6 Best Hiking Trails to See Wildflowers in Phoenix, AZ

Nature hikes are a Phoenix pastime, but while you might picture desert and a few cacti here and there, would you believe Phoenix has a number of hotspots for viewing wildflowers too? Here are some of the best hiking trails for seeing wildflowers in Phoenix, for veteran hikers as well as newbies!

Union Peak Loop

North Gateway, Phoenix, AZ 85085

This trail should be a cakewalk for anyone who hasn’t done a hike before — and even easier for those who have. It’s leash-friendly, so feel free to bring your best friend along if you’re out to enjoy the wildflowers on this stroll — best for use during hockey season!


Maxine Lakin Nature Trail

North Mountain Village, Phoenix, AZ 85021

Another easy hiking trail in Phoenix where you can bring a leashed dog or even allow children to enjoy, this very short hike is only 1.3 miles, and it loops right back to where you started. This moderately trafficked trail is for hiking and bird watching between March and October.

Dixie Mountain Loop Trail

Hawks Nest trail at Fireside, Hawk’s Nest Trail, Phoenix, AZ 85085

This moderate trail is yet another loop, and though it’s heavily trafficked, it’s used for tons of activity, from hiking to horse riding, running, and even mountain biking! You can enjoy this trail year-round, too — just bring plenty of water.

Telegraph Pass Trail

14251 S Desert Foothills Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85048

Have a goal to try medium difficulty hikes, but don’t want to go for too long? The Telegraph Pass Trail in Phoenix, Arizona may be an excellent option for you. This hiking trail features heavy traffic and a wide variety of activities for hikers on the 2.2 mile stretch. 

Holbert Trail to Dobbins Lookout

Phoenix S Mountain Park, Phoenix, AZ 85042

This rocky out-and-back trail is available year-round, and it’s made for tons of activities alike, including hiking. This difficult trail runs only 3.8 miles, but offers a challenge for anyone on foot. The reward? A fantastic view when you make it to Dobbins Lookout!

Piestewa Peak and Freedom Loop Trail

Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300, 5594 E Squaw Peak Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Another difficult one for the pros out there, you should try out this trail starting in March; it’s best for the sunniest months. There’s availability for rock climbing, and it’s highly trafficked. Just don’t bring your dogs to this one.



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