Best Food Delivery Services in Chicago, Ranked

Winter is here and we all know what that means. DELIVERY.

No need to brave the bitter cold for a burrito when you could spend that time instead, cuddling under a snug blanket and watching Netflix, waiting for that burrito to be delivered directly to you. Now, with that being said, the actual process of choosing which delivery app can be quite the chore.

Lucky for you, we did all the leg work.

Here’s UrbanMatter’s ranking of the 5 best food delivery services in Chicago.


Food Delivery
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If you’re looking for reliable food delivery services in Chicago, Caviar should be your go-to option for high-end dishes. While, yes, the app does offer your standard pizza and fried rice options, where the service truly shines is in its upscale, usually un-order-able choices. Expensive though it may be, restaurants like Mott St.Duck Duck Goat, and Honey Butter Fried Chicken all use Caviar as their only delivery option.

Pros: Amazing food.

Cons: Often expensive.


Food delivery
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Seamless is a slightly fancier version of their parent company GrubHub. In essence, the two apps are the exact same thing, except that Seamless advertises only in New York, which personally offends me, so it’s getting docked.

Pros: It’s Grubhub, essentially.

Cons: Thinks that NYC is better than us, which is rude.


Food Delivery
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A Chicago company through and through, GrubHub is a tried-and-true food delivery service. With plenty of options from around the city (and a pretty good pricing system), GrubHub is like the Toyota Camry of ordering in – easy, reliable, and will do in a pinch.

The biggest complaint users seem to have with the service? Inaccurate ETAs. When you say my food is getting here in 30 minutes, I expect it here in 30 minutes.

Pros: Long restaurant list, decent delivery charge.

Cons: Faulty delivery times, troubles with customer service.

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Uber Eats

Food Delivery
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Need a pizza and need it now? One of the best food delivery services in Chicago to use is Uber Eats. Though the app charges a whopping $5 delivery fee on most pickups, Uber’s food service is far and away the fastest in the bunch. Plus, a decent selection of restaurants (and a wider radius than most of their competitors) doesn’t hurt too bad either.

Pros: Fast, in-app tipping available.

Cons: Usually expensive.


Food Delivery Service
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Okay, okay – hear me out. I know that DoorDash has its problems and is by no means a perfect food delivery service. But with little-to-no limitations on which restaurants users can order food from, it definitely comes out on top. Where other apps will restrict your food delivery order to a particular radius, DoorDash puts you (and your taste buds) in the virtual driver’s seat. Plus, with no minimum order price on many of its locations, you can actually pay for what you want.

Pros: Can pretty much order from anywhere in the city, offers plenty of cheap options.

Cons: Varied delivery times, complaints with customer service.


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