Best Stoner Foods & Snacks in Chicago You Can Get Delivered

Now that weed is legal in Chicago and we have no reason to leave our houses, munchies for delivery are a must. We’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants for stoners to get food or snacks in Chicago.

Photo Credit: Cheesie’s Pub & Grub- Lakeview Facebook


If you are looking for cheese, bread, and fried things, Cheesie’s offers the most delicious munchies in Chicago to try when you’re high. They are closed right now but you can get them for delivery through DoorDash.

Photo Credit: Fatso’s Last Stand Facebook


Fatso’s take hot dog stands to the next level, they offer everything a stoner could want from cheeseburgers to hot dogs, fried shrimp, Italian beef, and milkshakes. You may not get the hot dog stand experience but you can still order delivery from them on Grubhub.

Photo Credit: Devil Dawgs Facebook

Devil Dawgs

Another Chicago spot famous for its hot dogs, Devil Dawgs, is offering delivery services for its munchies in the city. This establishment accepts orders through Grubhub, Door Dash, and UberEats. Try one of their elevated hot dogs like the taco dog that has mustard, mayo, pico de gallo, shredded cheddar, and lettuce.

Photo Credit: Lola’s Coney Island Facebook

Lola’s Coney Island

If you want to feel like you’ve been transported to Detroit, you have to order from Lola’s Coney Island. You can order stoner food and snacks for delivery on almost all delivery apps.

Photo Credit: Wazwan Facebook


An Asian fusion spot where you can get sandwiches inspired by traditional Asian meals. You have to try the THC, of course, which has tandoori fried chicken, acharya, maitake, and Wazwan honey.

Photo Credit: Sam’s Crispy Chicken Facebook

Sam’s Crispy Chicken

Stoners don’t need to go much further than Sam’s Crispy Chicken when they’re looking for food or snacks. They have amazing crispy chicken sandwiches like their sandwich with chicken, bacon, and maple syrup on two golden waffles.

Photo Credit: Antique Taco Facebook

Antique Taco

If you can’t get enough tacos you have to try Antique Taco, named one of the 50 best tacos in America. With a wide range of taco menu items, this is an excellent place for stoners to get food delivered from when they’re blazed.

Photo Credit: CRISP Facebook


For more amazing fusion food, Crisp offers a variety of wings with an Asian flair. One of Chicago’s best wing joints, you can get munchies delivered to you through Door Dash.

Photo Credit: The Chicago Diner Facebook

Chicago Diner

Stoners can be vegetarians too right? If you are looking for some delicious vegan and vegetarian food options, Chicago Diner has you covered. Order them through the Caviar delivery app.