Love Minnesota Beer? Pair Them With These Twin Cities Artists

We’re raising a glass to the superb musical talent and delightful brews of Minnesota. The Land of 10,000 Lakes has lots to boast about including their musical talent and breweries. Spending a relaxing night in? Jazz up your evening with these tunes and sometimes hoppy brews.

Music: Lizzo “Truth Hurts”
Brew: Mankato Brewery “Rhuby”

When Lizzo first graced the airwaves with her rap “Truth Hurts” we knew she was a force to be reckoned with. It comes as no surprise to us that Lizzo is considered a feminist and body-positive icon! Lizzo’s bold personality reminded us of Mankato Brewery’s Rhuby sour brew. It’s time to turn up “Juice” and drink the sweet (maybe more sour in this case) nectar. It is going to leave us “feeling good as hell!”

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ZEÑATA MEXICAN AMBER LAGER is one of three new beers in our just-released Breezebox 12-pack. Quick knowledge drop: Mexico has a rich brewing tradition as a result of the German transplants who immigrated there in and around the 19th century. German brewers introduced some of their hallmark styles to Mexico (pilsner, helles, Vienna lager, etc.), but adapted their recipes to use more readily available ingredients such as corn. Zeñata is a crisp, refreshing amber lager begging for a wedge of lime. Brewed with toasty Vienna malt and a significant amount of corn, the latter imparts lighter body and flavor. With the addition of light caramel malt and a small portion of roasted black malt, this low-ABV refresher is not only thirst quenching, but also provides some malt complexity to keep it interesting. Look for subtle notes of toast and caramel with a touch of hop bitterness for balance. Finishes crisp and dry! 4.3% ABV, 12 IBU.

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Music: Prince 1999
Brew: Bauhaus Brew Lab “Zeñata”

We, of course, could not forget one of the most iconic Minnesotan talents Prince. Bauhaus Brew Lab’s Zeñata, part of their new breeze box collection, is a royal pairing with Prince’s iconic 1999 album. Zeñata is a Mexican Amber lager that’s nostalgic but also has a refreshing twist. This is a pairing we’ll celebrate for years to come!

Music: Just, like, all of Kat Perkins
Brew: Beaver Island Brewing “Tribute”

Kat Perkins made a name for herself when she barreled to the top tier of NBC’s “The Voice.” Perkins, known for her rock ballad covers, is exactly the artist Beaver Island Brewing celebrates with their Tribute brew. Tribute is an IPA that will definitely be a crowd-pleaser at your next get-together.

Music: Atmosphere “Sunshine”
Brew: Surly Brewing Co. “Strawberry Kettle Sour”

Unfortunately, you cannot digitally download Vitamin D, but Atmosphere’s “Sunshine” track can add some much-needed pep into your day. Paired with the Strawberry Kettle Sour from Surly your taste buds will dance in delight to the perfect blend of sultry beats and flavors.

Music: Oddjobs, the old school stuff
Brew: State Fair Brewing Co. “Mirror Universe”

Hip hop is poetry set to a rhythmic beat. One of our favorite Minnesota rappers is Oddjobs, who have since disbanded, but their tracks are still some of our favorites. Take a nostalgic trip back the 1990s to the band’s pinnacle moments with Mirror Universe from State Fair. This hazy ale is complex and thought-provoking. A huge favorite among beer connoisseurs.


Beer always pairs well with good company and good tunes. Rock on!


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