Best Date Ideas According to Zodiac Sign in Chicago

UrbanMatter here, giving you insight on the best way to serenade your lover for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Take a look at your lover’s deepest desires and enjoy the ride.




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Match 21 – April 19

Aries’s are fiery balls of energy that are about what is thrilling and electrifying. They are impulsive, ready to jump into anything and everything, and most importantly, they get bored easily. So, for Aries, though they probably wouldn’t mind a dinner date, you should go for something new and exciting instead of the regular dinner and movie. Wisk them away with something unpredictable, and they’ll love you even more.




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April 20 – May 20


Taurus’s are calm and patient individuals, but are extremely possessive and want all of your attention, especially on Valentine’s Day. For your special date, cater to them fully. They’re also a bit materialistic, so if you guys have been going steady, a gift would be appreciated. Although they want your undivided attention, Taurus’s are practical people, who don’t need the fluff and fairy dust for Valentine’s Day. So, aim for something intimate, yet simple.




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May 21 – June 20 

Geminis are affectionate and curious individuals with split personalities that are hard to read sometimes. For that reason, they tend to be indecisive, so it’ll most likely be up to you to plan out the date. Fulfilling their hungry desire to seek knowledge and adventure is key to winning their hearts. They appreciate things that are overall fun and stimulating. For Valentine’s Day, aim for activities that fulfill both sides to them. Something fun, yet relaxing, will do.




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June 21 – July 22


Cancers are one of the most generous and caring signs you’ll know, always sensitive and empathic to their loved ones. They appreciate reassuring words and actions that show just how much you cherish them. So, for date night, aim for something that sustains their big imaginations and over-spilling emotions. Activities that are intimate and heightens their mood is perfect.




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July 23 – August 22

Leos love to be treated like royalty, so whatever plans you have for Valentine’s Day, make sure you take the “go hard or go home sentiment”. This means they are highly materialistic beings who adore gifts that tend to weigh on the expensive scale and love to be showered with compliments. Another thing to consider when dating a Leo is that they love lounging around, so anywhere they can either show off, or relax, is the best way to go.



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August 23 – September 22

Virgos are very practical, hardworking beings, that’ll need your help to unwind for Valentine’s Day. But, fair warning. They are careful signs that don’t like to stray from safety and comfortability. As natural organizers of the world, they won’t like anything that’s chaotic either.  You want to do something that’s really intimate (and safe). This way, that’ll open up to you (since Virgo’s struggle with validifying their own feelings). So, seek out things that cause natural conversation, and you might get to see their vulnerable side.



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September 23 – October 22

Libras are absolute love puppies and cherish traditional values. They’re the ones who steadily search for a soul mate. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to win them over for Valentine’s Day, for they’re fair-minded people, who, despite their traditional values, are also adaptable to any events and changes. They’re peaceful individuals, so nothing that renders violence. They also love music and stimulating circumstances that arouse intellect conversations. As long as you cherish them and make Valentine’s Day exclusively about you two, then you guys will have a wonderful time.



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October 23 – November 21

Scorpios are the mysterious signs, who are assertive and passionate, yet cool and collective. Emotional stimulation is very significant for them, so whatever you do for Valentine’s Day, you should aim for something that they can either experience or express their big emotions with. Scorpios are also competitive and enjoy the chase, so some sportlike activity or anything mysterious will intrigue them. They are also intensely intimate!



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November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius’s are the travelers of the world, who are humorous, upfront and wildly impatient. They need something to satisfy their high-energy and sense of discovery. These individuals are restless and prefer to be out-and-about, so take them on a night out and enjoy the partying scene. Just don’t make them wait in line for too long, however.



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December 22 – January 19

Responsible and controlling, Capricorns will always want to take the lead on these sort of things, so good luck winning that argument. Typically, Capricorns are naturally serious individuals, who are ambitious, yet very traditional and practical. So, don’t do anything that strays too far from their likes and preferences, and let them take the lead when need be. They aren’t the easiest sign to do for, but they are deeply committed once you’ve got them hooked.



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January 20 – February 18

Aquarius’s can be quite unpredictable. They are shy and reserved one moment, then energic and outgoing the next. But two things that are for certain is that Aquarius’s love to have fun, and adore deep conversations. The key is to not go for intimacy, rather aim for intellectual conversations, that in turn, transforms to intimacy. Coming on too strong is an instant turnoff for these individuals, so anything that’ll allow them to be in social environments and stimulate them mentally is the way to go.



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February 19 – March 20

Pisces’s are compassionate and gentle individuals who are innate nurturers and deeply romantic. They are pleasers at heart, so for Valentine’s Day, they might have something already plan that tends to you especially. For Valentine’s Day, you can always do something that pulls at their heartstrings or allows them to have a great conversation, for Pisces love good listeners. They also love music, so attending a concert will make them feel alive and in love.