What is UrbanMatter?

UrbanMatter is the Number One online resource for Phoenix music, restaurants, nightlife, culture, and local lifestyle. Yes, we’re like other event websites, but we’re also real locals who hit the streets to bring you the info that matters most. That’s why we’re awesome. Learn more about UrbanMatter here.

Why that name…?

Well, it’s a long story… To sum it up, after a couple brief stints under temporary names that didn’t have quite the same impact, our staff wanted to pick the perfect name that embodies what we do, which is share everything in Phoenix that matters to you.

And voila, we became UrbanMatter. Because let’s be honest, we only cover what really matters.

How can I work for UrbanMatter?

We’re currently recruiting freelance writers on UpWork.

I have a local business that I think your readers would love to know about. How can I promote it?

We fully support local business here at UrbanMatter, and we want our readers to know about them. Feel free to share your press releases to one of our editors at tips@urbanmatter.com.

You didn’t answer my question. How can I get more info?

Head over to our Contact page, or email us at info@urbanmatter.com.