Chicago’s Ultimate Winter Survival Guide

It’s around that time when Chicago’s brutal cold starts to sneak up on you. And yes, it is as bad as you think. It gets cold cold around here. I’m not saying you’re going to die… but it’s all about strategy.


So here are some hacks to ensure you survive this winter.


1. Don’t die.

2. Things you’ll need in your car: an ice scraper, a shovel, food rations to last for days, and ice skates (in case you need to go dashing through the snow…).


3. Get a friend who loves the winter, ya know, so you won’t hate your life as much (although anyone who looks forward to Chicago winters might be a little psychotic, jussayin’).

4. It is not promised that you will get to work alive or on time, but let’s hope for the both.


5. When you’re buying that knee-length Canada Goose Jacket, ask yourself…is it worth it? Can I work it? Put my thing down, flip it and reverse it.


6. Leave 2 hours ahead of time… traffic is inevitable.

7. I’m just gonna leave this here.


8. Don’t let your winter be an ashy one. Stock up on that chapstick, lotions, and cream.



10. I’m just gonna leave this here as well.

11. It is extremely possible that icicles could fall on you. Not sure exactly how to avoid this. But just so you know.

12. If you got a Netflix account, good. If you don’t, get one.

13. Insulate Insulate Insulate… insulate your water bottles, insulate your windows, insulate everything.

14. Layers, my friends… layers.

15. Hot coffee, hot teas, hot chocolate.

16. Try not to sit in the house all winter. Remember, the gym does still exist.

17. Throw out that salt before you go to bed so you don’t bust your head wide open on your driveway.


Featured Image Credit: Millennium Park Instagram