Top 10 Pizza Places for Curbside Pick-up and Delivery Near Minneapolis

You heard it here first. These are, hands-down the best pizza places in Minneapolis who also happen to offer pick-up and delivery during these trying times. Our heroes.

Pizza Luce

We’ve all been to the Luce. It’s a Minneapolis classic that the suburbs adopted to seem cool. This pizza place offers gluten-free and non-pizza offerings including sandwiches and the best Caesar salad for your money. Pizza Luce continues to offer takeout and delivery.

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Photo Credit: Element

Element Pizza

For a new pizza experience try Element Pizza that bases their pizzas on the four elements Wind, Earth, Fire Water with bonus element and Hawaiian pizzas. This pizza place in Minneapolis offers convenient takeout and delivery through BiteSquad.

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Photo Credit: Galactic Pizza

Galactic Pizza

As their website proclaims it is “planet-saving pizza”. They offer a Second Harvest Heartland pizza, which taste profile-wise is similar to a Margherita pizza, where one dollar from each sold goes to the organization which fights hunger. But a pizza place has to taste good as well as do good. On that point, if you’re a crust fan this is the place for you. Galactic Pizza is open for takeout and delivery.

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Photo Credit: A Slice of New York

A Slice of New York

If you’re searching for the best authentic New York City pizza in Minneapolis, we recommend visiting this destination. Available for pick-up and delivery.

Young Joni

Wood-fired pizza with sophisticated flavor profiles. This is a place to get a couple of pizzas and share with a group. Ordering for a few, you can always get their Old Reliable. Available for take-out only.

Photo Credit: Black Sheep Pizza

Black Sheep

This pizza establishment in Minneapolis provides delicious coal-fired pizzas with oyster mushrooms or no cheese as a signature.  They are open for takeout from their North Loop/St. Paul locations and Delivery.

Photo Credit: Parkway Pizza Longfellow

Parkway Pizza

Options for every eater from carnivore to gluten-free and everything in between, presented in the no fuss no muss of classic pizzerias. Available for take-out and delivery.

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Photo Credit: 5 Dollar Pizza Yelp

5 Dollar Pizza

If you’re searching for the best $5 pizzas in Minneapolis, this pizza place offers large cheese and pepperoni options. If you are willing to shell out a little more they have some adventurous other offerings including a Mac and Cheese pizza. Available for take-out only.

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Photo Credit: Mesa Pizza

Mesa Pizza

This place is like the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans of pizza joints. They offer pretty much any topping you can imagine. Available for pick-up at both Uptown and Dinkytown locations, delivery from Dinkytown and Doordash/UberEats/BiteSquad from Uptown.

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Photo Credit: Leaning Tower of Pizza

Leaning Tower of Pizza

A place to find some of the cheesier pizzas in town. This pizza joint in Minneapolis also offers non-pizza options for your picky quarantine partners. Available for pick-up and delivery.

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