10 Stunning Murals You Can Find Around Minneapolis

Arguably, street art is one of the most beautiful artforms. The art never feels clinical. Always robust and full of passion. The fact that murals have to compete with the surrounding metropolis and make a statement is impressive in itself. Street art literally makes passersby stop in their tracks. Here are some of the 10 most beautiful Minneapolis murals; you may have even passed a few of these yourself.

Photo Credit: MplsMurals Instagram


There is something so clever about retro comic book art mimicked on buildings’ exteriors. It never feels like a duplicate or a copy. It remains fresh and appealing to the eye on any corner. Using a limited color palette makes this mural near Minneapolis look sleek and attracts pedestrians to snap a photo with the looming artwork.

Photo Credit: MplsMurals Instagram


Who says that dogs cannot be man’s best friend? The skeletal depiction makes a deeper statement that maybe we are not all that different after all. Art for thought! This mural paints the outside of Moe’s Bodyworks which is a chiropractic health center for animals and humans.

Photo Credit: MplsMurals Instagram

A kaleidoscope of colors and narratives

The stark contrast in this Minneapolis mural is what grasped us initially. If you’re looking for the best street art that depicts a narrative, we recommend visiting this piece from the Lynlake Street Art Series. This is a common trait by the artist Black Daze, who is famous for depicting “the meanness” of the streets.

Photo Credit: MplsMurals Instagram

Fantasy takes centerstage

In Minnesota, breweries have taken over the state. But one brewery that’s doing it differently than all the rest is Boom Island Brewing. Not only making a statement with their beers but also their taprooms. A fire-breathing dragon and a phoenix rising from the ashes make the exterior of the brewing much less industrial and more otherworldly.

Photo Credit: Leo the lion pup Instagram

Keeping it iconic

When you think of Minnesota icons, Prince tops the list. In fact, there are numerous Prince murals scattered throughout Minneapolis, but this new mural that towers over the North Loop is by far one of our favorites.

Photo Credit: wolfmanmn Instagram


Minneapolis unleashed the street artists to the streets and challenged them to wow pedestrians with their unique perspective. From the Chromazone Festival emerged this simple yet robust mural of two silhouetted figures. The juxtaposition of the bright colors, typography, art styles, and images keep our mind reeling and in awe — it’s almost a sensory overload.

Photo Credit: MplsMurals Instagram

Dream big

As Minneapolis grows, it also thrives in cultural diversity. This mural celebrates diversity and the strength of youth. This piece of street art, painted by Greta McClain, graces the exterior of Lyndale Community Schools, sending the message that all children are encouraged to take root, dream big, and make their own path.

Photo Credit: Twin Cities Mural Project Instagram

The history of Minneapolis

Minneapolis skyline is already stunning. But painted in hues of pinks, yellows and baby blues, it might look even better. This pastel-infused mural is a favorite among Minnesotans because of the historical homages incorporated into the artwork like the architectural wonder Foshay Tower.

Photo Credit: Barb McLean Photography Instagram

A realistic depiction of Minnesotans

Minnesotans love to take 45+ minutes to say goodbye but also claim that it snows seven months out of the year. Not always completely accurate, but when it does actually snow in May, we’ll let it slide. This blustery art piece in Minneapolis is painted by the talented Adam Turman, who painted some of the earliest murals in Minneapolis’ downtown.

Photo Credit: TheQuintessentialMinneapolitan Instagram


Another mural near Minneapolis spotlighted in the LynLake 2019 Street Art Series that we just couldn’t peel our eyes away from. We love the perspective, texture, and different art techniques used to make the roses erupt from her mouth. We love that this piece shies away from a primary color palette.


Minneapolis is not often considered an artistic metropolis, but it should be. The growing street art scene with these stunning murals is a prime example of how vibrant the art community is.


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