50 Best Pizza Places in Chicago, Ranked

No explanation, no debate – these are the best pizza restaurants in Chicago, Illinois. Period.

best pizza chicago
Photo Credit: Pat’s Pizza South Loop

50. Pat’s Pizza

Multiple Locations


Originating in South Loop, Pat’s Pizza quickly took over Chicago with its flavorful Chicago-style pizza.

Photo Credit: Dante’s Pizzeria

49. Dante’s Pizzeria

2825 N Milwaukee Ave


New York-style, but we’ve forgiven them.

best pizza
Photo Credit: Barraco’s

48. Barocco’s Pizza

Multiple Locations


If you’re looking for the best pizza restaurants near the south in Chicago, we recommend traveling to Barocco’s Pizza. This establishment is almost in the suburbs of the city. But, luckily for Southsiders, Chicago can still claim this delicious pizza place.

Photo Credit: Michael’s Pizzeria

47. Michael’s Original Pizzeria & Tavern

4091 N Broadway


Nothing pairs better with a tall glass of beer than a Chicago tavern-style pizza from one of the best pizza restaurants in the city.

Best Pizza Places in Chicago
Photo Credit: Uno’s Instagram

46. Pizzeria Uno & Pizzeria Due

29 E Ohio St | 619 N Wabash Ave


No, your eyes are not deceiving you — this Chicago pizza restaurant offers a specialty pizza that features Italian beef.

Best Pizza Places in Chicago
Photo Credit: Home Run Inn

45. Home Run Inn

Multiple Locations


A Chicago original.

Best Pizza Places in Chicago
Photo Credit: Roots Instagram

Chicago-Style Pizza Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What makes a Chicago-style pizza special? Learn more about the ingredients of this popular dish and the history of your favorite pizza restaurants in the city.

What is a Chicago-Style Pizza?

Chicago is a popular travel destination because of its delicious food, countless shops, and beautiful architecture. The Windy City is known for its Italian beef, hot dogs, steak, barbecue, and deep dish pizza. If you’re looking to become familiar with new food on your vacation to Chicago, we recommend visiting a popular pizzeria to try Chicago-style pizza.


Unlike New York City, Chicago is historically known for its deep-dish pizzas. A Chicago-style pizza includes thick crust, cheese, sausage or pepperoni, vegetables, and tomato sauce that is crafted with fresh tomatoes. If you’re traveling to Chicago from New York, you may be astonished to discover pizza crust that is a couple of inches thick. It is not uncommon for tourists to refer to the classic Chicago-style pizza as a pie or casserole dish.


The dough of a deep-dish pizza is inserted into a large circular pan. We recommend adding oil to the bottom of the pan prior to baking it to prevent the crust from sticking to the base of the pan. To ensure there is enough space in the crust for cheese, sausage, and peppers, the dough is pushed to the sides of the pan before it is inserted into the oven. Once the crust is assembled and inserted into the pan, it’s time to add the ingredients to the deep-dish pizza.

Since it takes more time to bake a deep-dish pizza when compared to a thin-crust pie, the mozzarella cheese on a deep dish pizza is usually buried beneath the tomatoes, vegetables, and meat to prevent it from burning in the oven. On the other hand, the cheese on a thin-crust pizza is usually located on the top layer of the pie. The proper order of ingredients and condiments on a Chicago-style deep dish pizza is cheese, vegetables, pepperoni or sausage, and diced tomatoes.


What is The Difference Between Deep-Dish & Stuffed Pizza?

Although a stuffed pizza looks the same as a deep-dish pizza on the exterior, there are a variety of differences that affect the taste, texture, and consistency of the dish. Stuffed pizzas are assembled with a large layer of bread or crust with layers of cheese, meat, and vegetables. Like a traditional pie, a stuffed pizza includes an extra layer of dough that is inserted above the meat and cheese. The only difference between a pie and a stuffed crust pizza is the layer of diced tomatoes that are embedded on the second layer of dough. In addition, a stuffed pizza is baked with canola oil rather than corn oil.


When Was the Deep-Dish Pizza Introduced to Chicago?

The first form of deep-dish pizza was introduced to Chicago in 1943 at Pizzeria Uno by Ric Riccardo and Ike Sewell. This new recipe included thicker crust and unique layers of cheese, meat, vegetables, and tomatoes. Once this new style of pizza was introduced, it immediately became popular with Chicagoaens. Today, there are over 200 Uno Chicago Grills in various locations across the world. However, the original Pizzeria Uno in Downtown Chicago holds a special place in Chicagoens hearts and remains popular. In fact, it is not uncommon to observe endless lines of families and tourists that are waiting for the opportunity to try the original Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

Pizzeria Uno was the first place to serve deep-dish pizza in the city of Chicago. The pizzeria has been serving delicious food to residents for over 70 years. On the other hand, there are many signs that indicate Ric Riccardo and Ike Sewell were not the original creators of this recipe. In fact, the Malnat’s family may be responsible for this popular Chicago dish. A member of the Malnati’s family, Adolpho Rudy Malnati, Sr., worked at Pizzeria Uno when it opened. According to the Malnati’s, Rudy Malnati collaborated with Ric Riccardo to create the classic recipe.


The family claims the pizza became popular because Rudy Malnati and Ric Riccardo would give away slices of deep-dish pizza in the neighborhoods of Chicago. In addition, there is evidence that suggests Rudy Malnati and Ric Riccardo operated Pizzeria Uno together. Once Ric Riccardo passed away, Rudy Malnati created a partnership with his son, Lou Malnati, to maintain and operate Pizzeria Uno. The partnership was successful until Rudy Malnati, Sr. passed away. Once Lou Malnti’s father died, a conflict occurred between staff and management at Pizzeria Uno. 

Unfortunately, the staff at Pizzeria Uno did not see Lou Malnati as a leader. Lou Malnati left Pizzeria Uno and opened his own pizza restaurant in 1971 called Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. The history of the Chicago style deep-dish pizza will vary depending on the family members or people you talk with. It may not be totally clear if the deep-dish pizza was created by Rudy Malnati, Ike Sewell, or Ric Riccardo. On the other hand, this Italian dish has become an icon for the city of Chicago and its unique history.


What Are the Differences Between Lou Malnati’s and Pizzeria Uno’s Deep-Dish Pizza?

The deep-dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is baked with lighter dough and sweeter tomatoes. In addition, a classic Chicago-style deep-dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s features less cheese when compared to Pizzeria Uno’s. Unlike a standard pizza, a deep-dish pie at Lou Malnati’s is cooked with a delectable buttercrust. This type of crust is cooked with butter instead of oil to give it a sweat taste. The popular Malnati Chicago Classic includes tomatoes, sausage, cheese, and buttercrust. 


How Many People Does a Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Feed?

According to Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, a standard large deep-dish pizza can feed between 4 – 6 people. A medium Chicago-style pizza is enough for 3 – 4 people while a small pizza is able to accommodate 2 – 3 people. If you’re ordering a thin-crust pizza, we recommend ordering additional food to ensure everyone is satisfied. A large thin-crust pizza will feed around 3 – 4 people while a medium pizza will satisfy around 2 – 3 people.


44. Roots

Multiple Locations

Damn good pizza, indeed.

Photo Credit: Beggar’s

43. Beggar’s 

Multiple Locations

Finally, a Chicago-style pizza place that perfectly balances the sauce and cheese proportions.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Nancy’s Instagram

42. Nancy’s Pizza

Multiple Locations

The stuffed pizza of your dreams.

Photo Credit: Pie-Eyed Instagram

41. Pie-Eyed

1111 W Chicago Ave

The neighborhood spot you never knew you needed.

Photo Credit: Angelo’s Stuffed Pizza

40. Angelo’s Stuffed Pizza

4850 S Pulaski Rd

This Chicago pizza restaurant offers stuffed pizza, not deep dish — it’s an important distinction.


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best pizza chicago
Photo Credit: Rosati’s

39. Rosati’s 

Multiple Locations

We couldn’t leave it off, for obvious reasons.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Warehouse Instagram

38. Warehouse

1419 W Fullerton Ave

We’ll take a slice of that action.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Labriola Instagram

37. Labriola

535 N Michigan Ave

The menu at this Chicago pizza place features deep dish and classic pizzas.

Best Pizza Places in Chicago
Photo Credit: Reno Instagram

36. Reno

2607 N Milwaukee Ave

Give us that thin crust.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Salerno’s Facebook

35. Salerno’s

1201 W Grand Ave

A little slice of Chicago history.

Best Pizza Places in Chicago
Photo Credit: Legno Instagram

34. Legno

4250 N Central Ave

Woodfired. ‘Nuff said.

*Disclaimer: pizzas do not actually float.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Ranalli’s Instagram

33. Ranalli’s

1925 N Lincoln Ave | 1512 W Berwyn Ave

Serving up pies for over 45 years.

Photo Credit: Phil’s

32. Phil’s

1102 W 35th St

Cash-only heaven.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: My Pi Instagram

31. My Pi

2010 N Damen Ave

Prime “cheese pull” real estate.

Photo Credit: Paulie Gee’s of Logan Square

30. Paulie Gee’s

2451 N Milwaukee Ave

If you’re looking for the best Brooklyn style pizza in Chicago, we recommend visiting Paulie Gee’s in Logan Square.

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Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Gino’s Instagram

29. Gino’s East

Multiple Locations

The pizza offered at this pizza restaurant in Chicago is a total classic.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Dimo’s Instagram

28. Dimo’s

3463 N Clark St | 1615 N Damen Ave

Your late-night pizza craving, cured.

Photo Credit: Marie’s Pizza

27. Marie’s Pizza

4129 W Lawrence Ave

There’s a liquor store next door, but people still come here for the pizza. If that doesn’t tell you anything…

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: La Crosta Instagram

26. La Crosta Woodfired Pizzeria

2360 N Lincoln Ave

*inserts Italian chef hand motion here*

Photo Credit: Aurelio’s Pizza Instagram

25. Aurelio’s

1212 S Michigan Ave

Family-owned, family loved.

Photo Credit: Palermo’s of 63rd

24. Palermo’s of 63rd

3751 W 63rd St

If you’re searching for the best beef pizzas in Chicago, we recommend visiting Palermo’s of 63rd.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Bacci Instagram

23. Bacci

Multiple Locations

By. The. Slice.

Photo Credit: Jimmy’s Facebook

22. Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe

5159 N Lincoln Ave

If you’re trying to find the best New York-style pizza in the Chicago area, you should travel to Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe.

Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Instagram

21. Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company

2121 N Clark St

Pizza pot pie, anybody?

Photo Credit: Bartoli’s Instagram

20. Bartoli’s

1955 W Addison St

A fork and knife kinda slice.

Photo Credit: Pizza Castle

19. Pizza Castle

3256 W 55th St

A Southside mainstay.

Photo Credit: Pequod’s Instagram

18. Pequod’s

2207 N Clybourn Ave

The caramelized crust you crave.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Homeslice Instagram

17. Homeslice

938 W Webster Ave

One pretty pie.

Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Lou Malnati’s Facebook

16. Lou Malnati’s

Multiple Locations

An essential.

Photo Credit: Craft Pizza

15. Craft Pizza

1252 N Damen Ave

This pizza restaurant serves the best Artison pizzas in Chicago. You will have to taste a dish to believe it.

Photo Credit: Bungalow by Middle Brow

14. Bungalow by Middle Brow

2840 W Armitage Ave

A neighborhood brewpub that just opened this year, Bungalow is already known more for its pizza than its beer, which is also delicious, by the way.

Photo Credit: Bob’s Pizza

13. Bob’s Pizza

1659 W 21st St

Pilsen-style pizza ain’t so bad.

Photo Credit: Sono Wood Fired

12. Sono Wood Fired

1659 W 21st St

Under the influence… of Tuscany.

Photo Credit: The Art of Pizza

11. Art of Pizza

3033 N Ashland Ave | 727 S State St

A true masterpiece.

Pizza Places in Chicago
Photo Credit: Coalfire Instagram

10. Coalfire Pizza

1321 W Grand Ave | 3707 N Southport Ave

Burnt in the best kind of way.

Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Piece Pizzeria

9. Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

1927 W North Ave

Pizza and beer — need we say more?

Photo Credit: Forno Rosso Instagram

8. Forno Rosso

1048 W Randolph St | 3719 N Harlem Ave

This pizza restaurant in Chicago offers crust just like your Italian Grandma used to make.

chicago pizza
Photo Credit: Pizano’s Instagram

7. Pizano’s

Multiple Locations

Pizano’s is supposedly Oprah’s favorite Chicago pizza place. Maybe it should be yours, too.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Spacca Napoli Instagram

6. Spacca Napoli

1769 W Sunnyside Ave

Brb, drooling too much to think of something witty.

Photo Credit: Giordano’s Instagram

5. Giordano’s

Multiple Locations

Did you really think we’d skip over this OG?

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Vito and Nick’s Facebook

4. Vito and Nick’s

8433 S Pulaski Rd

An institution.

Photo Credit: Bonci Instagram

3. Bonci

161 N Sangamon St | 1566 N Damen Ave

This pizza restaurant in Chicago serves Roman-style pizza as you’ve never seen before.

Best Pizza Places Chicago
Photo Credit: Pizzeria Bebu Instagram

2. Pizzeria Bebu

1521 N Fremont St

If you’re looking for authentic Italian Chicago pizza places, Pizzeria Bebu is the clear winner.

Photo Credit: Connie’s Pizza Instagram

1. Connie’s

2373 S Archer Ave

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! The award for the number one pizza restaurant in Chicago goes to Connie’s. This restaurant has been serving delicious Italian food in the city since 1963.


At UrbanMatter, U Matter. And we think this matters.

Tell us what you think matters in your neighborhood and what we should write about next in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: Connie’s



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    Agree with Lou Malnatti’s being the best. Pizzeria Due should have been included. I like Pizzeria Via Stato for real thin crust pizza.

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    How isn’t Fat Ricky’s Old World Pizza in this list???? Chicago Tribune, WGN TV, Chicago’s Best, Hungry Hound. Since 1963. This place is the king of scratch cooking. The BEST PIZZA! Old school authentic

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    Is this persons seriously from Chicago? Half these pies aren’t even tavern cut. Weighted too heavily on deep dish like some sad stereotype. Lou’s is good but so common it’s boring.

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      Marie’s simply doesn’t cut it. The sauce or crust. I’m sorry. It pales compared to Martino’s thin crust sausage.

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    Quonset Pizza in Waukegan. I do agree with Lou Malnati’s.

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    Also, try 1) D’Agostino’s on Addison and Southport and 2) Nella Pizza and Pasta down in Hyde Park.

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    Craft Pizza in Wicker Park – those are some pretty serious pizza guys…

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    Union Squared anyone?

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    Connie’s is the Domino’s of Chicago Style pizza. Cardboard with sauce and cheese. Gross.

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    You guys apparently don’t know good pizza .. Piasans Pizzaria in Berwyn il on Ogden ave by FAR THE BEST

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    You missed the best spinach pizza and very good pizza in general Bell Bacino’s!!! and Connie’s was sooo awful before and it is a little better now but no way at all should be on this list!! Bacci big slice is also not that good either….Connie’s number 2????!!!! come on man!!!

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    Connies at Number 2? Someone forgot to add 2 more zeros afterwards. #typo destroyed credibilty of the whole thing.

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    How does Beggars Pizza get left off of this list considering popularity it has in the south suburbs ?

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    Fat Ricky’s in Tinley, Romeoville and Plainfield would be worthy of a top 40.

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    Waldo Cooneys makes a good southside pie. Haven’t found a place to replace Little Joe’s. Used to order from Pizza Castle all the time but there not consistent. A good pizza should be a thin, crispy crust & NOT greasy! Giordanos SUCKS. Nick & Vito has limited sizes & HIGH prices.

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    How did you miss I Monelli?

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    PETE’S 2 on Montrose both Stuffed and flat, the pizza had always been good.

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    No love for Leona’s?

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    You’re right about Connie’s on Archer.

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    Milanos in Beverly

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    ORD Pizza on Montrose is incredible. Should be somewhere on this list.

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    What no mention of Freddy’s Pizza in Cicero or Villa Nova in Stickney? These have been institutions in Chicago for over 40+ years. They deserve more accolades than some of these flash in the pan or corporate pizza joints. And why is New York style pizza even listed in your top 40 list? Who in Chicago wants pizza you have to fold in half? No one.

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      Hey John! Appreciate the suggestions – we’ll keep em in mind for next time!

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    JB Alberto’s truly needs to be on this list.

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    This list sucks Connie’s #5 is the worst you must be either on sum hipster shit or sum surban shit this ain’t no true Chicago pizzaria list.

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    Where’s Phil’s Pizza from Bridgeport? And you gotta be kidding about Giordono’s.

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    i Love Lou’s, but these people are right–this ranking is Way off. Giordano’s??? come on!! however, i was pleased to see non-chains like Vito & Nick’s, Pequod’s, Roots, etc. next time just call it a chicago pizza “bucket list” or something, leave out the ranking and controversy! Giordano’s? Connie’s?? in the top 5??? and my last pizza from Uno’s was Awful, (so replace them with Renaldi’s 2827 N B’way)

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    1 Loumalnatis
    2 Connies
    3 Als Cicero
    4 Paisans Cicero

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    Rosati’s should be in the top 10…not even on the list. Huge oversight.

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    I agree Garrett…this list is BS! Way better pizza places in Chicago that weren’t mentioned like Gio Gio’s, Beggars and Falcos. The writer is definitely from the Chi.

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      Thanks for your thoughts y’all – we seriously do appreciate them! This is just one writer’s opinion but considering how strongly everyone feels maybe we’ll have to revisit.

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        Thank you for attempting a list. Best Of lists are always risky because people take these things seriously. BTW, as long as Forno Rosso is in the top few, someone is doing his homework!

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    I think this list is BS as well. Arrenello’s Deep Dish is better than half the top 10’s on this list. And their thin crust is better than most of these. Girradono’s, Aurelio’s, Lou’s……seriously. Chain restaurants and everyone is different.

  • Avatar
    Lou Malnati's Cook
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    friend sent me this, i thought to myself ok it better not just have “lou’s as #1” without at least entertaining the other competitors….Since ya did….. how credible are you if Pizzeria Due is not even mentioned? It’s basically a better lou’s. Even if it’s a worse lous it would belong somewhere on the top 42. Closing statement, I agree with the others that Giordanos is also way out of place though no surprise. Very safe list you get a sticker!

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    This is some bull. Ginos East should have been higher. Give me a break Connie’s and Girodnos. Please

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    D’Agostino’s???? Def better than Connie’s

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    JB Alberto’s? Pander to chain resturaunts much or just eat what you are told to and report accordingly?

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      Love me in Uptown getting sum J.B Alberto’s

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    Italian Fiesta Pizzeria…a Southside institution for 75 years,

    • Avatar
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      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll have to consider it next time around!

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    Giordano’s anywhere in the top 40??? What a joke. Somebody’s getting their pockets lined.

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    lol Lou Manatis. Should have scrolled down to see that so I didn’t have to read the rest of the list. What a joke. How much they pay you guys in ad money?

    • Avatar
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      None! We just love Lou’s tbh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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        Missed Palermo’s Pizza of 63rd Street. The perfect balance of cheese, sweet sauce and crust.

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    No Exchequer?… To have Giordano’s as top 3 is ridiculous.

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      Again great Pizza in the Loop and way better that Connie’s ? Pizza

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    Pequods is number one…. and to have Giordano’s in the top 3 is insane.

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      Top 5 i mean…

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    Pequod’s should be in top 3. I mean, come on!

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    Pequods beats Lou Manati’s anytime anywhere.

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    If this wasn’t I would agree with you but to put Connie’s pizza over half of those places you have to out of your god damn mind. Connie’s pizza is absolutely horrible.

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    Beggars!! C’mon!

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      Absolutely Beggars!!!!!

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    Why is Gullivers not in this group?

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      Why is Palermo’s not in group best pizza in Chicago

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