7 Best Bars to Hit Up This Weekend on Rainey Street in Austin

The historic Rainey Street is one of many great areas in Austin for a night out. Rainey has that old Austin charm: it’s quirky, cozy, and effortlessly cool. Most of the watering holes here are adorable, vintage houses on the outside that open to a cozy bar inside and some of the nicest patios around. We have created a list of the best bars on Rainey Street in Austin you can’t miss!

Half Step

75 1/2 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

When Half Step opened back in 2014, it immediately became an Austin favorite. Here you’ll find cocktails carefully created by some of the best cocktail professionals around, plus a quieter indoor space for those cozy evenings and an outdoor space often featuring jazz and blues artists.

The Parlor Room

88 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

Parlor Room has it all — classic outdoor games, craft cocktails, craft beers, and a tasty food truck. This bar on Rainy Street in Austin is a fun place to hang out with friends with historical flare, as the building is an original Craftsman house!

Container Bar

90 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

The most modern building by far, though not at all out of place in this historic district — Container Bar is made up of seven shipping containers, each offering a unique experience. There’s always a DJ, and one of the containers is specially made for dancing the night away!

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83 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

Icenhauer’s is located in one of the oldest homes on Rainey Street. The house was built in 1895 and, even during the renovations, much of the original structure was kept intact. This bar has some seriously good cocktails (with great happy hour specials), and the staff is always hosting live music. In addition, Icenhauer’s has an outdoor fire pit!


79 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

Banger’s is the place for all things German. You may have heard about it during Oktoberfest, but here, the party never stops. It’s one of the best hang out spots on Rainey; it’s chill, it’s fun, and everyone is just here to eat great food, drink great beer, and have a good time.

Craft Pride

61 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

At Craft Pride, you’ll find the best of what Texas has to offer in craft beer. All 54 beers at this bar on Rainey Street in Austin come from amazing breweries around Texas, and with that many options, everyone will be able to find something they love. They often have special release parties, meet-the-brewer events, and live music.

The Alibi

96 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

The Alibi is the very first bar on Rainey Street and is your haven for all things sports. They’ve got 13 screens, cocktails and beer, and an awesome food truck. Plus, their wonderful outdoor area has porch swings!

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Featured Image Credit: Banger’s Instagram

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