Best Dog Walking Services in the Twin Cities

Owning a dog can be a lot of work especially if you find yourself already preoccupied with your own work. Coming home from a long day and seeing your furry friend jump for joy can be a treat but then your mind starts to linger on the fact that your dog should probably get out more. If you go through the usual 9-5 grind, it can be especially taxing on dogs during the winter if they’re not able to get out in the sun once in a while. Thankfully, there are several dog-walking services across the Twin Cities that can make sure your pet companion gets in some steps for the day. Here are a few of the dog walking services to consider.

Image Credit: Dog City Walkers

Dog City Walkers

2751 Hennepin Ave #256, Minneapolis, MN 55408

For all dog lovers within Minneapolis, Dog City Walkers is devoted to keeping pets happy and healthy in the city. As the name implies, they can help with keeping your dog properly walked but also with a lot of other care options including playdates, parties, and even chauffeur service. Their rates are also quite reasonable considering that they serve the greater Twin Cities area.

Paw Print Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

228 Broadway Ave, St Paul Park, MN 55071

For those requiring dog care both in and outside of the home, Paw Print specializes in both areas of pet sitting and dog walking. Posed as a professional alternative to kennels and boarding services, they can provide everything your dog needs when you’re away. This includes daily walks, chances to be let outside, stopping by to feed your dog, playtime visits, and so much more. Their services also extend to cats as well.

Image Credit: Rock Star Dog Walking

Rock Star Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, LLC

Online Service

Serving everywhere from downtown Minneapolis to as far as Plymouth, Rock Star Dog Walking & Pet Sitting is a convenient source for making sure your dog is well-cared when you’re not around. They hire employees and not contractors so you know your pooch is in safe hands. You can also take advantage of their convenient scheduling program 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Pup Culture Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

6512 46th Pl N, Minneapolis, MN 55428

Whether your dog needs to walk or run daily, Pup Culture is equipped to handle your dog’s desires that can go unmet somedays. They’re a service best suited for those who are really into their dogs and want to do something special for their meals or birthdays. Pup Culture gets that. What is more impressive is that they serve a wide area that stretches as far out to Wayzata, Maple Grove, and many more locations across the Twin Cities.

Image Credit: Paws Were Made For Walking

These Paws Were Made For Walkin’ LLC

Online Service

Walking, sitting, and vacations are all covered for your pets at These Paws Were Made for Walkin’. Serving the Minneapolis metro area, as well as Edina and St. Louis Park, the organization aims to make sure your dog (or cat) has a fine day while you’re at work or on the road. Their rates go by how many minutes you’d like your dog to be walked or how many cats require sitting with free consultations available.

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