15 of the Best Italian Ice in Chicago

Italian ice: a sort of healthy way to stay cool. 

If you’re craving something refreshing to combat Chicago’s sweltering humidity, hit up your favorite Italian ice shop for a delicious cup of sugary ice. There’s no way you can go wrong with a dessert drink like this: it’s cheap, it’s sweet, and it’s the perfect way to handle the heat. 


Making sure you don’t melt into a puddle of sweat this summer, this is the UrbanMatter guide to the best of the best Italian ice shops in the city.



Miko’s Italian Ice

Miko’s Italian Ice
Photo Credit: Miko’s Italian Ice Facebook

Logan Square, Bucktown, Irving Park

With a huge range of flavors to keep you cool all summer long, you can’t go wrong with Miko’s.



Mario’s Italian Lemonade

Mario's Italian Lemonade
Photo Credit: Mario’s Italian Lemonade Facebook

1066 W Taylor St


This old-school walk-up window is reminiscent of our young entrepreneurial ambition to open a 5-cent lemonade stand. This one isn’t quite as cheap, but definitely twice as good.




Photo Credit: Ferro’s Facebook

200 W 31st St

It’s a classic staple in the heart of the southside. What’s not to love?




Photo Credit: Tina’s Chicago Facebook

1050 W Bryn Mawr Ave


While Tina’s is best known for its popcorn, there’s no harm in trying another one of their specialties: some of the finest Italian ice in the city.


Carm’s Beef & Italian Ice

Carm’s Beef & Italian Ice
Photo Credit: Carm’s Beef & Italian Ice Facebook

1057 W Polk St

Their ice buckets are ready for the summer influx! Everybody knows that Italian ice and Italian beef is a match made in heaven.


Gina’s Italian Ice

Gina’s Italian Ice
Photo Credit: Gina’s Italian Ice

6737 Roosevelt Rd

Classically delicious.


Fabulous Freddie’s Italian Eatery

Fabulous Freddie’s Italian Eatery
Photo Credit: Fabulous Freddie’s Italian Eatery Facebook

701 W 31st St

It’s impossible to settle for “ordinary” Italian ice when you’re at Freddie’s. Try any flavor and Freddie’s will top it with a slice of fruit.


Rita’s Italian Ice

Rita's Italian Ice
Photo Credit: Rita’s Italian Ice Facebook

4841 W 79th St

No words needed. Just look at that perfection.


Ava’s Italian Ice

Ava's Italian Ice
Photo Credit: Ava’s Italian Ice Facebook

1814 N Western Ave

New to Chicago this year, their claim to fame is the flight and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is: four scoops of delicious Italian ice into one bowl for you to taste test. 


Luke’s on Harlem

Luke's on harlem
Photo Credit: Luke’s on Harlem Facebook

3130 N Harlem Ave

The original Luke’s has been a staple on the edge of Chicago for decades. And its Italian ice is one of the most popular items on the menu.


Annette’s Homemade Italian Ice

Annette’s Homemade Italian Ice
Photo Credit: Annette’s Homemade Italian Ice Facebook

924 W Armitage Ave

How could we possibly forget Annette’s? This iconic walk-up is not to be missed.



Photo Credit: BomboBar Facebook

832 W Randolph St

Not what you’d expect to find on this list, eh? Think again. You can add a splash of BABE Rosé to any bag of Italian ice bought here.


Little Lulu’s Italian Ice Truck

Little Lulu's Italian Ice Truck
Photo Credit: Little Lulu’s Italian Ice Truck Facebook

Various Locations

Freeze pops but made with fresh fruit instead of artificial everythang. How come our childhood wasn’t this health-conscious!?


Featured Image Credit: Miko’s Italian Ice Facebook


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