6 Cosmetic Companies in Chicago You’ll Love

Look Great with Chicago Cosmetic Companies

Chicago is known for many things like pizza, windy weather, and being a top city for the cosmetic industry. The city hosts major industry gatherings and educates thousands of talents. In addition, it produces quite a lot of beauty products that touch faces across the nation. There seems to be no end to what can be found for topical and color needs. What are some of Chicago’s claims to beauty fame? Keeping in time with cosmetic companies in the Windy City, we found six cosmetic companies you’ll love.


Yasou Skin Care

This Greek skin care company offers a variety of effective products that address the topical needs of skin. Their claim to fame is a proprietary blend called Calityl-O Complex. In short, their secret formula seems to melt away dryness, signs of aging, and boosts overall skin performance. The line consists of products that offer luxurious sanctuary for body, face, and hands. This brand is vegan, gluten-free, and leaping bunny certified.



Swirl & Sparkle

This ETSY store is so much more than delightful doggy-clad skin care. This company is a source for giving back. 25% of all proceeds from these handmade creations go to the French Bulldog Rescue of Chicago. This is no ordinary brush cleansing line. Marii Lang’s special sugar diamond lid and perfectly blended cleansing soap offer a unique experience in cosmetic brush cleansing.


Emma Jean Cosmetics

Anyone who likes getting their nails done will love this resource. Emma Jean Cosmetics focuses on all things nails. The vegan brand offers mainstream and fashionable colors for nails. Not to mention, these products are deliciously scented.  Yes, paint your nails and let them dry, then enjoy a colorful and scented cosmetic experience. This brand is vegan and cruelty-free.



The West Loop has many claims to fame, including the ever-so-popular body care line H2O. Based on the belief that pure water is the key to creating beauty products that enhance and protect natural beauty, this brand offers solutions for face, body, hands, and color products for lips. Although they’re now headquartered in San Francisco, this line originally from Chicago is the ultimate form of beauty by hydration.


Charles Ifergan Hair Care

The mega salon culture of Charles Ifergan offers more than just hair services. The brand is also made up of a fully comprehensive collection of products. The collection consists of products, brushes, tools and accessories ready to make your hair better than ever. Customize your care regime with Charles Ifergan offerings.



Need a good lip statement and not just a product that will get you through the day? Amp up your lip’s color appearance with LIPSNOB. The line is rich with color pigment. Offerings include lipsticks, lip liners, and gloss. Choose from matte, non-matte, and glossy gloss. Enjoy the defining lip pencils that duo as all-over color on demand. 


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