Weed-Themed Cheba Hut Restaurant Chain Brings Toasted Subs to Chicago

Notorious for their “toasted” subs and other weed-themed menu items, Cheba Hut plans to open a restaurant and full bar in Bucktown by the end of 2019.

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The Arizona-based restaurant chain has never ventured into Chicago before, but with the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana, this weed-themed sandwich shop plans to capitalize on the new market. While you won’t actually be able to purchase any of the devil’s lettuce here, Cheba Hut prides itself on being a hot spot for stoners who want to elevate their high with mouthwatering munchies and “toasted” subs.

You can get your Cheba Hut sandwich in one of three sizes: a 4-inch “nug,” an 8-inch “pinner,” and a 12-inch “blunt.” All of their sandwiches are named for strains of cannabis, and each location offers a slightly adjusted menu to incorporate the local culture, which is why the Chicago venture might include something similar to our famed Italian Beef sandwich or a Chicago dog.

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Staples on the Cheba Hut sub menu include the Apaculpo Gold (grilled chicken breast, BBQ sauce, swiss cheese) and signature Jamaican Red, which looks like it might singe a spicy hole in your stomach (spicy chicken breast, green peppers, jalapenos, black olives, cheddar). The Kali Mist is a personal favorite for somewhat obvious reasons (roasted turkey breast, chipotle mayo, fresh jalapenos, bacon, pepper jack, avocado), and you can take this sandwich up a notch by substituting avocado for their homemade guac. They also offer a classic midwestern-style sub called the Midwest Best (roasted turkey breast, smoked ham, bacon, provolone).

Want to add something extra to your order? Cheba Hut also boasts a selection of salads, munchies, treats, and life-saving “cottonmouth cures” in the form of fountain drinks, Koolaid, and iced tea. Munchies include chips, soups, loaded not’chos, bowl o’ balls (meatballs), a hummus platter, pretzel bites, and garlic cheese bread. Finish off your meal with sweet treats like Rice Krispie bars, goo balls, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies.

Photo Credit: Cheba Hut

Cheba Hut may be weed-focused, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t imbibe while you’re there, too. The Chicago location will feature Cheba Hut’s full-service bar, including drinks like Bloody Mary Jane (Deep Eddy vodka, Cheba Bloody Mix, and “some stuff on a stick”), Dirty Hippie (Deep Eddy vodka, fresh cucumbers, lemonade), Hot Box (Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit vodka, jalapenos, ginger brew, lime juice), and Dad’s Spesh (bartender’s choice for $2).

Cheba Hut owners plan to commission local artists to create within the Chicago space, giving it a completely unique and Second City-centric theme. We’re really excited to see who they choose.

Cheba Hut will be located at 1739 N Milwaukee Ave in Bucktown, right across the street from Small Cheval. Check back in with UrbanMatter to find out the official opening date of this weed-friendly spot!


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