The 5 Best Bars Near Minneapolis To Watch Vikings Games

This is the season for winter wonderlands, an abundance of holidays, and, of course, the coming of the Minnesotta Vikings. The colder months once more bring with them the promise of warmth for the home team as the Vikings will take to the field. And while there is something to be said of the warm glow for cheering along at home, you just can’t beat the community experience of watching a Vikings game at a bar near Minneapolis. Even during these uncertain times, there are plenty of bars across the Twin Cities for catching up on the game. Here are a few such spots to enjoy the game with a brew in hand.

Minnesota Vikings Bars
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Tailgate Sports Cafe

6050 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55419

With a laid-back setting guaranteed to be the place to be for the big game, Tailgate Sports Cafe should appear the most obvious place to be for your football action. It’s hard to miss such a place with the exterior boasting a car’s rear end sticking out of the building. Labeled as one of the best sports bars in Minneapolis, Tailgate has plenty of TVs for catching the game and a wide array of drinks and entrees to stay for overtime.

Minnesota Vikings Bars
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Mac’s Industrial Sports Bar

312 Central Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

For a more robust sports bar in the center of Minneapolis, Mac’s Industrial Sports Bar is more than adequately equipped to handle a Vikings game. They have numerous televisions aligned above the bar so that it’s highly unlikely you’ll miss any of the Vikings no matter where you’re seated. The bar comes loaded with plenty of drinks and some simply savory selections of burgers.

Minnesota Vikings Bars
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Bunny’s Bar & Grill NE

34 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

As one of the more inviting and sprawling sports bars across the Twin Cities, Bunny’s is best built for taking in the Vikings game while delighting in a massive menu of fine food. Bunny’s is open at 8 AM as well with a breakfast menu so that the early-rising fans can arrive early before kick-off. Be sure to check out their house cocktails as well, such as the Bunny’s Bootlegger.

Minnesota Vikings Bars
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Stadium Bar and Grill

207 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Branded with an old-school appeal, Stadium Bar and Grill is a simple yet stellar sports bar in Minneapolis. If you’re looking for the best places to watch a Vikings game, the bar is best known for its cozy atmosphere and mouth-watering burgers that’ll please any super-fan. They also have plenty of finely-crafted pizza and pasta as well, in addition to their $5 happy hour. TVs are all aligned overhead and slotted next to each other so everyone can enjoy the Vikings while indulging in great food.

Tiffany Sports Lounge

2051 Ford Pkwy #1932, St Paul, MN 55116

With an open environment and quality-made food, Tiffany Sports Lounge has prided itself as a tasty stop for sports and food since 1971. Exceptionally savory burgers are made to order at this bar. In addition, there is a wealth of thirst-quenching drinks on tap. And if the game gets a little too loud or you just can’t stand seeing the Vikings miss a catch, they have an outdoor patio as well.

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