How to Use the Houseparty App to Host a Digital Celebration

With quarantine keeping us away from each other, a variety of group video-chatting apps designed to keep us together have popped up: Zoom, Webex, Discord, Roll20, the list goes on. With so many apps on the market, it’s hard to imagine it gets any better. View our tips on how to use the Houseparty app to throw a digital celebration with friends or family.

So, What Is Houseparty?

The Houseparty app was made by the creators of Snapchat, where you can play some of the most popular party games of our time right on your phone! Included on the Houseparty app are games like Quick Draw, Heads Up, Trivia, Chips & Guac, and Cards Against Humanity. While you’re stuck inside, this is a great time to get all of your friends together, grab a beer, and let the games begin!

The Real Draw

One of Houseparty’s features is the ability to join a friend’s group chat without being invited. The ease of entering, exiting, and even starting a chat is a step above most other apps—in a way, for a reason. People who don’t want to be dropped in on can lock their “room” so that no one new can enter your group chat. But if you have a large group of friends with different schedules, or even if you’re open to meeting some new people, you can leave the room open and let anyone join as they please. 


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this virtual house party started!


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