Experience your entire city.
Right at your fingertips.


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Get a real-time view of your city, thanks to locals like you.


Italian or Chinese? Lounges or pubs? Search according to your mood.


Tailor your search according to price, wait time, vibe, and more to get the best results near you.


Not into maps? Browse through every location in the surrounding area by name or category.

Let your city know
what matters to you.

Experience a bar, restaurant, or business
before you reach the door.

Check out all-time ‘Matters’ scores to get the general consensus of the location of your choosing
Look at photos of a location left by other app users.
Find addresses and phone numbers to get in contact with a location directly.

The more you explore your city, the more you unlock.


Gain points by reviewing locations, dropping Matters pins, upvoting and downvoting helpful comments, or even receiving upvotes of your own.


The more points you gain, the higher your level.


At each level you’ll unlock special features, new rewards, and even maybe a freebie or two.

Look back on everywhere you’ve been.

Upload a photo to personalize your app profile.
See the Matters you dropped at previous locations.
See your star ratings and read your written reviews.


What’s a Matter?

From Price to Live Music, Matters are pins that let you review a given location by what’s actually important to you. When you drop a Matter pin at a bar, restaurant, or other location, that pin acts as a real time review and let’s other UrbanMatter users know what’s up.

You can also filter your searches by Matter, making it easier to find what you’re looking for right here, right now. So, if you wanted to find an Italian restaurant with great drinks, you would enter “Italian” in the search bar and hit the Booze Matter. The map will then show you nearby Italian food locations that have recently been given a positive Booze Matter.

How do I leave a Matter?

You can leave a Matter by using the “Review” button on the top right hand side of the home screen or by going into a location’s page. After you set your location, select which Matter pin (or pins) you would like to drop. Each Matter you leave will be given a border – green, yellow or red – that indicates what you thought about that location.

So, if you thought that restaurant you just visited had awesome margaritas, you would hit the Booze Matter and then select the pin with the green border, labeled Great Drinks.

How do I leave a review of a location? How do I leave a photo?

You can leave a review by using the “Review” button on the top right hand side of the home screen or by going into a location’s page. After you set your location, toggle the button at the top of the screen to “review” to give the location a star rating, write your review, or leave photos!

Where can I find the Matters and reviews I’ve left?

You can find all of the Matter pins and Reviews you’ve left in the My Activity feed, located on your profile, which can be found in the upper left hand corner of the home screen.

You can also see any Matters or reviews you’ve left on each location’s page. The reviews will be listed at the bottom of the screen, while the Matters will be added into the location’s activity feed. The colored border around each Matter’s icon in the feed reflects the average number of green, yellow or red Matters left at that location – including yours!

How do I search for a location?

To search for a specific location or a location outside of your radius, hit the “List Location” icon on the bottom right hand side of the map.



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