Flip Phone Events Throws Virtual Drag Shows Every Sunday and Wednesday

At the beginning of the year, Minneapolis’s Drag Brunch, hosted by Flip Phone Events, was one of the hottest tickets in town. Attendees were treated to brunch at some of Minneapolis’s hottest spots and themed drag entertainment with topics ranging from Judge Judy to Dolly Parton.

But when the coronavirus started spreading across America, the drag brunches, along with everything else, were canceled indefinitely. This presented a problem for the drag performers who earn the majority of their income from tips.


Digital Drag Brunch on Sundays

To help these performers stay on their feet, reach a wider audience, and bring a much-needed source of entertainment to fans in lockdown Flip Phone Events has started holding a digital version of the Drag Brunch every Sunday. Tips are encouraged and go directly to the performers.

The organizers and performers have tried to make the digital event resemble the in-person iteration as much as possible. The themes continue, with recent events centering around Netflix’s Tiger King and Halloween in April. Upcoming events include themes around Harry Potter and Fleetwood Mac. Events are held on Facebook Live and donations are facilitated through Venmo. Check out Flip Phone’s Facebook page for details!


Big Wigs Live Talk Show on Wednesdays

In addition to the Sunday Drag Brunch events, Flip Phone has teamed up with Frank DeCaro, author of “Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business” to produce a new weekly talk show called “Big Wigs Live.”

The show is something of a behind-the-scenes talk show for drag performers. The artists talk about the industry, they’re experiences making a living through drag performance, and how they got started. The performers share stories and have a blast. Like the digital Drag Brunch, the event requests donations to support the performers.


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