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2018 Predictions: Keep Your Eyes on These Chicago Neighborhoods

Up and Coming Chicago Neighborhoods

2018 Predictions: Keep Your Eyes on These Chicago Neighborhoods

Every now and then, a neighborhood in Chicago just kind of blows up, to put it bluntly. Since the year is young, we found ourselves wondering what neighborhoods will be the next to attract new rounds of residents and visitors.

Looking specifically at population growth and increases in business developments and proposals, we found five Chicago neighborhoods that stuck out to us the most. Keep in mind, these are just our guesses – places we examined and thought, “Yeah, this could be a thing in the next five to ten years or so.”

Check out our picks and let us know what you think!


Buena Park

up and coming chicago neighborhoods

Photo Credit: RENTCafe

Population: 47,836

Places to Visit: Bar on Buena, Holiday Club, Michael’s Original Pizzeria & Tavern

Bordered by more populous areas like Lakeview, this smaller, historic district and Chicago neighborhood within Uptown is known for its Prairie-style mansions that line Hutchinson Street, as well as its enviably close proximity to the lake. Although its older properties have landed it on the National Register of Historic Places, they’re surrounded by plenty of high-rise space – perfect for unobstructed Lake Michigan views. We can definitely foresee a surge in prospective residents who might pass on Lakeview for a slightly more affordable and out-of-the-way location.



up and coming chicago neighborhoods

Photo Credit: YoChicago

Population: 33,878

Places to Visit: Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar, Pleasant House Bakery, Bridgeport Art Center

Along with families that have been in this South Side Chicago neighborhood for generations, Bridgeport has also seen a slow influx of young students and professionals, due to rent prices still being relatively low. With proposed developments near the South Branch of the Chicago River, and existing recreational and cultural institutions like the Bridgeport Art Center, we can easily see Bridgeport becoming a future hotspot for residents and visitors, like neighboring Pilsen.



Population: 7,325

Places to Visit: Pullman Mansion, Pullman Porter Museum, Pullman National Monument

As one of the most pivotal neighborhoods in the city’s history, this former hub for the railroad industry is known for its historic sites and iconic row houses. Unfortunately, it’s one of those distinctly “Chicago” neighborhoods that often goes overlooked. With the recent opening of the Gateway Retail Center this past fall, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more developments move to this area. We’d love to see an increase in tourism to this area, so that visitors and new residents alike can appreciate just how large of a role this neighborhood has played in shaping the city.



up and coming chicago neighborhoods

Photo Credit: Domu

Population: 39,721

Places to Visit: Kuma’s CornerStaropolska, Parachute

This Chicago neighborhood has already been on the city’s radar as one that’s steadily growing in popularity. As neighboring Logan Square continues to see increases in rent prices, many of those potential residents turn to Avondale. While dining and entertainment options might not be as plentiful as they are in the ‘hood next door, a few longstanding favorites like Kuma’s Corner and DonerMen have kept people coming back to the area. Not to mention, upcoming additions like Sleeping Village, a live music venue by the team behind This Whistler, are sure to bring even more visitors to this part of town.


Portage Park

up and coming chicago neighborhoods

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Population: 64,841

Places to Visit: Portage Theater, National Veterans Art Museum, Six Corners District

We’ve got a feeling that this neighborhood on the northwest side is gonna have a “moment” pretty soon. An increase in project proposals, like a Portage Walking Museum and more housing and retail space in the Six Corners shopping district, means developers are eyeing Portage Park. Things to love about it? It’s a great area for film buffs, as plenty of theaters populate the area. It’s also a decent option for young families looking for a place to settle in.

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