8 Places in Chicago Where You Can Get Amazing Cheesecake

Some people are strict pie-lovers, while others will dabble in a cake here and there; some love a crunchy cookie, while their friends might prefer the soft, gooey middle of a brownie. When it comes to desserts, people tend to have strong opinions. Luckily, if you’re specifically a fan of the creamy texture and mild tang of a great cheesecake, there’s no shortage of options in the Chicago area. Whether fruity or chocolatey, complex or simple, an amazing cheesecake flavor is sure to be found at one of these Chicago dessert shops.

Chicago Cheesecake
Photo Credit: Schweet Cheesecake Facebook Page


5051 W Chicago Ave, Chicago IL 60651


The self-proclaimed purveyors of the “original homemade Chicago cheesecake,” Schweet has an undeniably comprehensive selection of cheesecakes. From The Viola (topped with blueberries or strawberries) to the Ndizi Banana Pudding Cheesecake (which includes sweet whiskey), there’s a flavor for everybody.

Chicago Cheesecake
Photo Credit: Eli’s Cheesecake Company Facebook Page

Eli’s Cheesecake

6701 W Forest Preserve Dr, Chicago IL 60634


Eli’s has been cranking out delicious cheesecake in Chicago since 1980 on the northwest side. Need a light summery flavor for a weekend get-together? Try the Lemon Mixed Berry Cheesecake. Not sure you can commit to one flavor? Check out the Cheesecake Samplers, each of which includes multiple flavors in one cheesecake.

Cheesecake Chicago
Photo Credit: JR Dessert Bakery Facebook Page

JR Dessert Bakery

2841 Howard St, Chicago IL 60645


In addition to an array of other dessert items, JR has a solid selection of cheesecakes. Pair a Cappuccino or Double Chocolate Cheesecake with your afternoon coffee, or keep things light and tropical for teatime with a Pineapple Coconut Cheesecake.

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Cheesecake Chicago
Photo Credit: Sweet Mandy’s B’s Facebook Page

Sweet Mandy B’s

254 E Ontario St, Chicago IL 60611

Find your new favorite cheesecake at Sweet Mandy B’s in Chicago. The Streeterville location offers summer flavors like Lemon Raspberry and Lemon Blueberry, as well as individual-sized cakes in Oreo and Turtle flavors. You can’t lose with this dessert shop.

Cheesecake Chicago
Photo Credit: Molly’s Cupcakes

Molly’s Cupcakes

179 N Morgan St, Chicago IL 60607

In addition to Molly’s special Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake, you can find multiple flavors of mini cheesecake at this dessert shop in Chicago. Get a Cherry, Chocolate, Turtle, or Plain cheesecake all for yourself (you can always break out a second fork if you’re feeling especially generous).

Cheesecake Chicago
Photo Credit: Jennivee’s Bakery, LLC Facebook Page

Jennivee’s Bakery

3301 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago IL 60657

Lakeview-based Jennivee’s offers a constantly-changing rotation of specialty cake slices, which often includes multiple types of cheesecake. You should call to determine availability, but with any luck you’ll be able to snag a slice of Red Velvet or Strawberry Cheesecake.


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Cheesecake Chicago
Photo Credit: Eméché Cakery & Cafe Facebook Page

Eméché Cakery & Cafe

3453 S Prairie Ave, Chicago IL 60616

This Bronzeville cafe in Chicago offers not only breakfast items, coffee, and tea, but dessert items— including cheesecake slices. Pick up a slice of Vanilla or “Chicago Mix” Cheesecake to go with your cup of coffee.

Photo Credit: Floriole

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Cheesecake Chicago
Photo Credit: Oak Park Bakery Inc Facebook Page

Oak Park Bakery

904 S Oak Park Ave, Oak Park IL 60304

Out in Oak Park, satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice of one of this bakery’s excellent flavors of cheesecake. Stick to fresh, fruity flavors like Raspberry or Strawberry Cheesecake, or prepare for the impending Autumnal season with Caramel Apple or Pumpkin Cheesecake.

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