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The UrbanMatter Team


Michael Prussian

Managing Partner

Coming soon.


Wilbur You
Wilbur You

Managing Partner


As a young entrepreneur, Wilbur is far from your typical twenty-something, and for good reason. Wilbur joined as a leader of UrbanMatter, Inc. with the goal of growing an empire from the ground up. When he’s not out conquering the world, the young CEO can often be found cheering for the Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs and Bears as they take the field.

Michael Norris

VP of Marketing 


As an award-winning author & Chicago native, Michael couldn’t be happier to head the UrbanMatter editorial team. Known by most as the happy-go-lucky guy with terrible jokes, this MBA student can likely be found talking about fantasy football, traveling, or hitting the beach – sometimes all at once.

Nishat Profile Photo

Nishat Ahmed


Nishat Ahmed is the son of Bengali immigrants, an Illinois native, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Old Dominion University. Aside from his writing endeavors, Nishat is the lead singer in the indie-rock band, Ocean Glass, the host of ‘The Weekly BOP’, a short-form poetry show on Instagram, and is the author of “Field Guide for End Days” (Finishing Line Press) and “Brown Boy” (Porkbelly Press). You can often find him rocking music of the pop-punk persuasion and hopelessly rooting for the Chicago Bulls. (He swears next year is their year.)


Kali Cramer

Special Contributor

With an English and Communications degree from Trinity International University, Kali knew she would take the path of a zealous editor the moment she stepped out into the working world. A passion for words takes up the forefront of Kali’s mind, but you can also find her happily daydreaming about traveling abroad in the summertime. Big sunglasses, even bigger books, perennial plants, and obscure art are among the few items you might find in Kali’s room, and she’s always eager to have a discussion about social issues. Her latest book, Sinister Chicago, is available on Amazon to be released in June 2020.



Content Strategist

Fascinated with literature of any kind, Arniecea finds herself in writing and reading environments, such as writer workshops and libraries. She believes in versatility, and is always eager to explore different fields of writing, with the intent to further expand her writing capabilities.

Arniecea graduated from Missouri Western State University in Saint Joseph, MO with a B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing & Publishing. There, she gained editorial and editing internships, overseeing two literary magazines until the end of her college career. She is obsessed with upward mobility and strives to take on new challenges at UrbanMatter. In her spare time, Arniecea reads, blogs, watches scary movies that typically involve zombies, and works on a novel she’ll never finish.

Lauren Urban

Creative Director

From her Shiba Inu, Renner (named after the inventor of the typeface Futura, of course), to the giant ampersand hanging on her office wall, it’s safe to say Lauren embraces design in more than just her 9 to 5—and she has a BFA in Graphic Design to back it all up. Although she grew up in a small town, Lauren has a soft spot for the city. You may have even seen her at a Cubs game or two.

Mira Temkin

Travel Editor

Mira Temkin is a Chicago-based journalist who has a passion for travel and writes about destinations, hotels, food, theatre and events. She is currently a blogger for Orbitz as well as other print and online publications. Her articles have appeared in Make It BetterFood Wine Travel, Chicago Tribune, New York Lifestyles Magazine, MasterCard LOVETHISCITY, Chicago Upscale Travel Examiner, Skyline and moreWhen she’s not up in the air or on the road, she can be reached at miratemkin@gmail.com.


East Coast Travel Editors

Bob & Sandy Nesoff are a multiple award-winning team of travel writers. Hung on the walls of their office are more than 40 journalism awards from a variety of organization. Bob is a career journalist having been a reporter and feature writer for two major daily newspapers and was executive editor of New York Lifestyles Magazine. Sandy served as NYL Travel Editor. Sandy worked for many years as a Social Worker and Case Manager while doing double duty collaborating with Bob on travel articles. She is now a full-time collaborator. You can get in touch with them at bobmetnews@aol.com.

David Moreno

Graphic Designer/Web Developer

David is a recent graduate of the College of DuPage with a degree in Graphic Design. Since David was a kid you could always tell he had a knack for being creative. David’s passion shows in his work and his willingness to try and adapt to new things. When he is not stretching out his back from countless hours of designing he enjoys gaming, making people laugh, and binge-watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. He hopes one day to visit Flavor Town.

Cedric Bruce-Kotey

PPC Specialist

Cedric Bruce-Kotey’s journey to UrbanMatter is unlike any of our other employees. He originally came to us from the brights lights and rainy shores of London, UK. He tells us he’s a “proud born and bred Londoner”, a “geek” for digital marketing and an avid Manchester United soccer fan—and in no particular order.

Having come over in 2012 on a soccer scholarship to Tiffin University in Ohio, Cedric complemented his loyalties to the sport with a Bachelor of Science degree in Arts Administration. It was half-way through his degree he realized his passion for marketing and signed up for a minor in this field.

However, Cedric wasn’t done there! He later transferred over to the real “City of Lights” (time for a quick search on the internet!) to Aurora University, where he successfully graduated with a Masters of Science in Digital Marketing & Analytics.

In between both of his degrees (as if that wasn’t enough), Cedric put into practice his theoretical knowledge on digital marketing and ran several social media platforms, achieving followers that were numbered in the millions.

As you may be able to guess, Cedric’s time out of the office is very much spent around “the game” – soccer to the rest of us! He tries to play as much as possible, but due to apparent old age(!), spends his time coaching kids at the youth level, hoping to develop the next Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Eric Siemek

Director of Search

Eric is a high-speed millennial multitasker with a drive to learn and master anything that comes across his plate.

When attending North Central College, majoring in both Organizational Communications and Marketing, Eric successfully completed two marketing internships, which instilled in him a drive for success and a serious penchant for optimization.

His passion for marketing drove him to develop dozens of websites in various categories. He used these sites to learn and develop his skills in search engine optimization while developing various techniques to help sites rank and grow.

When he isn’t testing out products being sent to him from around the world for his tech site, he can be found chilling with his black lab, Belle, and researching the latest trends to further his knowledge about the ever-so-changing digital marketing world.


SEO Specialist

Ryan grew up in Schaumburg, Illinois and is a proud alumni member of North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. During his time in school, Ryan studied Interactive Media and Marketing and fulfilled several marketing and web design roles for the college newspaper and Marketing department. After graduating from North Central with the class of 2016, Ryan began his journey as an SEO Specialist in the Digital Marketing industry.

As our SEO Specialist, Ryan works hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure they rank well in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When not completing keyword research or developing campaigns, Ryan can be found enjoying music, movies, the outdoors, or a night out with friends.