Where to Enjoy Savory Breakfast Tacos in Austin, TX

When it comes to breakfast in Austin, one thing is certain: breakfast tacos reign supreme! The Tex-Mex capital offers a plethora of options to kickstart your day. From traditional to creative combinations, these ten spots will satisfy any taco lover.


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Rosita’s Al Pastor

1801 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78741

Rosita’s Al Pastor is renowned for its mouthwatering breakfast tacos that never disappoint. Served with a perfect balance of tender, marinated al pastor meat, fresh toppings, and a choice of homemade salsas, these tacos are a delightful morning treat that keeps locals and visitors coming back for more.

Veracruz All Natural 

Multiple Locations

Started as a food truck, Veracruz All Natural has become an Austin breakfast taco legend! Their migas taco, filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy tortilla strips, and gooey cheese, is an unbeatable morning treat.


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Torchy’s Tacos

Multiple Locations

A local favorite, Torchy’s Tacos is a must-visit for their “damn good” breakfast options. Try “The Wrangler,” a concoction of tender smoked beef brisket, eggs, and a drizzle of BBQ sauce that will leave you hankering for more.

Juan in a Million

2300 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Juan in a Million is a Tex-Mex treasure, and their “Don Juan” taco is a true heart-stealer. Packed with bacon, potatoes, cheese, and a heaping of love, this larger-than-life taco is a Texan breakfast dream come true.


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Multiple Locations

At Tacodeli, freshness is the name of the game. Their “Papadulce” taco, filled with fluffy sweet potato and sautéed onions, is a delightful vegetarian option that even meat lovers will adore.


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Mi Madre’s 

2201 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

Mi Madre’s serves up breakfast tacos with a touch of grandma’s love! The “El Don” taco, featuring tender machacado (dried beef) and scrambled eggs, is a flavorful tribute to classic Tex-Mex cooking.


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Tyson’s Tacos

4905 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751

Tyson’s Tacos is an artistic haven for breakfast taco enthusiasts. Don’t miss their “Rafael,” a harmonious blend of eggs, avocado, and bacon, all wrapped up in a warm tortilla canvas.


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1203 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

Paperboy takes farm-to-table seriously, and their breakfast tacos reflect it. The “Bacon, Egg & Cheese” taco, made with locally sourced ingredients, is a reminder that simplicity can be utterly delicious.


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El Primo 

2101 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

El Primo is the real deal when it comes to authentic Mexican breakfast tacos in Austin. Order their “Chorizo con Huevo” taco, piled with spicy chorizo and scrambled eggs, for a flavor-packed experience.

Cherrywood Coffeehouse

1400 E 38th 1/2 St, Austin, TX 78722

Cherrywood Coffeehouse is a beloved neighborhood spot that serves scrumptious breakfast tacos in Austin with a side of community vibes. Try their “Morning Wrap,” a whole wheat tortilla filled with eggs and your choice of tasty fillings.


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Granny’s Tacos 

1401 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

Last but not least, Granny’s Tacos is a charming, family-run joint that truly feels like home. Their “Machacado con Huevo” taco, filled with shredded dried beef and eggs, is a comforting and wholesome delight.


There you have it, breakfast taco enthusiasts! These ten Austin restaurants will not disappoint when it comes to starting your day with a Tex-Mex flavor fiesta. So, gather your appetite and explore these taco havens, where every bite is a tasty reminder of Austin’s culinary prowess. Enjoy your breakfast taco adventure!


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