8 Incredible Hot Dogs You Can Get Near Phoenix

Whatever American fare you’re looking for around Phoenix, you’re likely to find it — from burgers to pizza to wings. That rule also applies to one of the biggest food staples we all know and love: hot dogs! The Phoenix area definitely has a lot of hot dog eateries that make the meal their own. These are the eight best hot dogs near you in Phoenix to try.

Photo Credit: La Pasadita Hot Dogs Facebook

La Pasadita

3601 W Camelback Rd #7

Yet another place for dogs, this local chain in Phoenix makes a variety of Southwest-inspired hot dogs, smothered in toppings ranging from beans and bacon to jalapeño sauce and nacho cheese. Try their carryout service today by ordering on their app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Photo Credit: Simon’s Hot Dogs Facebook

Simon’s Hot Dogs

4280 N Drinkwater Blvd #200

This hot dog joint is yet another spot for exotic tastes and a well-rounded menu that even features vegan and vegetarian dogs as options for those who are looking for something meatless! Don’t forget to try their Colombian Chorizo sausage if you want a kick!

Photo Credit: Detroit Coney Grill Facebook

Detroit Coney Grill

16 W Adams St

This Michiganian gem in the middle of the desert brings to the Phoenix area the stunning combination of loose meat sandwiches and hot dogs — thrown together in a beautiful marriage of meats. Their delicious menu also features buffalo tots and award-winning burgers!

Photo Credit: Doglicious Hot Dogs Facebook

Doglicious Hot Dogs

5060 W Bell Rd Ste A

If you’re looking for the best hot dogs near you in Phoenix, this eatery in Glendale offers exotic menu options including the Pepperoni Pizza dog and the Who’s Reuben, a hot dog made specially for Reuben sandwich lovers!

Photo Credit: Short Leash Hot Dogs Facebook

Short Leash Hot Dogs

4221 N 7th Ave

This exciting hot dog shop in the Phoenix area is also known for its doughnuts and coffee, but their dogs are a surprising and delicious fare, dressed with various toppings and held in their signature naan bread! Available for delivery, with takeout soon to follow.

Photo Credit: Lupita’s Hot Dogs Yelp

Lupita’s Hot Dogs

16456 N 32nd St

This amazing cash-only destination on the north end of Phoenix is the home to a critically acclaimed Sonoran hot dog and some of the friendliest five-star service in area! Visit Lupita’s on Facebook to hear more from their raving fans.

Photo Credit: Jimmy’s Yelp


4022 E Broadway Rd #101

How much simpler does it get? Jimmy’s Hot Dogs is a Tempe joint that offers a stellar chili cheese dog and a few other offerings on a menu that keeps it simple with a few choices that are sure to get the attention of hungry people from all around!

Photo Credit: Ted’s Hot Dogs Facebook

Ted’s Hot Dogs

1755 E Broadway Rd

Whether it’s a little relish or a heaping helping of mac and cheese, Ted’s is a New York chain that has found a place in Tempe, Arizona to offer its signature toppings for all sorts of hot dog dishes — including those with gluten-free or vegetarian options!


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