Nisei Lounge is Hosting a Wake for the Closing of Wrigleyville’s Taco Bell

Nisei Lounge invites you to take a moment of silence as we fondly remember all the greasy-good times we had at the Wrigleyville Taco Bell before it closes later this month.

Guests are welcome to swap stories of their late-night escapades to this iconic chain restaurant during an unofficial wake at Nisei Lounge down the street. Feel free to mourn or even shed a tear while sipping on cocktails, but it’s also totally appropriate to share laughter as you regale your wild adventures.


Though our love for this particular Taco Bell might seem strange to some, only true locals have known the bizarre characters and unusual happenings that have poured in and out of this place during its prime. If you’ve ever wandered through, wasted as all hell after a Cubs win, and drunkenly ordered several 5-layer burritos before regretting it terribly in the morning, you know what we’re talking about. Good times, man.

The wake runs from 3 – 7 pm on October 28 at Nisei Lounge, 3439 N Sheffield Ave. And yes, Taco Bell’s finest cuisine will be provided at the event if it is indeed still open, burning indigestion to follow and all.


RSVP on Facebook if you’re planning to attend!



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