Raise the Woof on National Dog Day

Some people love the Fourth of July. Some wait all year for Christmas. Others are inclined toward Fat Tuesday, present company included. But whatever your favorite holiday, it’s nothing compared to this one. On August 26, it’s #NationalDogDay and we can’t get over how excited we are for this holiday so we can give all the love to our favorite doges.

Take time to celebrate your doggo on this very special day, and we know just how to do it. Bring your pup to the beach or hit up a dog-friendly bar to crack open a cold one with your good boy. There’s really no wrong way to commemorate National Dog Day, but by far the best way is just to spend some time with human’s best friend.

Check out all of the places you can go with your pup on National Dog Day in Chicago!


Chicago’s Most Dog-Friendly Spots

Seadog Cruises
Photo Credit: Seadog Cruises


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Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance Facebook
Photo Credit: Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance Facebook


5 Dog-Friendly Bars in Chicago for You and Your Pooch

Photo Credit: Bucktown Pub
Photo Credit: Bucktown Pub


6 Best Dog Beaches in Chicago, Illinois

Photo Credit: Mondog
Photo Credit: Mondog


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How to Adopt Your Newest BFF Through PAWS Chicago

Photo Credit: PAWS Chicago IG
Photo Credit: PAWS Chicago IG


Doggy Brunch

Pink taco
Photo Credit: Pink Taco

Pink Taco

In addition to all of these awesome ways to celebrate National Dog Day, Pink Taco is hosting a Doggy Brunch on August 26 from 11 am–3 pm, where you can bring your pup to socialize with other furry friends while you indulge in their delicious breakfast menu. The Anti-Cruelty Society will also be on site, hosting a dog adoption during the brunch so you can always take home another precious angel before you leave.

Pink Taco will definitely have some free dog treats, doggy champagne (whatever that means…I want some), and giveaways during the brunch! A portion of the proceeds from any Fro-Mosa pitchers they sell (also want some of that) will go toward benefiting the Anti-Cruelty Society.


Also, you know you loved that title or else you wouldn’t have clicked on it.


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