On With These ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ Posters?

44315652_189161718659323_912412676263636514_n (1)

When people thought birds were actually government surveillance drones.


Taco Bell Is Giving Away Free Tacos To Everyone In America Today Only

20837419_105220023540569_1546508291817865216_n (2)

When Taco Bell saved the day.


Miss Ricky’s Diner Recreated Buddy The Elf’s Spaghetti Sundae And It Looks Insane

image2 (2)

Syrup and all.


Ludlow Liquors Is Hosting A Very Grinchy Christmas Sucks Pop-Up Bar

37040375_1062605377238323_161358979258122240_n (1)

When we showed our grinchy side.


Chicago Is America’s New Beer Capital With Record-Breaking 167 Breweries

32116272_10156189839975281_2292602419609075712_o (1)

Take that, Milwaukee.


Portillo’s Is Named Top Dog In TripAdvisor’s 2018 Travelers’ Choice Awards

17125623_385879958461353_1264845414582976512_n (1)

I mean, we already knew that, but we appreciate the cred.


Chicago’s Newest Luxury Food Hall Is Finally Open For Business

45555578_2129013117143041_8819354260140457984_o (1)

Aster Hall: the businessman’s McDonald’s.


Chicago Ranked As The 5th Best Sports City In America Again


We would have been number one but SOMEBODY kept fucking it up for us (thanks, Hoiberg).


Anything we missed? Let us know your favorite things that happened in Chicago this year!


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