Things to Do This Weekend in Chicago When You’re Stoned

Recreational, adult-use cannabis was legalized in Illinois this year and plenty of people are puffing away for the first time. You may be a seasoned stoner who knows how to enjoy the day when you’re high, but others are probably left wondering, “What are the best things to do this weekend in Chicago when you’re stoned?”

That’s where we come in. Not everything is made better by weed, but you can safely assume a lot of things are. Here’s a list of what to do in Chicago when you’re toking up.

Visit a Dispensary

Step one: buy some weed.

Photo Credit: Washington Examiner

Jam to Some Good Tunes

If you’re looking for things to do this weekend in Chicago while you’re stoned, we recommend attending a local show. Chicago is known for its local music scene and abundance of winter concerts.

Chicago Botanic Garden
Photo Credit: Chicago Botanic Garden

Enjoy Chicago Parks

Another fun thing to do in Chicago when you’re high is viewing nature at the public parks. Chicago may be a concrete jungle, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in parks and outdoor experiences. Take a stroll through the hidden emerald gems sprinkled throughout the steel grey and show your appreciation for planet earth.

Photo Credit: Wagstaff

Satisfy Those Munchies

You know you want to. Let your guilty pleasures get the best of you and enjoy your favorite Chicago eats:

navy pier food tour
Photo Credit: Navy Pier

Sample Chicago’s Best Food at Navy Pier

The Navy Pier Food Walk Tour lets you indulge in some of Chicago’s best guilty pleasures, like that pizza you’re already drooling over.

Museum Free Days This WInter
Photo Credit: Field Museum

Explore Chicago Museums and Art Galleries

Chicago is full of world-class museums, art installations, and galleries, and there’s no better way to experience them than to get sucked into the moment after a lil smoke sesh.

Photo Credit: CHE

See the Chicago Skyline from a Helicopter

A slightly scary thing to do this weekend in Chicago while you’re high is to participate in a Helicopter tour to view jaw-dropping architecture. Your call. Don’t worry—you won’t be the pilot.

best rooftop pools chicago
Photo Credit: DoubleTree

Dive Into Chicago’s Fanciest Pools

There is nothing like taking a dip underwater when you’re high off that legal shit.

Chuan Spa Chicago
Photo Credit: Chuan Spa Chicago

Get the Best Massage of Your Life

Chicago is home to the most spas per capita, so take advantage of this wealth of opportunity and enjoy the best massage of your life. Eat a weed brownie and head to the spa, where you’ll be pampered and cared for all day long. Sounds perfect to us.


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