The Best Tacos in Chicago by Neighborhood

Ever find yourself in a situation where you need a taco ASAP? Maybe you’re from out of town, or maybe you’re roaming a new part of the city that you’re not as familiar with. Either way, it’s a scary situation to be in.

Luckily, we’ve got your back. From authentic and traditional to modern and reimagined, we did some research and compiled a list of the best highly rated taco places near you in Chicago.


So go ahead, follow your heart and your stomach for a Chicago taco adventure.

best tacos chicago
Photo Credit: Taqueria El Pastor

Taqueria El Pastor | West Lawn

With a menu full of Mexican favorites, this taco place near you in Chicago is a popular spot for authentic Mexican food. Their tacos come with many different filling options, some more unique like goat stew or beef tongue. 


Birrieria De La Torre | West Lawn

Authentic birria, served with beans, onions, and cilantro with tortillas, is the best option you can get at this West Lawn spot. 

Zacatacos | West Lawn

If you’re looking for the best el pastor tacos in Chicago, we recommend visiting Zacatacos. Their tacos are served with onions, cilantro or lettuce, tomato, and cheese on a warm tortilla. 

best tacos chicago
Photo Credit: Rubi’s

Rubi’s at the New Maxwell Street Market | Little Italy

For over 20 years, Rubi’s has been serving customers some of the best tacos in Chicago. There is usually a long line for their popular pastor or squash blossom tacos. This taco place is also known for its completely homemade corn tortillas. Owner Basilia Diaz Galindo passed away last year, but her tacos are still going strong. Rest in peace.  

Carnitas Uruapan | Gage Park | Pilsen

Opened in 1975, the guys at Carnitas Uruapan definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to tacos. Focusing solely on carnitas and the side dishes that compliment it, you will not be disappointed by the food here.


Birreria Reyes de Ocotlan | Pilsen

Another goat master, the Birreria Reyes de Ocotlan in Pilsen takes things to a whole new level. Order the Birria de Chivo (Goat) tacos or a plate for a mouthwatering meal at this taco place near you in the city.

best tacos chicago
Photo Credit: Carniceria Maribel



Carniceria Maribel | Heart of Chicago

Not only is Carniceria Maribel a fantastic Taqueria, but it’s also a liquor store. They have been family-owned and -run since 1990 and are known for their Tacos de Asada. 

Taco Loco of Pilsen | Heart of Chicago

This place serves tacos that are authentic, fresh, and completely homemade. Taco Loco of Pilsen serves some of the best tacos in Chicago that can be customized to your tastes. This taco place allows customers to add any topping of their choice.


Senoritas Cantina | Pilsen

One of the newer restaurants on this list, Senoritas Cantina is serving chicken in mole poblano and albondigas al adobo. Even with some unique dishes they still have a focus on their assortment of tacos, from barbacoa to duck carnitas.

Photo Credit: Yelp

Taqueria Los Comales | Marshall Square | Pilsen | West Lawn | Logan Square

Taqueria Los Comales boasts about their tacos and how they make for an extremely unique and delicious experience. Some Chicago residents believe the Al Pastor taco with grilled onions and Adobo marinade is the best taco in Chicago.


Raymond’s Tacos | Heart of Chicago | Little Village | Logan Square

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Raymond’s Tacos are a staple in the Pilsen neighborhood. They stuff their tacos to the brim with meat and filling and customers can’t seem to get enough. 

El Faro | Little Village

This taco place near you in Chicago includes cheap pricing and vegetarian options. This restaurant offers soy and tofu options, as well as Chile Relleno, but you can also get traditional favorites like Carne Asada and Al Pastor for some delicious grub. 

best tacos chicago
Photo Credit: Taqueria Los Gallos

Taqueria Los Gallos | Brighton Park | Little Village | Midway

Most well-known for their Carné en su Jugo soup, which has been featured on national television, the Taqueria Los Gallos has a few locations where you can order this delectable dish.  

Taqueria Los Barrilitos | Little Village

Rounding out the list is Taqueria Los Barrilitos, known most for their tacos al pastor. The perfectly seasoned meat and delicious house-made toppings make this one of the best taco spots in Chicago. 

Paco’s Tacos | Englewood | Brighton Park | West Lawn

Three tacos for less than $5? Now that’s a deal. We recommend the chicharrón, which is just $1.85 per taco, and absolutely amazing. 

best tacos chicago

Martinez Supermarket | Bridgeport

Anyone who frequents this grocery store knows the adjacent taqueria is THE BOMB. Selling freshly made salsas, tacos, and burritos, the Martinez Supermarket isn’t one you skip over easily. 

Qsazon Mexican Restaurant | Ashburn

Not your typical taco place, Qsazon blends a bunch of sweet and spicy flavoring into their tortas menu by adding ingredients like pineapple, jalapenos, bacon, and ham.  

La Internacional Supermercado | Back of the Yards

JUST TACOS. But some of the best in Back of the Yards. Find this little taco spot at the back of the supermarket, and make sure to order more than one. You’re gonna want ’em.  

best tacos chicago
Photo Credit: Tio Luis Tacos

Tio Luis Tacos | Brighton Park

Offering far more than its namesake implies, this taco place near you is a long-standing institution with a BYOB policy and to-die-for Mexican delicacies. 

Tacos Don Cuco | Back of the Yards

Shrimp tacos are usually a hit or miss, but not here. Even if you’re usually a red meat fan, take a stab at the shrimp or even the fish tacos here. You won’t be disappointed. 

Carniceria Guanajuato | Belmont Central | Cragin | Avondale | Wicker Park

Make a beeline to the back of the grocery store and order off their straight-forward menu of tacos, burritos, and tortas. 

best tacos
Photo Credit:

Machetes Big Quesadillas | Archer Heights

They’re not kidding. You can order a quesadilla the size of your face (20 inches, to be exact) at this taco place. ‘Nuff said.  

Don Pedro Carnitas | Pilsen

If you’re absolutely craving the best tacos in Chicago,  this place is an easy stop off the Dan Ryan at the 18th Street exit. Don Pedro Carnitas carts in tons of fresh steak, pork, and chicken on a daily basis along with meat you can purchase by the pound or stuff into a mouthwatering taco.


See your favorite taco place in Chicago on the map? Have a die-hard favorite place that you wish would’ve made the cut? We’re always interested in learning about new places. So share your thoughts below!


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  • Avatar
    Krystal R Lamb
    Posted Feb 2, 2020 11:42 pm 0Likes

    Taco Burrito House on elston, kimball/addison is phenomenal! A gem on the north west side😉

  • Avatar
    Albert Jones
    Posted Jan 24, 2020 12:10 pm 0Likes

    Chicago has a lot of taco spots. But for every excellent taqueria, there are three mediocre ones your coworker keeps recommending just because they walk past them on the way home from work.
    Albert Jones ||

  • Avatar
    Posted Jan 17, 2020 1:10 am 0Likes

    I nominate Taqueria Super Burrito for best tacos and best Burritos in Humboldt Park.

  • Avatar
    Teresa Carr
    Posted Jan 12, 2020 11:55 am 0Likes

    I would love to know if some really good taco spots on the South side/Southwest side of Chicago. Please help!

  • Avatar
    Posted Jan 12, 2020 12:37 am 0Likes

    No La fiesta? I thought everyone in Brighton park went there. It’s right across the street from Paco’s Taco’s but so much better.

  • Avatar
    Posted Jan 11, 2020 6:42 pm 0Likes

    My Taco in Frankfort best al pastor EVER!

  • Avatar
    Posted Jan 11, 2020 6:06 pm 0Likes

    There is not a Pacos tacos location in Englewood. The nearest on is on 46th and Ashland INSIDE of La Internacional, and it is the original Pacos Tacos.

  • Avatar
    Posted Jan 11, 2020 4:51 pm 0Likes

    Not ONE restaurant on the South side?? Biased much?

  • Avatar
    Posted Jan 11, 2020 3:38 pm 0Likes

    The Eastside and Hegewisch neighborhoods among others were not included . If Urban matters why only post rich yuppie neighborhoods mostly. That’s a slap in the face to the rest of Chicago

  • Avatar
    Kendra Townsell
    Posted Jan 11, 2020 11:05 am 0Likes

    Henry’s Tacos in Justice IL. AUTHENTIC! As an African American who favors Hispanic foods.. they are by far the best I’ve had.. and they also have a bar area on the other side for tacos and tequila Tuesday’s..

  • Avatar
    Meriam Lopez
    Posted Jan 10, 2020 6:15 pm 0Likes

    This list is pretty much on point. But they’re mainly on the south side. I felt as if if there was no love for taco joints on the north side such as El asadero on Montrose, Las Flores on Foster, L’ patron and la palapita. These places are just as good as those on the Southside. Y’all should try. 😋

  • Avatar
    Posted Nov 27, 2019 10:10 pm 0Likes

    Chicago considered of a lot more than neighborhoods north. There are incredible taco spots on the Southside of Chicago but you act as if that is not part of Chicago

  • Avatar
    Annette Penaloza
    Posted Sep 16, 2019 10:00 pm 0Likes

    As a Mexican American who grew up in Chicago I’m highly insulted by this list.

    • Avatar
      Kali Cramer
      Posted Oct 9, 2019 2:20 pm 0Likes

      We’re sorry to hear that, Annette. What places would you recommend we try next?

  • Avatar
    Posted Oct 4, 2017 7:22 pm 0Likes

    The city does extend beyond 55th street on the southside! I’m tired of looking at articles about the best hamburgers in Chicago or the best tacos and not seeing anything on the south or southwest side!!!

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