UrbanMatter’s Definitive Wrigleyville Bar Ranking

No trip to Wrigley Field is complete without a beer (or two, or seven).

So, in honor of the Cubs 2018 season opener tomorrow, we thought we’d give you guys a complete run-down of all our favorite spots to hit up pre AND post game. Best part? It’s easier to find parking nearby than you think.


This is UrbanMatter’s definitive ranking of the best* bars in Wrigleyville.

You’re welcome.



29. John Barleycorn

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: John Barleycorn Instagram

3524 N Clark


Douchey though it may be, Barleycorn is a Wrigleyville staple, so it earns a spot on our list (and in our hearts). Just maybe make sure to check what the cover is before waiting in line.



28. Trace

Wirgleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Trace Facebook

3714 N Clark

Rock n’ roll in Wrigley – no matter your strongly held opinions, you’ve gotta admit that Trace does have a nice ring to it.



27. HVAC

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: HVAC Instagram

3530 N Clark


Though not a Wrigleyville bar in the strictest sense of the phrase, the HVAC pub is one of our go-tos for post-game drunk munchies. Oh, and their stellar live music set up doesn’t hurt either.



26. Dark Horse

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Dark Horse Instagram

3443 N Sheffield 

True to its name, Dark Horse may not be a front runner when it comes to our fav Wrigley bars, but its great game day deals (and year-round beer garden) are sure to surprise you.


25. Country Club

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Country Club Instagram

3462 N Clark

For when you just wanna belt Jason Aldean without judgement.

What can we say? Sometimes baseball puts ya in a real country mood.


24. Moe’s Cantina

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Moe’s Instagram

3518 N Clark

Though slightly more upscale (read: cleaner) than some of the other Wrigleyville bars on this list, Moe’s and their quesadillas have played host to many a worthy pregame party.


23. Brickhouse Tavern

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Brickhouse Tavern Instagram

3647 N Clark

Extra points for being within stumbling distance from the field.


22. Stretch

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: The Stretch Facebook

3485 N Clark

Wings, TV screens and tons of specials on beer – that’s all we want out of a good Cubbie bar.


21. Rockit Burger Bar

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Rockit Burger Bar Instagram

3700 N Clark

Two words: Mac. Attack.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you better educate yourself right now.


20. Graystone Tavern

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Graystone Instagram

3441 N Sheffield 

A classic sports bar with some pretty outstanding tacos.


19. Lucky’s Sandwich Company

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Lucky’s Sandwiches

3472 N Clark

Perhaps best known for being featured on Man vs. Food, a day at Lucky’s is admittedly less about beer than it is about chowing down. But oh boy, is the chow ever-so-good.


18. Old Crow Smokehouse

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Old Crow Smokehouse Instagram

3506 N Clark

Amazing patio. Decent food. A total Wrigleyville mainstay.


17. Deuce’s and the Diamond Club

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Deuce’s Facebook

3505 N Clark

Deuce’s earns the number 15 spot on this list purely for having a pool. Sorry, not sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


16. The Full Shilling

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: The Full Shilling Facebook

3724 N Clark

One of surprisingly few Irish pubs in Wrigleyville, the Full Shilling is a great, casual hang for those of us who couldn’t afford a ticket to the game.


15. Sport’s Corner

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Planet 99

956 W Addison

$5 well drinks, $3 brats and hot dogs on game days. ‘Nuff said.


14. Lucky Dorr

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Lucky Dorr Instagram

1101 W Waveland

Named after longtime Wrigley Field groundskeeper Bobby Dorr, this relatively new addition to Lakeview is a bit more, uhm, tame than the bars on Clark. But with an unmatched craft beer list (and bonus points for extra Cubs nostalgia) Lucky Dorr has definitely earned a place in our roundup.


13. Vines on Clark 

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Vines on Clark

3554 N Clark

Vines is just Vines…there’s really nothing else to say.


12. Merkle’s

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Merkle’s Facebook

3516 N Clark

Operated out of the same spot where the Wrigleyville Billy Goat outpost once stood, Merkle’s is an unpretentious spot to chill for game day.


11. Irish Oak

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Irish Oak

3511 N Clark

With great daily drink deals and a classic Wrigley attitude, Irish Oak is a must.


10. Sheffield’s

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Sheffield’s

3258 N Sheffield

Sheffield’s has what is, without question, one of the best beer gardens in Lakeview. And while, true, it might be a little bit further from the field than we’d normally like to walk, the patio is totally worth it.


9. Rizzo’s Bar & Inn

Photo Credit: Rizzo’s Bar & Inn Facebook

3658 N Clark St

A newer haunt, but one we hope will stay. It’s named after our favorite Cubbie bear, so you really can’t go wrong.


8. Bernie’s

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Bernies’s Instagram

3664 N Clark

Family owned and operated since 1954, like you, Bernie’s has stuck with the Cubbies through the darkest of times, earning it a well deserved spot on our list.


7. Murphy’s Bleachers

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Murphy’s Instagram

3655 N Sheffield 

One of the oldest bars on the block, Murphy’s brick and ivy (and pure baseball history) make it a go-to for young and old alike.


6. Guthrie’s

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Guthrie’s Facebook

1300 W Addison

Okay, wait, bear with me here – Guthrie’s may not be your traditional Wrigleyville bar, but as a true neighborhood favorite, there’s no way we’d dare leave it off our ranking.


5. GMan

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: GMan Instagram

3740 N Clark

Also known by its full name, The Gingerman Tavern, GMan’s old-school style, pool tables, and proximity to the field make it an excellent choice in Wrigleyville whether it’s game day or not.


4. Casey Moran’s

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Casey Moran’s Facebook

3660 N Clark

An absolute colossus of a bar, Casey Moran’s – and it’s 52 flat screens – is one of the undisputed kings of Clark.


3. Sluggers

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Sluggers Instagram

3540 N Clark

Sure, Sluggers may have a particularly bro-y clientele, but that won’t stop us from hitting up the batting cages (or late night dueling pianos) come baseball season.


2. Nisei Lounge

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Nisei Lounge Instagram

3439 N Sheffield 

Opened in 1951, Nisei Lounge isn’t just any Wrigleyville dive bar, it’s THE Wrigleyville dive bar. Sporting a cool and casual atmosphere complete with darts, pool, a killer jukebox and a slightly problematic obsession with Malort, Nisei may not have the crowds of the other Clark street favorites, but it’s got more than enough personality to make up for it.


1. Cubby Bear

Wrigleyville Bars
Photo Credit: Cubby Bear Facebook

1059 W Addison

I’m not even gonna try and explain myself on this one. There’s nothing quite like stumbling out of the game and right into Cubby Bear.

C’mon, don’t tell me you expected something else?



Honorable Mention: The Wrigleyville Taco Bell, long may she reign.





*SIDE NOTE: When we say “best” please keep in mind that we mean “most fun to get drunk off of $3 Bud Lights and cheese dogs at 11am” – it is Wrigleyville, after all.


Featured Image Credit: Sports Mockery


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