7 Virtual Art Galleries in Minneapolis You Can Visit Right Now

The pandemic has made it tough to enjoy activities that get us out of the house. For the artistically inspired and appreciative, there’s an indescribable sense of awe when strolling through an art gallery. While nothing will quite replace that experience, a number of museums across Minneapolis are taking their museums online for a virtual experience. Here are some virtual art galleries in Minneapolis you can visit right from your computer.

Weisman Art Museum

Located on the University of Minnesota campus, the Weisman Art Museum is doing its best to keep the art flowing during these trying times. They not only feature virtual galleries near Minneapolis but additionally offer activities to do at home for the young ones.

The Museum of Russian Art

While the Museum of Russian Art is quite the sight, the splendor can still be appreciated at home. The museum offers a 360-degree tour that can be accessed right on their website. Take a gander at their beautiful interior of immaculate paintings.


Art-A-Whirl has been quite the tradition of Minneapolis and no Covid-19 pandemic is going to kill the event as it’s taken from the streets and into homes. The website for this art gallery not only offers plenty of tours to get the most out of the event but also features interviews and demonstrations.

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Firstly, thank you to all of those that joined us for our Virtual Connections event with Donté K. Hayes @dontekhayes ! Secondly, we are thrilled to bring forth another exciting Virtual Connections event, "Troublesome ‘96: Exploring the Chicano Experience", by Bobby Marines and Lael Martinez via Zoom on Wednesday, September 9th from 7-8pm CST @bobbymarines @lae_loe . Bobby Marines will be sharing his work as he, and long-time friend, Lael Martinez, discuss the complexities of navigating Chicano culture in Texas, South Central Los Angeles, and Minnesota. The conversation is meant to encourage inquiry and dialogue in pursuit of understanding so questions and comments will be welcome along the way. From eighth grade dropout, in Texas, to working artist, in Minnesota, Bobby “graduated” from dumpster diving for cardboard canvases to a full-time interdisciplinary practice. His work explores the systemic effects of socioeconomics, race, and the criminal justice system on Latinx cultural identity. Bobby Marines is a 2015 Advancing Artist grant recipient through the Southeast Minnesota Arts Council and a 2020 Artist-in-Residence at RALC, through the Minnesota State Arts Board. His latest body of work includes Cascarones (Soo Visual Arts Center, Mpls), Cuartito in the Burbs (MadeHereMN, Mpls), and was featured in Making it OK: Art, Bravery, and Mental Health(Rochester Art Center). He recently sat as President of C4, a non-profit arts organization in Rochester. Visit the link in our bio for more images and information about "Troublesome ‘96: Exploring the Chicano Experience"!

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Troublesome ‘96: Exploring the Chicano Experience”

Artists Bobby Marines and Lael Martinez will be hopping onto Zoom September 9th at 7 PM for an artistic conversation hosted by the Soo Visual Arts Center. They’ll be discussing their art and how it relates to Chicano culture in Texas, South Central Los Angeles, and Minnesota.

Walker Art Center

There’s so much to see at the Walker Art Center with its profound works that occupy numerous rooms. Thankfully, one can still enjoy this art gallery in Minnesota from home with its interactive website that offers unique experiences that are astonishingly insightful and gorgeous.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Of course, for the biggest and most astonishing of art, one would have to venture to the legendary Minneapolis Institute of Art. Their website boasts MIA at Home which showcases 360-degree interactive galleries, videos, and stories to read.

At This Point…Three Spaces for Contemplation

The NewStudio Gallery near Minneapolis will be celebrating the artistic female perspectives of Jovan Speller, Tia Keobounpheng, and Rebecca Krinke. Their new art gallery will be on display virtually on Saturday, October 3rd.

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