Sans Bar is the First Sober Bar in Austin Fostering a New Community

Austin has always been popular for its nightlife and, overall, its drinking scene. You can get alcohol pretty much anywhere these days, with beer, wine, and even sometimes cocktails at every coffee shop. That’s all pretty cool, but one Austinite wanted to bring something different to the table — a sober bar for people who do not drink. 

Sans Bar is a place for everyone, from those who struggle with alcohol, to those who are simply looking for a place to have a great night out, without all that social pressure to drink. Founder Chris Marshall wanted to create a sober bar in Austin that had all the atmosphere of a cocktail lounge with none of the alcohol.

Marshall was inspired to create a place like this from past work as a counselor. He encountered many clients who struggled with finding an environment similar to that of a bar, while still working to stay sober. So, he took matters into his own hands, and created a safe place for genuine connection between people.

The concept of a sober bar is actually shockingly new, but it’s well past time for an environment like this to exist. Particularly in Austin, it’s increasingly difficult to socialize without alcohol because it’s just so commonplace. Austinites tend to find any excuse to drink: “The weather is nice” or “I’m just grabbing a coffee — oh wait, a new beer just got released” sound familiar? 

We won’t lie, this is definitely fun, but if you’re a person who wants to have an alcohol-free time for whatever reason, you may sometimes find yourself feeling socially outcast — and that’s where Sans Bar comes in. While you’re at Sans Bar, you’ll be required to remain sober out of respect for the other guests, but never fear, all of your favorite bar activities will still be in full swing, like live music and games. 

This sober bar in Austin boasts a variety of craft mocktails unlike anything you’ve had before, and delicious enough to give your favorite craft cocktail bar a solid run for their money. Beyond great cocktails and that upscale lounge environment, Sans Bar frequently hosts live music performances and drag shows.

Overall, Sans Bar is a wonderful place to hang out with friends or go on a date, to enjoy some tasty drinks and still be able to drive home. Despite Austin having a massive drinking scene, this seems exactly like one of the many quirky places keeping Austin running.



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