Old Town School of Folk Music Offers Professional Online Music Lessons

Though the Old Town School of Folk Music would have normally taught in-person music lessons to musicians in Chicago, COVID-19 put a stopper on that for now. Instead, they’ve moved their classes online, allowing more people to learn their instrument remotely.

Classes and workshops at the school are open to everyone including students outside of Chicago. The Old Town School of Folk Music‘s online program has courses that cater to a wide range of individuals including children, teens, and adults of all skill levels.


Wiggleworms” offers guided interaction with music and learning for infants and toddlers up to age five. Teachers will lead each class with songs to sing, movement to get the wiggles out, fingerplay, and more.

The school has also developed a teen-friendly curriculum in multiple subjects including band coaching, which aims to guide and encourage new and established groups of young musicians seeking focused musicianship training. Teenagers can also take advantage of a 25% discount on all “teen-friendly” adult classes, like those for guitar and vocal performing.


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The class list for adults includes topics such as songwriting, dance, harmonica, and more. For those interested in recording at home, there is a seminar on the basics of Garageband with Bill Brickey. There are also one-time workshops being offered on topics like smoother chord progressions and jam sessions for fans of John Prine. Songwriters can sign up for the monthly Songwriter’s Circle with Daniel Connolly, which offers students an opportunity to share, listen, and respond to the work in a community of other songwriters.

The virtual gatherings run in 4-week and 8-week long sessions. Instruction is available in both group and private settings. The schedule is posted online, includes meeting dates and times, as well as instructor profiles and class descriptions. Workshops cost between $12 – $45 and classes range from $80 – $210 for nonmembers. Online registration is available online through Old Town School of Folk Music.


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Featured Image Credit: Old Town School of Folk Music