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The McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade is Back

McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade

The McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade is Back

The McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade is set for another round of fanfare in 2017!


Let’s be honest, most of us tend to spend our Thanksgiving holiday stuffing our faces among friends & family. And this is certainly a fine way to spend the day – but there are plenty of other options out there for a lil’ holiday fun.

Among these is the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade, a perfect changeup to the usual Thanksgiving festivities. With appearances from Teddy Turkey, Ronald McDonald and a host of other family friendly folk, the procession is perfect for everyone young and old. 

Here’s All You Need to Know About the Thanksgiving Day Parade.


What You’ll See


Well, you’ll see this:

The parade features the following:

  • Marching bands
  • Gigantic inflatable helium balloons
  • Decorative floats
  • Talented entertainers
  • Amazing costumes
  • Holiday cheer
  • The spirit of giving

It will not feature:

  • Your outrageously drunk Uncle Hank
  • Your mother asking why you don’t have a girlfriend
  • Your Grandma’s mashed peas
  • Dry turkey
  • Political debate

Performers will include:


Where You’ll Be

The parade takes place exclusively on State Street. The marching portion begins at State & Congress and travels north to Lake Street. If you’re planning on seeing it in person, you’ll want to get there bright & early to make sure you secure a quality spot.

Of course, you could always watch the parade on TV from the comfort of your home.

Coverage is available on WGN Channel 9. The event will also be live streaming on


What Time Does it Start?

You can tune in to WGN at 8:00 am to catch the opening performances outside of Macy’s, but event goers themselves won’t be able to access this portion unless they have VIP tickets (these are available with the purchase of a $60 individual sponsorship). Otherwise, the actual State Street march begins at 8:30 am. Parking is available directly across the street from Macy’s. You can purchase 12-hour parking online for just $15.


When is it Happening?

The parade takes place on Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd. Duh.


See you turkeys there!

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