Single in the Twin Cities? Try Virtual Speed Dating in Minneapolis

Dating isn’t easy for anyone and, with lots of people staying in recently, dating has gotten even more difficult to approach. If you’re single in Minneapolis and looking to get back into dating, why not try SpeedMinneapolis’s virtual speed dating? Whether you’re trying online dating for the first time or just tired of swiping on pointless apps, virtual speed dating is your ticket to spicing up your game. 

What is SpeedMinneapolis?

SpeedMinneapolis is a localized version of a company that started 17 years ago in the United Kingdom doing in-person speed dating events. They quickly exported their services to the United States. They offer a calm, classy approach to speed dating in Minneapolis without over-the-top décor or loud bells and buzzers to signal a seat change. They bring these same principles of emphasizing intimacy and comfortability to their virtual events. You can meet other singles from the Minneapolis area in a digital experience that’s curated, professional, and fun. 

How Does Virtual Speed Dating Work?

After signing up for a scheduled virtual speed dating event in Minneapolis, you’ll be sent a confirmation email with event details. Put on something that will make you feel comfortable and confident and make sure to log into the event a few minutes before the scheduled start time. You’ll want to have a clean, presentable backdrop and remember that you’ll have to be your own bartender, so make sure that you’ve got a glass handy before you start.

Once you’ve entered the virtual speed dating chatroom, you’ll be greeted by an event host. The host is there to help you feel comfortable and secure. You can reach out to the host at any time during the event with concerns or questions. This is one of the big advantages of virtual speed dating in Minneapolis over traditional online dating apps and platforms.

The host will pair off attendees into private rooms after the official start time. You’ll get 7 – 8 minutes with each dater before being rotated to the next attendee. This gives you enough time to introduce yourself and really get a sense of each other’s personality. Make sure to take notes on which daters you want to spend more time with. There are usually one to two dozen attendees at each speed dating event in Minneapolis, so you’ll have plenty of chances to meet that special someone. Plan on about two hours for the whole event.

Be sure to be on your best behavior throughout the event, not only are you more likely to impress the people you’re speed dating but, if you do well on your surveys, you may be offered complimentary event invites or discounts. SpeedMinneapolis understands that their clients are also their product and try to reward those who make the event a good experience for others.

After the speed dating event is over, you’ll have an opportunity to pass your choices on to the event host. If any of the daters you selected also selected you, then you’ll receive an email with their contact information — usually the same evening. This is what SpeedMinneapolis calls a Virtual Date-Mate. Now you’re free to get in contact with your matches and keep the chemistry going.

When Does Virtual Speed Dating Happen?

SpeedMinneapolis has a number of virtual speed dating events in Minneapolis lined up this summer, including in-person ones! So, whether you’re trying to be safe and stay virtual for the time being or you’re really just ready to get back out there, check out the event schedule to find a date, time, and age range that works for you! Events range from $20 – 40, with early bird admission prices available.



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