Solar Panel Installation in Chicago: Tips, Trends, and Local Resources

With electricity rates on the rise in Chicago, more homeowners are looking into solar power as a way to save money on their energy bills. Solar panel installations are being embraced today as prices have been reduced and the incentives are there when the fact that their prices are reducing and incentives are available is taken into consideration. So, let’s review the use of solar power in Chicago and highlight some of the best solar companies in Illinois. It doesn’t matter if you’re a curious worker or you’re just getting started, this guide will give the fundamental information about solar energy that will help you make a well-thought-out decision about installing solar panels in the Windy City.

Solar Panel Installation in Chicago: Key Considerations


The first cost of buying and setting up solar panels in Chicago City could seem high. On the other hand, they may eliminate your concern with the growing electricity bill, adding to the saving programs being already handed over by the government which can almost offset up to 30% of costs. In Illinois residents who wish to go solar can also benefit from the state rebates and tax exemptions which are provided for solar energy. Though the initial cost could be a psychological barrier, the panels become “break-even” when the cost of electricity is factored over time into the equation.


Space Requirements

The size of an installation of a solar panel system relies on the amount of your electricity use that you would like to reduce. For most houses, 10 to 20 panels are good enough for most homes to get their grid connection cutting down on their electrical usage significantly. The panels of those systems will use up 0,1 to 0,2 acres of space on your roof if they are placed in the sun. In case you have limited roof space, you can go for panels that are more efficient or a system that is smaller in size to only satisfy a fraction of your electricity requirements. In addition, you can take up ground-mount solar systems if your only available space is the unused yard.

Weather Conditions

Chicago’s weather is an explanation for the high solar output in the summer and short months with more sunlight. Nevertheless, PVs are most efficient when directed towards the sun at a certain tilt as well. In the northern cities, Chicago for example, they should have an angle of 30 to 40 degrees for utmost power filtration.



Solar panels could also suffer from loss of output during the winter solstice as well, in such cases sky panels needed to be installed at a steeper angle as well. The usage of weather-resistant panels and inverters instead of panels made of cheaper materials should be considered. This will help prolong the lifespan of the system.


Considering the installation of a correctly rated solar system and components of excellent quality and durability is a responsible decision that enables you to take advantage of the abundant sunlight for a long time to decrease your electricity bills.

Latest Solar Panel Trends and Innovations in the Windy City 

In the last decade, sustainable energy in Chicago has largely been adopted by large solar panel installations. Residences and enterprises in the city especially favor rooftop solar panels as a way of saving expenses and the environment. It is no longer a puzzle of whether the solar market in Chicago will grow or not. Rather, it is answered through the rise of Chicago solar contractors introduction of interesting new technologies and trends.


Energy Storage Solutions

The development of battery technology allows solar energy to be stored when there is no source of sunlight Having this home battery system, solar power users can store the excess energy during the day that was not used and later can be used to light the home at night or during outages. The reason that businesses see energy storage as a good thing is because with energy storage they have a way to keep the energy flowing and they do not have to pay more utility rates. Backup solar energy supply beyond grid power will thus extend security and resilience when there are power outages.

Smart Solar Technology

Now we are adding the latest solar panels and inverters that have inbuilt IQ to produce maximum energy at optimum cost. Solar panels of the car use algorithms and sensors to determine with which angles of the sun the car should align to get the utmost sun rays.


Besides, smart solar technology allowing owners of houses to track how the system is up and running through an app and an online portal, the technology device aids in cutting down energy costs. Many solar panel companies now have devices for reading the meter and for sending alerts when there are problems with the system in operation.

The trend of solar industry growth will most probably not get slower but will keep on developing with the innovations of the technologies allowing the renewables to be cheaper, more efficient, and more accessible. These days, home and business owners located in Chicago, have more alternatives than ever before to become active contributors to the global solar energy movement and stop depending on traditional grid-based power. The efficiency of renewable electricity production will go up through the adoption of these new solar technologies as discussed above.


Top 5 Local Chicago Solar Panel Installers and Resources

Solar StatsSource: Solar Power Systems

Eco Solar Energy

Eco Solar Energy is a domestically owned and run solar energy company which since 2009 has been providing an energy-efficient solution for Chicago private units as well as commercial organizations. They entire the whole process, from designing, and installing, to servicing solar panel systems for residential as well as commercial buildings. Through combining the financial and energy industries, Eco Solar Energy was established to deem solar energy with the capability of being fair and available for everyone in Chicago. 


NRG Home Solar

NRG Home Solar, a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Energy, is one of the largest solar companies in Illinois for domestic customers. The company offers solar panel installation, including the option to lease or purchase the panels, for Chicago citizens. NRG Home Solar deals with the whole installation of the system, from its design to the process of obtaining the permissions and activation. They have supported over 2,000 residential solar systems in Illinois.


Sunrun, the national residential solar company, provides Chicago and the surrounding area with local solar panel installation. They are considered the world leaders in defining the standard for simple solar leasing and PPA with no need for capital investment. Sunrun does not only undertake system design and installation but also the after-maintenance work, including system monitoring. According to them, the total capacity of solar energy has reached a staggering 300 megawatts spanning 23 states.

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar is one of the top providers of residential solar power in the USA and it is still serving Chicago and the rest of Illinois with a world-class solar installation service. Vivint offers a solar-powered choice at a decentralized price via its leasing and PPA options. They carry out solar energy system installations of the highest quality and the purchase of your choices is through no money, or very low money, as a down payment. Vivint Solar has been able to commission more than 100,000 photovoltaic systems in more than 20 states in total.

Illinois Solar Energy Association

The Illinois Solar Energy Association (“ISEA”) is a non-profit group that advocates a swift transition to solar energy – a move that is happening in the entire state of Illinois. They are the providers of educational materials to all residential users, business entities, installers as well as anyone who wants to learn more about solar energy. The ISEA website contains links to installs of solar arrays in the Chicago area, a solar installers directory in Illinois, and renewable energy policy and incentive updates within the state.


To Sum Up, access to a high-quality solar panel installation in Chicago, in most cases, can be ensured through the process now sketched. By following the given advice, having a clear knowledge of costs and incentives, and tapping into various local resources going solar can be the most exciting and rewarding trip you’ve had. While the city of Chicago has witnessed robust growth in solar energy adoption in past years, there is no surprise that this trend will further expand due to price drops and more homeowners realizing its benefits. If you do your research early as well as planning, the solar panel project will simply be very breezy for you. Amidst the sun shining brightly central to Windy City, solar power seems to be a soaring shrewd wager that additional thought is demanded.