Cubs Push City For More Night Games

cubs night gamesThere’s no doubt that in recent months, the city has experienced quite a bit of change in the name of the Chicago Cubs, but apparently the team has their sights set on even more.

According to Chicagoist, in a recent statement by Chicago Cubs President of Business Operation, Crane Kenney, the Cubs are claimed to be shorted night games during the season. He voiced a desire to have up to 54 total night games per season, which is in line with the average for other MLB teams.


Currently, the team is slated to play 43 night games at Wrigley Field. In light of Kenney’s statement, Wrigleyville’s Alderman commented that the Cubs themselves organized and agreed upon their schedule, which is in effect for the next seven years, and in this agreement, the team opted to host concerts instead of games during their allotted nighttime slots. Mayor Rahm Emanuel voiced agreement with the Alderman, noting that it was “their call.”

Although the decision is ultimately up to the city, it’s obvious that the Cubs carry strong influence in the city, as their popularity has surged since their historic 2016 World Series win. The Cubs butting heads with the city essentially stems down to weary Lakeview residents, whose complaints of night game-fueled noise and drunkenness must be taken into account by the city.


As if Wrigleyville wasn’t Cubs-crazy enough, recent large-scale commercial developments near the Field have solidified it as a true epicenter for The Bears in Blue. The addition of night games would likely push the phenomena even further into a ’round-the-clock affair.

The Cubs’ next home night game kicks off at 7:05pm on Tuesday, August 1 against the Arizona Diamondbacks, not long after they play in the annual Crosstown Classic this week. Upcoming concerts at Wrigley Field include Lady Gaga, Green Day, and Billy Joel.


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