Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Old Town School of Folk Music Classes

Music is such an integral part of the human experience that many parents choose to let it influence their kids at a young age by signing up for baby music classes in Chicago at the Old Town School of Folk Music. A well-crafted musical environment can greatly benefit cognitive and sensory development in your toddler or new-born baby. The school offers Wiggleworm classes that are designed to introduce songs, rhythms, and melodies to ensure infants are able to grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Musical influence at an early age can activate your child’s neural pathways to inspire creativity and develop other skills down the road, such as enhanced memory, spatial and emotional intelligence, mathematics, and language.

The Old Town School of Folk Music classes in Chicago provide opportunities for students to observe and enjoy music together. The school has provided Wiggleworms music classes to children and parents since 1985. Each Wiggleworm class provided by Old Town School of Music is designed to introduce a pathway to a lifelong love of music for children under the age of five. Once your child is excited about music, the Old Town School of Folk Music also offers music classes for toddlers to help develop skills individually and communally as students travel into young adulthood and beyond.


A typical Wiggleworms baby music class in Chicago or the suburbs meets once a week for 45 minutes—give or take, depending on the course—at one of the Old Town School of Music campuses.

Registering your baby or toddler at the Old Town School of Folk Music classes in Chicago provides many benefits to both of you. The Old Town School of Folk Music makes it easy to love these classes thanks to open enrollment, meaning you can start whenever you’re ready or join in for the full 16- or 8-week course. If you miss a toddler music class, it’s no sweat; the Old Town School of Folk Music lets you make up any session at a time that is convenient for you since they host most of their baby music classes on a daily basis.


All of the Old Town School of Folk Music classes feature original songs and classic favorites performed by trained educators and talented musicians, some of whom were enrolled in Wiggleworms themselves! You and your child will listen to guitar, ukelele, banjo, drums, and more during each baby music class in Chicago, and teachers are always encouraging their class to join in on the singing and dancing (and bubbles) throughout the session.

The selection of Old Town School of Folk Music classes includes a version of the Wiggleworm program that is designed for siblings. This allows you to bring a younger child to an older sibling’s class at a reduced cost and you knock out two birds with one stone. It’s that simple.


Learn about the policies of the Old Town School of Folk Music classes for toddlers and check out the class schedules. Get registered for Wiggleworms to learn more about music. You can visit the Old Town School of Music online.

Otherwise, check out all of the Wiggleworms music classes for kids listed below and find a course that suits you and your family!


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