First Date Ideas: 6 Ways To Have A Safe First Date in Chicago

This year has been a dumpster fire. And for all the single folks in Chicago, dating has been especially challenging. Masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing aren’t exactly sexy. But that shouldn’t stop you from finding your perfect match! We have created a list of first date ideas to help you plan a romantic day or evening in Chicago.

Book an online experience through Airbnb

There are a variety of things you could do together without leaving your house—from singing holiday songs with a broadway star to making pasta with grandmas. Choose a cute first date idea you’d both be interested in and sign up for the same date/time. Check ‘em out here

Torch some calories together

Are you and your honey big gym buffs? Do something you’re both passionate about and take an online workout class! Plenty of local studios are offering virtual workouts including Barry’s Bootcamp, Chicago Athletic Clubs, and Orangetheory. Hearts will be racing!

Walk to a neighborhood cafe together

Bundle up, babe. If you’re looking for advice for your first date, an excellent way to warm up is to walk to a local coffee shop to order a cup of joe. And you can get to know your date while keeping your distance and staying safe. But the best part? You’ll support a small business that needs it most right now. Check out these independent coffee shops here

Get cozy on your couch with Teleparty

Grab the popcorn! This fun feature from Netflix allows you and your date to watch a movie together while being apart. Just download and install the extension and you’ll be ready to party. Bonus points if you choose a classic like My Best Friend’s Wedding or Bad Teacher (both storylines take place in Chicago). Download here.

Have a romantic dinner over Zoom

Carbonara and conversation? Yes please! Order takeout from a local restaurant and try the same meal with your sweetie. Although you will be chatting over video with this quarantine date idea, we recommend preparing as you normally would for a date. Style your hair, dress to impress, and don’t be late. 

Stroll through the Lincoln Park Zoo

Calling all animal lovers: get to know your first date while exploring this 35-acre outdoor zoo. This idea will allow you to connect on a deeper level while also learning about chimps, zebras, otters, flamingos, and other wildlife. Tickets are free but you’ll need to order them online for a specific date/time but to get outdoors this is an impeccable safe first date in Chicago.

Featured Image Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo on Facebook

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