15 Local Minneapolis Artists You Can Support Right Now

During times of isolation, we crave not only to reconnect with those around us but to connect on a deeper level. Art, in all its forms, helps us celebrate, cope, and navigate the rollercoaster of emotions that life is so well-known for. Here are 15 Minneapolis and Minnesota-based artists that are shedding light onto our quarantine and deserve endless support right now.

Blue Swans

Looking for an emotional tune to help ease those quarantine blues? Looking no further than Blue Swans’ new album On My Own. The self-titled track from this Minnesota artist describes the contradicting ebbs and flows that some relationships go through.

Photo Credit: Lydia Liza Facebook

Lydia Liza

When it comes to describing Lydia Liza, visionary creative nearly describes how creative she is. Lydia is a songwriter, illustrator, and aspiring poet. She describes herself as a “goofball” who has been pursuing her passions since she was 16.

Photo Credit: Amy Rice Art Facebook

Amy Rice

Fine artist and printmaker Amy Rice is a Minnesota native was has been brightening our quarantine with her bright, vivid art. This artist in Minneapolis, MN typically paints flowers and farm-inspired artwork.

Mother Banjo

It takes a true artist to successfully integrate numerous genres and styles of music into one harmonious melody. Minneapolis-based Mother Banjo weaves together the best elements of folk, Indie, Americana, and Gospel style-music. Mother Banjo’s music reminds her that reconnecting and making music are the most important things.

Photo Credit: Adam Turman Facebook

Adam Turman

There’s something so lively and uplifting about Adam Turman’s art. Whether it’s his brilliant use of colors and bold lines, we love all his murals that grace Minneapolis’ downtown. On his site, Turman’s designs have been turned into puzzles, tea towels, apparel, and other merch.

Photo Credit: Chuck U Facebook

Chuck U

When it comes to line work and details, Chuck U is topping the charts. From bringing monsters to life or embracing more intimate subjects, Chuck U is one of Minneapolis’s most unique up-and-coming artists. Their work has been featured in numerous Twin Cities murals and recreated into poster prints.

Photo Credit: Doomtree Facebook


The hip-hop artist collective Doomtree is the epitome of Minneapolis folk. The band members met in Minneapolis, MN because of their shared passion for music. All seven artists of the collective maintain a solo career while remaining part of the group. The collective reminds the artists of their roots and forms a pool of pristine artists with similar tastes to collaborate and work on more creative projects.

Photo Credit: The Jayhawks Facebook


It’s not very often that country and rock can be sewn seamlessly together, but Jayhawks have an impressive artistic flair. The country-rock hybrid band formed together in 1985. Over the decades the band members have evolved their music to encompass numerous musical styles. The band has a new album planned to be released in early July.

Photo Credit: Dillinger Four Official Facebook

Dillinger Four

In the early ’90s, during the epic days of punk rock the Minneapolis-native band the Dillinger Four wowed crowds. The quartet has since released four albums and left their influential mark on punk rock history. This group of Minnesota artists often frequents their native roots and plays at First Avenue and Temple Rock.

Photo Credit: Soul Asylum Facebook

Soul Asylum

Originally formed as Loud Fast Rules, Soul Asylum made its mark in the Minneapolis rock industry. Since their introduction in the late 80s, the band has gone on to create Grammy-winning music together. During quarantine, the band has been keeping fans entertained by reading from Loud Fast Words on “To My Own Devices.”

Photo Credit: Atmosphere Facebook


Another Minneapolis music staple is the band Atmosphere. The hip-hop duo has been blazing the airways with their unique tracks since 1996. Since their formation, the band has released nine studio albums. Their latest album “Whenever” dropped in 2019. The fan-favorite song “Sunshine” is a fantastic track to sip a beer to.

Photo Credit: Ry Macarayan Facebook

Ry Macarayan

Ry Macarayan is an illustrator and freelance designer based in Minneapolis. Originally from Hawaii, this artist moved to Minnesota to attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. There Ry found that their unique artistic style is “organic shapes living in a digital world.” Some of their prior works include designing for worldwide brands such as Target’s Cat + Jack Brand.

Photo Credit: heiderdrich.com

Heid E. Erdrich

Blazing the way in the poetry sphere is Heid E. Erdrich. Heid is an Ojibwe author of seven poetry collections. In October, Heid hopes to release her newest poetry collection Little Big Bully, which is available for pre-order now. This collection won Heid a National Poetry Series Award.

Photo Credit: Michael Torres Instagram

Michael Torres

Our favorite kind of artistry is art that is meaningful and impactful. Wordsmith Michael Torres based in Southern Minnesota is the winner of numerous writing grants, fellowships, and awards that he has used to fuel his passion. The first collection of poems created by this artist near Minneapolis won a National Poetry Series award.

Photo Credit: Minnetonka Center for the Arts Facebook

Julie Allen

Watercolors are often a very romanticized form of artwork. Yet, Julie Allen brings still lifes and floral composition to their most ideal vibrant form with the stroke of her paintbrush. Julie’s Monopoly still lifes are among some of her most famous watercolors and even recognized as one of the best works shown by the Minnesota Watercolor Society.


Continue supporting local artists by checking out their current work and fueling their passions.


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