50 Best Pizza Restaurants to Visit in the United States

There’s one certainty in this world, one great unifier, one truth we can uphold above all others: pizza is great. No matter how old you get, the words “pizza party” still inspire excitement and anticipation. If Friday night pizza delivery was the highlight of your childhood, we just have one question: what’s stopping you now? Treat yourself to a few moments of heartfelt bliss and eat a slice (or four) of pizza. To that end, we’ve scoured the country for the 50 best pizza places in the United States. The coasts feature heavily, including the Third Coast, Chicago, with its infamous deep dish. The spots appear in no particular order, so find the closest and have yourself a pizza party.

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Image Credit: Apizza Scholls on Facebook

Apizza Scholls

Portland, OR

Owner/chef Brian Spangler worships at the temple of pizza to churn out perfect pies. 

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Image Credit: Pepe’s Pizza on Facebook

Frank Pepe’s

New Haven, CT

Try the White Clam Pizza; it’s been named the best pizza in the United States by Daily Meal for two years running.

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Image Credit: Lindsey C. on Yelp


Berkley, CA

Tough to order, but worth the hassle for the thin-crust New York-style pies with limited numbers offered each night.

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Image Credit: Di Fara Pizza on Facebook

Di Fara

Brooklyn, NY

Open in 1964 and celebrated by everyone from The New York Times to Anthony Bourdain as the best pizza restaurant in America.

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Image Credit: Pizza Brain Philly on Facebook

Pizza Brain

Philadelphia, PA

Stop in for not just pizza but also to visit the first pizza museum in the country.

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Image Credit: Antico-Pizza Napoletana on Facebook

Antico-Pizza Napoletana

Atlanta, GA

Woodfired pizzas that are considered the best in Georgia, if not the whole South by Sports Illustrated.

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Image Credit: flour + water pizzeria on Facebook

flour + water pizzeria

San Francisco, CA

Order a “Big Slice” from the takeout window for ½ a pizza rolled into a sandwich with dipping sauce.

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Image Credit: Al Forno Restaurant on Yelp

Al Forno

Providence, RI

If you’re looking for the best-grilled pizza place in the U.S., we recommend visiting Al Forno. This establishment does not accept reservations.

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Image Credit: The Star Tavern on Facebook

Star Tavern Pizzeria

Orange, NJ

This spot’s known for great thin-crust pizza, plus plenty of Italian staples on the menu.

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Image Credit: Good Pie on Facebook

Good Pie

Las Vegas, NV

The place to visit if you’re not sure what style of pizza is your favorite; they offer four classics

Image Credit: L’industrie pizzeria on Facebook

L’industrie Pizzeria

Brooklyn, NY

It’s cash-only here, so hit an ATM before perusing the 30 different pizzas on the menu, including a breakfast pie.

Image Credit: Buddy’s Pizza on Facebook

Buddy’s Pizza

Detroit, MI

Put the place where rectangular, thick-crust, sauce-on-top Detroit-style pizza was born on your must-visit list. 

Image Credit: Cane Rosso Austin on Facebook

Cane Rosso

Austin, Texas

Perfect for the ultimate pizza party, they offer 3-foot-long rectangular pies.

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Image Credit: Loui’s Pizza on Facebook


Hazel Park, MI

Eat in to see the Chianti bottles signed by celebrities before digging into the thick-crust, deep-dish pie.

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Image Credit: Lovely’s Fifty Fifty on Facebook

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty

Portland, OR

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty is a pizza restaurant in America specializing in farm-to-table sourdough pizza made from a starter lovingly dubbed “Jake.” 

Image Credit: Pizzeria Mozza on Facebook

Pizzeria Mozza

Los Angelas, CA

A New York-style pizzeria on the West Coast that stays open until midnight. 

Image Credit: David C. on Yelp

La Nova

Buffalo, NY

Try the unique sesame-seed encrusted crust at this pizzeria operating since the 50s.

Image Credit: Zaffiro’s Pizza on Facebook

Zaffiro’s Pizza

Milwaukee, WI

Long considered the best in Milwaukee, they use a paper-thin crispy crust and go heavy on toppings.

Image Credit: Lou Malnati’s on Facebook

Lou Malnati’s

Chicago, IL

Everyone picks a side about the best deep dish in Chicago, but Malnati’s is always a favorite.

Image Credit: Deepika on Facebook

Pizzeria Beddia

Philadelphia, PA

Visit the new Fishtown location of the former one-person operation for great pies and natural wine.

Image Credit: Melissa V. on Yelp

Paulie Gee’s

Brooklyn, NY

The gourmet specialty pies will have you craving another slice while you still have one in your hand.

Image Credit: Sally’s Pizza on Facebook


New Haven, CT

A friendly competitor of Pepe’s; try the pies side-by-side before you choose your favorite.

Image Credit: Pequod’s Pizza Chicago on Facebook


Chicago, IL

Pan pizza with perfectly caramelized cheese around the edges and shows what’s great about Chicago-style deep-dish.

Image Credit: Pizzana LA on Facebook


Los Angeles, CA

People wait for hours for the crispy, herbed-crust Neopolitan-style pizza.

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Image Credit: Bianco on Facebook

Pizzeria Bianco

Phoenix, AZ

Considered one of the country’s best pizza joints for the past 20 years, serving pies from a wood-burning stove.

Image Credit: Pizzicletta on Facebook


Flagstaff, AZ

The naturally-leavened and aged dough cooks in a 1,000-degree woodfired oven for crave-able Neopolitan-style pizza. 

Image Credit: Razza Pizza Artigianale on Facebook

Razza Pizza Artigianale

Jersey City, NJ

This pizza restaurant utilizes naturally-leavened dough with local ingredients to create what the New York Times considers the best New York pizza.  

Image Credit: Pizzeria Locale on Facebook

Pizzeria Locale

Boulder, CO

Casual and inexpensive, they offer thin-crust pies with unexpected local ingredients like creme Fraiche and corn, or ricotta and chilies.

Image Credit: Lindsey C. on Yelp


New York, NY

Nothing more than a takeout window in a dive bar, stop in for a great, classic New York slice.

Image Credit: Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria on Facebook

Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria

Nashville, TN

A hip-hop/pizza mashup pizza restaurant featuring signature and build-your-own options on the menu.

Image Credit: Pizzeria Vetri on Facebook

Pizzeria Vetri

Philadelphia, PA

Try out the super-thin-crust pizzas with creative toppings alongside tempting Italian classics on the menu.

Image Credit: Spacca Napoli on Facebook

Spacca Napoli

Chicago, IL

They’re known for their gluten-free cauliflower crusts, on which you can get any of their 20 specialty pizzas.

Image Credit: Jenn N. on Yelp


Boston, MA

This neighborhood joint features cheap pitchers of beer, and cracker-thin crispy crust pizza, loaded with toppings.

Image Credit: Colony Grill Stamford on Facebook

Colony Grill

Stamford, CT

Be sure to order the signature pie, the hot oil pizza made with oil infused with poblano peppers.

Image Credit: Piece Pizzeria and Brewery on Facebook


Chicago, IL

If you’re looking for the best pizza restaurants in the United States, this Piece in Chicago offers New Haven-style pies, with plenty of sauce but no mozzarella.

Image Credit: Serious Pie Downtown on Facebook

Serious Pie

Seattle, WA

Hand-tossed oval-shaped pies achieve the perfect crispy/chewy balance, with classic toppings.

Image Credit: Pizza Delicious on Facebook

Pizza Delicious

New Orleans, LA

This is the best place to get a slice of New York-style pizza in the Big Easy, perfect crust with hand-crushed tomatoes in the sauce.

Image Credit: JohnnyPrimeC. C. on Yelp


Brooklyn, NY

They make amazing thin-crust pizza, with homemade mozzarella and sweet sauce. 

Image Credit: Tribute Pizza on Facebook

Tribute Pizza

San Diego, CA

It’s the place to try all the best pies in the world. Tribute’s specialty pizzas imitate other famous pizzeria’s styles. 

Image Credit: Pizza Rock Las Vegas on Facebook

Pizza Rock

Las Vegas, NV

Get the best in Vegas, an authentic New York, bigger-than-your-head, fold it in half slice.

Image Credit: Emmy Squared Gulch on Yelp

Emmy Squared

Nashville, TN

They have locations in both New York and Nashville that serve puffy Detroit-style pizza.

Image Credit: EVO Pizzaria on Facebook


Charleston, SC

The menu has a long list of inventive specialty pizzas that use farm-to-table gourmet ingredients. 

best pizza america
Image Credit: Emily H. on Yelp

Vito & Nick’s

Chicago, IL

Around the 1950s, serving not Chicago-style but cracker-thin crust pizzas with spicy red sauce. 

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Image Credit: Zoli’s NY Pizza on Facebook


Dallas, TX

Opened by the owner of Cane Rosso for a real New York-style slice in Texas, and be sure to order the garlic knots. 

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Image Credit: Jessica Y. on Yelp

Pizza Shackamaxon

Philadelphia, PA

This pizza joint took over when Beddia moved, serving up huge slices piled with toppings and great tomato pie.

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Image Credit: Pizzeria Bebu on Facebook

Pizzeria Bebu

Chicago, IL

Exceptional in Chicago, it’s a contemporary restaurant serving thin-crust pizza in a bright, airy atmosphere.

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Image Credit: Ken’s Artisan Pizza on Facebook

Ken’s Artisan Pizza

Portland, OR

A crowded restaurant that serves just eight different pies, but it’s well worth the wait for the crispy/chewy crust and authentic Italian toppings.

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Image Credit: O4W Pizza on Facebook

O4W Pizza

Duluth, GA

Order the Grandma Pie; it’s considered the best pizza in Georgia. 

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Image Credit: Jess F. on Yelp

Circles and Squares

Philadelphia, PA

Made-to-order pies in Philadelphia, each topped with freshly grated Pecorino Romano cheese as it comes out of the oven.

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Image Credit: Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana-Salt Lake City on Facebook


Salt Lake City, UT

Imported ingredients cook for less than a minute in the 1000-degree oven for authentic Naples-style pizza. 


Featured Image Credit: Ivan Torres on Unsplash