24 of the Best Hot Dogs in Chicago, Ranked

Oh yeah, we’re doing this again.

Since we’re gluttons for punishment (and also just, ya know, gluttons in general) we at UrbanMatter have undertaken the grueling process of ranking one of the most prized, cherished and hotly-contested foods on any good Chicagoan’s menu: the hot dog.


For those of you who are yet unaware, a Chicago style hot dog is comprised of the following: yellow mustard, white onions, so-bright-it’s-almost-neon green relish, a pickle (spears only, please), sport peppers, celery salt and tomatoes all atop a beef hot dog snuggled inside a poppyseed bun.

Sounds great just thinkin’ about it, huh?


These are 24 of the best hot dogs in Chicago, ranked. Where does your favorite Chicago style hot dog lie?



24. Wrigleyville Dogs

Wrigleysville Dogs
Photo Credit: Wrigleysville Dogs

3737 North Clark, Wrigleyville

Found just north of Wrigley Feild and directly across from the Metro, Wrigleyville Dogs is a drunk Chicagoan’s dream, landing it a solid spot in our list of the best hot dogs in Chicago.


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23. Duk’s Red Hots

Vienna Beef
Photo Credit: Vienna Beef Instagram

636 North Ashland, West Town

Duk’s Red Hots is a hot dog restaurant that has been proudly serving Vienna Beef dogs since 1954 (back pre-lawsuit when the name was Donald Duk’s).



22. Johnny O’s

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Johnny O’s

3465 South Morgan Street, Bridgeport


Johnny O’s has been satisfying Bridgeport’s hot dog craving for over 50 years now. Plus, it’s open 24/7!


21. Fred & Jacks

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: WTTW

7600 South Yale Avenue, Auburn Park

Old School at its finest, this Auburn Gresham joint offers excellent Chicago hot dogs and is well worth a drive to the south side.


20. Big Guys

Big Guys
Photo Credit: Big Guys

7021 West Roosevelt Road, Berwyn

The name says it all – Big Guys serves up massive Chicago hot dogs that are just as delicious as they are huge.


19. Fat Tommy’s

Fat Tommy's
Photo Credit: Fat Tommy’s Instagram

3031 West 111th Street, Merrionette Park

One of the best hot dog spots on the southside, Fat Tommy’s will have you chowin’ down in bliss.


18. U.B. Dogs

U.B. Dogs
Photo Credit: U.B. Dogs Instagram

185 North Franklin Street, Loop

One of the very few locations on our roundup that can be found in Chicago’s loop, U.B. Dog’s is one of the best hot dog joints in Chicago.


17. Hot “G” Dog

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Hot “G” Dog Facebook

5009 N Clark St, Andersonville

In addition to a damn fine Chicago Hot Dog, this north side staple is also serving up a bevy of wild hot dog creations like duck sausage, a Guinness Beer Brat and more.


16. Chicago’s Dog House

Chicago's Dog House
Photo Credit: Chicago’s Dog House Instagram

816 West Fullerton, Lincoln Park

This Lincoln Park number has been cooking Chicagoans specialty hot dogs since the summer of ’09. And when we say specialty, we mean it – kangaroo dog, anyone?

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15. Jim’s Original Hot Dog

Jim's Original Hot Dog
Photo Credit: Jim’s Original Hot Dog Facebook

1250 South Union Avenue, University Village

A primarily Polish sausage serving joint, Jim’s Original Hot Dog has been in operation since 1939, not counting a brief relocation in the early 2000’s. UIC students rejoice!


14. Mustard’s Last Stand

Hot dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Mustard’s Last Stand Facebook

1613 Central Street, Evanston

Though not located in Chicago proper, Mustard’s Last Stand is a classic none-the-less, and totally worth a day trip to Evanston for the jumbo dog alone.


13. Morrie O’Malley’s

Morre O Mallery
Photo Credit: Morrie O’ Mallery Instagram

3501 S Union Ave, Bridgeport

A stone’s throw from the new Comiskey Park (no, I will not call it by its new-new name, sorry y’all) Morrie’s is a straight-up classic. Go ahead, try and change my mind.


12. Original Jimmy’s Red Hots

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Original Jimmy’s Facebook

4000 W Grand Ave, Humboldt Park

Not to be confused with the aforementioned Jim’s Original, Original Jimmy’s is the west side’s premier hot dog spot. And that’s just a fact.


11. Devil Dawgs

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Devil Dawgs Instagram

Multiple Northside Locations

You know what they say, you can’t resist the devil. Or, apparently, his milkshakes.


10. Portillo’s

Portillo's Hot Dogs
Photo Credit: Portillo’s Hot Dogs Instagram

Multiple Locations

Presented without commentary.


9. Red Hot Ranch

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Redhot Ranch Yelp

2072 North Western, Bucktown

Red Hot Ranch offers Chicago hot dogs that are cheap, easy, and good.


8. Wolfy’s

Hot dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Wolfy’s

2734 West Peterson, West Ridge

A family spot through and through, Wolfy’s iconic sign – and equally iconic food – has been a north side go-to since ’67.


7. Byron’s

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Byron’s

1017 West Irving Park Road

With locations on both Lawrence and in Irving Park, Byron’s services one of the best hot dogs in Chicago.  Hell, the head chef has even served them to the Obama’s.


6. Superdawg

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Superdawg Instagram

6363 North Milwaukee, Norwood

That sign, that building, and those damn hot dogs. Superdawg is a veritable Chicago landmark at this point.


5. Weiner’s Circle

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: The Weiner’s Circle Facebook

2622 North Clark, Lincoln Park

Perhaps best known for their char-dogs, red hots and a loving slew of verbal abuse. And Poochie. Don’t forget about Poochie.


4. Murphy’s Red Hots

Murphy's Red Hots
Photo Credit: Murphy’s Red Hots Instagram

1211 West Belmont Ave, Lakeview

Nostalgia reigns supreme at Murphy’s who, since the 80’s, has been treating locals and Cubs fans alike to delicious dogs.


3. Fatso’s Last Stand

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Fatso’s Instagram

2258 W Chicago Ave, Ukrainian Village

If I could eat a char-dog from Fatso’s every day for the rest of my life trust me, I would. No questions asked.


2. Fat Johnnies

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Serious Eats

7242 South Western Avenue, Auburn Gresham

I’ve said it once and I will say it again, Fat Johnnies is one of the most underrated places in the whole of Chicago, hands down.


1. Gene & Judes

Hot Dogs Chicago
Photo Credit: Gene and Jude’s Instagram

2720 N River Road, River Grove

And now, for the piece de resistance, Gene & Jude’s. Though yes – I do know that this Chicagoland staple is a litttttle bit on the edge when it comes to Chicago city lines, but I maintain that Gene & Jude’s is the best hot dog I’ve ever had in my life. And that’s just that.



Honorable Mention: DogHaus – a new addition to the Chicago hot dog scene, this LA transplant has the potential to end up a favorite. But for now, we’re simply gonna have to wait and see.


At UrbanMatter, U Matter. And we think this matters.

Tell us what you think matters in your neighborhood and what we should write about next in the comments below!



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