Where to Get the Best Indian Food in Chicago

Everybody knows that Indian dishes are known for having exotic flavoring, mostly due to the popular, age-old spice, curry. But there is so much more to Indian food than samosas and tikka masala, and if you like exploring new foods, this is an excellent avenue to take.

Whether you’re a health-conscious vegetarian or just into spicy foods, we have curated a list of destinations that serve the best Indian food in Chicago.



Photo Credit: ROOH Chicago

736 W Randolph St

We had the pleasure of visiting ROOH on opening night and it was hands-down some the best Indian food we’ve ever tasted. Progressive cuisine like Jackfruit Kofta, and spicy cocktails such as Pink City, put ROOH at the top of our list. If you’re in the mood for a sexy atmosphere and mouthwatering Indian fare, we highly recommend this new West Loop hotspot.


Ghareeb Nawaz

Ghareeb Nawaz
Photo Credit: Ghareeb Nawaz Facebook

Multiple Locations

With two stores in West Ridge and Little Italy, Ghareeb Nawaz is easily one of the best Indian restaurants in Chicago. Sure, it’s fast food (with halal meat), but everybody knows that the smaller the store is, the more genuine-tasting the meals are. Plus, a cup of chai here is only 75 cents, adding samosas to your order is just 50 cents, and everything on the menu is under $7…how could you possibly go wrong?  


The Indian Garden

indian Garden
Photo Credit: The Indian Garden Facebook

247 E Ontario St

Luxurious, Indian dining at its absolute best, The Indian Garden serves what some consider to be the best Indian food in Chicago. Self-classified as the “Culinary Nirvana”, this lavishly decorated restaurant features a trendy bar and a vast menu of delectable dishes.


The Spice Room

Spice Room
Photo Credit: The Spice Room

2906 W Armitage Ave

Hailing Northern Indian food central to Mumbai, the Spice Room brings Indian culture to Wicker Park. The chefs at this minimal restaurant serve up incredible Northern Indian fare for relatively cheap, so it’s always worth a visit.



Uru Swati
Photo Credit: Yelp

2629 W Devon Ave

There’s something especially unique about this place: the walls are designed like Mumbai’s skyline, leaving you to feel like you’re settled into a little café next to the honking cars of India’s busy streets (without the noise, of course, though it’d be pretty clever if that was their playlist). Uru-Swati is the best Indian restaurant in Chicago to visit if you’re looking to try authentic Northern Indian delicacies with a hint of Southern influence.



Photo Credit: Cumin Facebook

1414 N Milwaukee Ave

By incorporating Nepalese and Indian staples, Cumin services some of the best Indian food in Chicago to patrons that are looking for spicy to mild dishes. They offer a large variety of dishes without reducing each of these distinctive cultures. Besides, they have far more Indian food available in this upscale restaurant, so it was absolutely worth including on this list.


India House Restaurant

India House
Photo Credit: India House Restaurants & Banquet Facebook

59 W Grand Ave

Head to River North for a taste of authentic Indian. This amazing lunch and dinner buffet is cheap as hell, offering all-you-can-eat Indian food for just under $15 during the week and under $18 on weekends.

Pub Royale

pub Royale
Photo Credit: Pub Royale Facebook

2049 W Division St

Pairing Indian fare with American beers, Pub Royale gives off an Anglo-Indian vibe you might actually have expected to experience by the name of this place. The atmosphere is classically intimate, making you feel right at home amid the warm accent pieces.

Tandoor Char House

Tandoor Char House
Photo Credit: Tandoor Char House Facebook

2652 N Halsted St

Another fusion restaurant, Tandoor Char House pulls influence from both India and Pakistan, as its owner, Faraz Sardharia, has roots in both countries. Many of these recipes are cultivated from the mind of Sardharia, but you’ll find some classic dishes here, too, made with halal meat.


Photo Credit: Naansense Facebook

Multiple Locations

This totally casual and modern Indian mainstay has two locations downtown—River North and West Loop—plus, a roaming food truck. This fast walk-up counter makes choosing your perfect dish easy, prompting you to select a taco or bowl, a protein, and a sauce, all very Chipotle-style.


Photo Credit: The Chicago Reader

2421 W North Ave

Rangoli serves some of the best Indian food in Chicago and is aesthetically pleasing. Everything at Rangoli is ready to be Instagrammed: the food, the walls, the decor, the vibe. It’s all a perfect blend of ancient and modern Indian culture, and it’s yours to enjoy in Wicker Park.


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    I like your list, but you left out one of the Newest Indian Restaurant’s, The Clay Pot on Irving park road just west of Ravenswood, you should check them out as I believe it has one of the best and most varied Indian menu’s in Chicago.

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      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll have to try it sometime.

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