5 Best Dog Parks in Minneapolis

There’s nothing like waking up early in the morning and taking your furry best friend to a dog park. Each park offers something different and it’s nice to know that you have options. Whether you live in downtown Minneapolis or on the outskirts, there is a park that is perfect for you and your pooch. Minneapolis offers some of the best dog parks, with recreational areas stretching for miles, your dog will never be bored. Each park offers a unique experience with most of them allowing your pet to roam free. If you’ve been searching for a park that lets your dog be him/herself then search no more! Here are the top five dog parks in Minneapolis.

Lake of the Isles Dog Park

2845 W Lake of the Isles Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Lake of the Isles sits on 1.87 acres with seven designated off-leash recreation areas. It is completely fenced so you don’t have to worry about your furry friend running off. And if your pooch’s size prevents them from playing with larger dogs, there is a designated area for them! The park consists of a mulch surface with no grass, so be prepared for muddy paws. Lake of the Isles is open 6 am until midnight giving you and your best friend plenty of time to enjoy the dog park!

Minnehaha Dog Park

5399 Minnehaha Park Dr S, Minneapolis, MN 55417

Minnehaha Dog Park sits on more than 6 acres with seven designated off-leash recreation areas. It is only partially fenced, so if you’re planning on letting your dog loose, make sure to check out which areas allow off-leash play. Because the dog park lies along the National Park Service land, be sure to check the trail markers along the park property line to know when you are entering the national park. The NPS enforces a national leash law for all pets. The dog park also features shady trails, beaches, woods, and river access with a large riverfront recreation area for your dog to roam free. Minnehaha Dog Park has won local awards for “best dog park.”

Franklin Terrace Off-Leash Dog Park

925 Franklin Terrace, Minneapolis, MN 55406

 Franklin Terrace lies on 1.37 acres with seven designated off-leash recreation areas. The park is completely fenced so you can rest easy knowing your dog is safe. Be sure to check out the Riverside Park next door if you want to take your best friend on a scenic walk.

Loring Park Off-Leash Dog Park

1382 Willow St, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Loring Park Dog Park is the closest dog park to downtown Minneapolis, sitting on 0.22 acres of fully fenced-in recreation area. Your dog can enjoy the outdoors all while being close to the heart of the city. With both grass and mulched areas, they can enjoy the outdoors however they please. And if you want to take them on a scenic walk, Loring Park has walking and biking paths.

Victory Prairie Off-Leash Dog Park

4701 Russel Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN 55412

Victory Prairie Dog Park offers 2.62 acres of fully fenced-in open play area for your dog to enjoy the outdoors. There is more than enough space for your dog to play with his furry best friends while you keep a watchful eye. With a clear path throughout the park, you can take your best friend on a walk or run if you don’t want them off-leash.

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