How to Safely Celebrate Christmas in Minneapolis

This Christmas is sure to be one of the more unorthodox holidays by far. It’s been an incredibly rough year where we all hunkered down to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 pandemic. We socially distanced, wore masks, remote communicated, picked up curbside food, and had to deal with big events being shut down. It’s been hard for everyone all around and it looks as though Christmas may be just as tough a time as we’re still in the middle of a nationwide pandemic. So how can the most wonderful time of the year be wonderful in a year such as 2020? Well, here are some safe activities that can perhaps perk up that Christmas spirit.

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Remote Watch Parties

Those working remotely have most likely become accustomed to online meetings. So why not an online gathering for movie night? A number of different streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus have made watch parties possible. Everyone who has an account can log in with their webcams and microphone to simultaneously watch the same movie or TV show. So if your family has a yearly tradition of watching Home Alone and you want to keep that tradition going in a year where you might not be there, remote viewing is this year’s breakthrough technology that could save your Christmas viewing habits with the family.

Neighborhood Caroling

It’s such an old activity of the holiday season and yet it’s still quite viable as an outdoor form of entertainment. If your neighborhood is looking a little gloomy this year and you want to lift some spirits, consider gathering your household family together and busting out some familiar songs for those up and down the block. You can warm some hearts while keeping your distance by keeping an old Christmas tradition alive and well. Best of all, you don’t just have to sing the old Christmas songs of yore but anything you like. You can even attempt Paul McCartney’s “A Wonderful Christmas Time” if you have someone in the home who can make those weird synth noises with their mouth.

Evening Drive for Holiday Lights

There’s still a lot of Christmas wonder to find around the Twin Cities even if the usual spots of holiday joy are not active this year. The pandemic hasn’t stopped the holiday light displays from going up, including the more elaborate ones that put on a grand showcase of lights and decorations. Hop in the car and drive around either your well-lit neighborhood or venture to the more alluring light shows in the city that are sure to leave your eyeballs in awe.

Special Dinner Delivery

There’s little doubt that a lot of us staying at home are also ordering takeout food more and more. So if you don’t feel like cooking something big this year, why not splurge on something a little special from your favorite restaurant? It’s a great time to try something new, whether you’ve been meaning to give that new Chinese joint a shot or if you’ve been curious what the green chicken in a burrito tastes like.

Crafts with the Family

For those spending this time at home with kids in the house, they’re no doubt driving you nuts with the cabin fever of having to be indoors all the time, especially since we went from doing that all year to doing it again in winter. But there are thankfully plenty of crafting activities to keep them occupied. Check out the Holidazzle website for some ideas that include origami, paper snowflakes, coloring pages, card games, and more.

A Chilly Hike

Sometimes it’s just the simple things in life that can please so much. And there’s nothing more simply soothing than taking a casual stroll outside during such a cold time of year. Whether you’re near a hiking trail, park, apartments, or in the suburbs, take a break this holiday season to just have a walk and enjoy the sights of the season, whether it’s with the whole family or just some quiet time to yourself.

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