Art-A-Whirl is Moving to a Virtual Experience This Year

The Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl festival will be celebrating its 25th year when it kicks off later this month, but due to the spread of COVID-19, this year’s festivities will look a little different from years past.

The Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) has canceled its live event in favor of a digital experience. This event will provide a way for local artists to reach the community and for local residents (and perhaps others farther afield) to appreciate, enjoy, and interact with the incredible creations of Minneapolis artists.

NEMAA has pledged to use the resources typically earmarked for the event to develop the digital platform and to help support local artists and businesses. The organization will also publish a print magazine and directory, In Studio, which will be distributed throughout the summer as a way to draw attention to the art and artists that might have been overlooked without the festival.

Photo Credit: Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) Facebook

The virtual Art-A-Whirl event is intended as a way to help promote community artists and to help members of NEMAA establish or develop their online presence. Stay tuned for further updates about Art-A-Whirl online.

By supporting the digital event, you’ll be supporting a local community of artists who may be struggling to get exposure during what would normally be their busiest time of year. Art-A-Whirl isn’t the only festival or venue for these artists that won’t be happening this year. Even though NEMAA has already announced another live event this fall as well as the Art-A-Whirl 2021 event, every bit helps in the here and now to keep these talented artists up and at ‘em.

Photo Credit: Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) Facebook

Be sure to check out the art as it becomes available, and if you see something that speaks to you, don’t be afraid to get off the couch and grab your credit card. Trust us, that painting you’re fawning over will look ten times better hanging in your living room than it does on your laptop screen.


Featured Image Artwork by Megan Schmidt!

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