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Chicago’s Most Dog-Friendly Spots


Chicago’s Most Dog-Friendly Spots

It’s hard owning a pup in the city. Not only do you have to make sure you’re living in a place with enough space for them to wander while you’re at work, but you also need to remember to take them for walks amid your busy schedule. This makes it extra complicated when you’re also trying to have a complete social life since pets have restrictions on where they can roam alongside people.

But don’t despair yet! Luckily, Chicago is dog-friendly enough for you to hang out with your pooch outside of the park. There are a handful of places where you can grab a drink and a meal with your best friend without any problems at all.

There were so many options to choose from, but these are our personal favorites. Hit up these dog-friendly bars, restaurants, places, and activities in Chicago this week!


Bars, Breweries, & Wineries


DryHop Brewers

Not only do they serve delicious beer on their patio, but you can also bring your doggo along without issues.


Ten Cat Tavern

No cats. But definitely dogs. This place pretty much feels like home anyway with all the artwork strung about and cozy armchairs resting conveniently by a fireplace. All that’s left is for a cute puppy to climb onto your lap and fall asleep. 


Jack & Ginger’s

Underrated and entirely ideal for you and your pup. What looks like a tiny dive from the outside is actually a quaint sports bar with lots of indoor seating and a beautiful outdoor garden. Best of all, dogs are more than welcome.


Murphy’s Bleachers

While Wrigley Field itself is not dog-friendly, there are plenty of bars in the area that will let you pre-game with your pooch, like Murphy’s. It’s not advised to let them drink the beer, but you can certainly sneak them a few pieces of your meal without regret.


Madison Vine Wines

When you’re choosing a wine selection for an evening date at home, you can bring your best friend along for a second opinion. One bark means yes, two means hell yes. A growl… you better keep looking.


Norse Bar

Not only does this bomb-ass sports bar feature Nintendo and board games for your leisure, but you can also keep your dog on your lap while you’re having a blast with your friends.


Restaurants, Bistros, & Cafes


Big Star

Big Star

Photo Credit: Big Star Facebook

Tacos you can share with your doge? Hell yes. Big Star doesn’t give two shits when it comes to letting your best friend share the patio with their guests. This place is usually pretty crowded though, so make sure to plan ahead.


The Promontory


This one caught my attention. A gorgeous upscale restaurant that apparently lets you bring dogs along on your dinner dates? Fido’s gonna love that stroganoff.


Longman & Eagle

One of our favorite eateries regardless, Longman & Eagle takes it up a notch by allowing you to bring your puppy out on their back patio, so even if you’re dining by yourself, you’re never truly alone.


Parson’s Chicken & Fish

Goddamn, your pup is sure to love any scraps you give him or her from this place. Though limited on inside space, Parson’s doesn’t mind if you’ve got a four-legged friend with you for lunch.



No point hitting up a shithole cafe when you can grab a table at this gorgeous bistro. They even offer Doggie To-Go Meals, so you can take some home with you. French food at its finest and French bulldogs everywhere.


Places, Stores, & Activities


Montrose Dog Beach

While your pooch is not permitted to transgress the rest of Montrose Beach, you can bring him or her over to the dog-friendly section for a full day of fun. You’re bound to find other dog lovers there with their pals, so you can have an impromptu playdate in the sand.


LUSH Cosmetics


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Not only is this place known for refusing to test their products on animals, but you can also bring your pooch along when you’re shopping for new skincare. Though there are various locations downtown, just make sure to check with any malls they might be in. 



Around the USA, Nordstrom is known for allowing puppies to wander through their department stores, and the one on Michigan Avenue is definitely included in that. If you’re in need of new shoes, it’s probably a good idea to bring your dog along and see if he or she is interested in chewing them up before you purchase.


Seadog Cruises

Want your dog to experience our amazing skyline, too? Bring him or her along on a lake-bound adventure when you sign up for Seadog Cruises. Just 30 minutes along the lakeshore and you’re back on the land, so a quick potty break before you go should be more than enough.


White Sox Games

While the Cubs have yet to jump on board with this fantastic idea, the White Sox are ahead of the game. Guaranteed Rate Field has two Dog Days set this year: April 23 and September 24.



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