5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Moving to Austin

So you’re thinking about moving to Austin — great! Over 100 other people also made that decision just today. With 116 new residents moving into the metro area a day, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Austin is quickly becoming one of the most rapidly growing cities in America. It’s no wonder why — Austin is full of great live music, delicious BBQ, and a wealth of tech jobs. We get it — it’s great here. But there’s plenty they don’t tell you. Here’s some of the best things to know about moving to Austin before you pack your bags.

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Austin is quickly getting overcrowded

Like we mentioned earlier, 116 people move to Austin every single day. That’s over 42,000 new residents every year. With now over 2 million people in what once was small town Austin, that local charm is slowly diminishing. Historically Black and Latino east side businesses are being pushed out to make room for shiny and, needless to say, expensive new high rises to accommodate the massive growth. That “Keep Austin Weird” vibe that makes moving here so desirable is inching away from us, as more people flood the city and change the way it operates. And traffic is terrible, literally any time of day, thanks to the badly-in-need-of-infrastructure-changes I-35 highway that slices through and ultimately segregates the city.

things to know moving austin
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There’s a line everywhere you go

Since there’s so many new people moving here every year, you’d think new businesses would be popping up all over the place. On the contrary, businesses are struggling to keep up with the influx, especially after many closed during the pandemic. That means restaurants and bars that are open are flooded with long lines, especially on weekends. You often have to make a reservation at trendy Austin restaurants and bars to be sure you’ll have a table, sometimes weeks in advance. Forget Sunday brunch if you didn’t grab a table for five a week ago.

things to know moving austin
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Rent is skyrocketing

Another of the best things to know about moving to Austin is how much you’ll spend just to live here. The average rent in Austin is a staggering $2,245 — that’s up a whopping 35% since January 2021, according to Redfin. The reason? Living in Austin is still undeniably cheaper than living in San Francisco, where all the tech bros are flocking from to settle into cushy downtown jobs. Living alone sounds nice until you realize you alone have to foot that bill. Our advice? Get roommates and settle on the outskirts of Austin, where apartments are still reasonably priced.

It’s getting hotter every year

You thought you knew what you were signing up for when they told you Austin is hot, but how hot exactly? The average daily maximum temperature in Austin was 81.5 degrees between 2011 and 2020, which is an increase of 1.2 degrees from the early 2000s and up 2.7 degrees from 1981-90. NOAA Science Project Manager Michael Palecki claims this is “probably directly related to greenhouse gas-induced climate change,”  so at this rate, it will only get hotter. Apparently sooner, too. May 2022 saw an average daily maximum temperate of 91.2 degrees, the hottest ever on record. And June 2022 has so far seen 14 days over 100 degrees, with 9 more coming. We could keep going, but you get it.

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It really is as cool as it seems

Of all the things to know about moving to Austin, we gotta admit: Austin really is still as cool as everyone’s talking about. Between lives shows everywhere you look, the best BBQ you’ve ever tasted, plenty of green spaces and ways to get out on the water, it’s hands-down one of the best cities in the country. But, like we mentioned before, Austin got its cool vibe from its deep-rooted history in Black and Latino culture. The best way to keep that alive, if you do move here, is to support Black-owned businesses and local Mexican restaurants, and to hold high respect for the history of Austin.


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