Visit a Chicago Brewery Every Weekend This Fall
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Visit a Chicago Brewery Every Weekend This Fall

Forbidden Root

Visit a Chicago Brewery Every Weekend This Fall

What is it with breweries always featuring a rustic, industrial theme? Every single one has vaulted ceilings or exposed pipes, wooden decor matched with iron support beams, and of course, minimal illumination, because god forbid we see the person sitting next to us.

I kid, of course; there’s a reason we like our breweries this way. This kind of atmosphere is welcoming and communal, making you feel totally at home when you step in the door, even if you’re dressed down in a big, cozy sweatshirt.

Also, don’t worry. We left out cideries on purpose because they have their very own special article right here. But you should know that the Northman just did a soft opening for their second location on the Riverwalk, so make sure to hit that up before they close again until spring.

These are the some of the best breweries in the city to crack open a cold one with the boys, so get out there and let us know how many you hit up this fall!


Lagunitas Brewing Company

2607 W 17th St

This California-based brewing company has a sick location near Pilsen, and it should absolutely take precedence on your list of breweries to hit up this fall. Whether you’re more intrigued by the planetary artwork lining the walls of the entry hall or the delicious beer awaiting you inside the taproom, Lagunitas offers communal seating and live music to make its guests feel all sorts of welcome.


Revolution Brewing

3340 N Kedzie Ave

While Revolution has branched out and built an actual pub in Logan Square, there’s nothing quite as homely as visiting the taproom in Avondale, where bench seating and large barrels of beer corral you into its rustic setting. Having served hundreds of beer flavors over the years, Revolution is constantly coming up with new brews to present to its fans and they never, ever disappoint.


On Tour Brewing Company

1725 W Hubbard St

There’s something oh-so-fall about the idea of heading into a brewing company that’s set in some warehouse-like building. The rustic theme is comforting, welcoming, and pairs excellently with the colors of the season, which are all great reasons to visit On Tour on the south end of West Town. Their mini-menu of just 12 brews makes choosing one that suits you that much easier, and you can’t possibly go wrong with any single one.


Goose Island

Goose Island

Photo Credit: Goose Island Facebook

1800 W Fulton St

When you think Chicago, you think 312, the signature, school-bus-yellow bottle of beer from Goose Island. This popular, Chicago-based brewery has since expanded its single location on Fulton Street to several brewpubs and brewhouses around the city and beyond, so make sure to stop into one of your local Goose Island locations just in time for their fall releases.


Off Color Brewing

1460 N Kingsbury St

There’s something a little wacky about Off Color’s chosen mascot, a charming cartoon mouse that appears in all sorts of adventures through their label artwork, whether it’s Sibling Rivalry, Little Friend, or Dino S’mores. Other characters make their debuts as well, giving each bottle a captivating aesthetic that makes it even tastier to consume. And the taproom? So enormous, you’ll feel like a little mouse, too.


Open Outcry Brewing Company

10934 S Western Ave

A southside brewery that edges so far down, it’s hardly considered urban territory, Open Outcry is an unexpected oasis in this part of the city, encouraging you to quench your thirst in their garage-style taproom. Featuring a flight inspired by the colors of the original Rainbow Cone—Palmer House IPA, Strawberry Imperial Stout, Orange Milkshake IPA, Pistachio Brown Ale—Open Outcry promises that you can’t go wrong with any of their signature brews.


Moody Tongue Brewing Company

Moody Tongue

Photo Credit: Moody Tongue Facebook

2136 S Peoria St

You won’t find a classier brewery around Chicago than Moody Tongue, located just a few blocks from the heart of Pilsen. For god’s sake, their beers are served in wine glasses, and if that isn’t dedication to the atmosphere, I don’t know what is. Their minimal menu includes fan favorites like the Smoked Applewood Gold and Carmalized Chocolate Churro Porter (WUT), but also a few limited releases, such as the champagne-reminiscent Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner.


Old Irving Brewing Company

Old Irving

Photo Credit: Old Irving Facebook

4419 W Montrose Ave

High up there on the other end of the Chicago spectrum, Old Irving resides just east of Portage Park and offers plenty of beers for all kinds of hops lovers. Favorites include the Being Ernest, a Hemingway-inspired Belgian tripel made in collaboration with Forbidden Fruit, Marz, Maplewood, and Off Color, and ‘Til Death, a Pilsner worthy of wedding bells. It’s homey and delightful and a perfect hideaway for the fall season.


Forbidden Root Brewery

1746 W Chicago Ave

With a name like this, all you want to do is take a sip. Forbidden Root spins concoctions like Hoodie Weather and the new Wildflower Pale Ale, flavors that match perfectly with the slowly transitioning weather. Thanks to a massive indoor taproom, communal seating, a wrap-around central bar, and a chic, industrial setting that out-hipsters other breweries, Forbidden Root is destined to be your autumn getaway.


Maplewood Brewery & Distillery

2717 N Maplewood Ave

This is an off-the-beaten-path Logan Square brewery you can’t pass up. Providing a more intimate space than many of the other distilleries on this list, Maplewood Brewery gives off fall vibes from the moment you take a sip of their Dark Saison With Cranberry. It’s the perfect place to get your drank on this season.


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