The Best Hotel Pools in Phoenix To Visit

Picture yourself lying under the cloudless Arizona sky by one of the best hotel pools in Phoenix, while the warm Phoenix sun casts its golden glow over you, with the stunning desert landscape as a backdrop. 

After basking in the aura of the valley of the sun, the next thing you should do is cool off in one of the pools. Even though Phoenix is miles away from the nearest beach, you can still experience the beach there. And even enjoy the sparkling water under the leaves of coconut trees. 

With the temperature ever so hot this time of the year, the idea of where to cool off beckons. Fortunately, there are lots of hotels with pools in Phoenix to have a swell time in. The little challenge here may lie in making the best choice for yourself but don’t freak out because we’ve got you covered. 

We have reviewed all the nice relaxation sites in Phoenix with pools and come up with a list of the best. Depending on your location in Arizona, this list of the best pools in Phoenix will guide you to pick your favorite based on your taste.  


Top Local Resort Pools

Cutting across Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley, here are our top picks from these cities. 


In Arizona, Phoenix is known as one of the places with the best hotels and resorts with pools. With its almost desert climate, it has attracted many investors who put their all into providing a place to cool off. But out of the many cooling-off destinations, there are just a few we feel are best for you based on a lot of amenities and their packages. So whether you are looking for a place to lodge or a relaxing and cool-off place, here are the top destinations for you in Phoenix.

Arizona Biltmore


Built in 1929, Arizona Biltmore has been a five-star cool-off and relaxation center for many decades. It has hosted lots of legendary celebrities such as George Bush, Frank Sinatra, Jerry Seinfield, and lots more. It has lived the history of Arizona for almost a century and has helped to create a sort of desert glamor in Arizona. 

You may be wondering why one of the age-long hotels with pools in Phoenix should make it to our list. Well, why not? Its facilities appeal to both the young and the old as it is continually renovated to include modern amenities of all kinds. 

Adults have their pool designed to appeal to grow-ups and a huge water slide designed for children. So it’s a nice cooling-off location for families with children. This way no one is left out from the fun and excitement.  

What’s more? The Saguaro in the adult pool is 140 years old, so it’s a place of harmony between history and modernity. The architecture found in the age-long pool here tells an ancient desert story of Arizona with a touch of urbanization. It’s like getting a museum and cool-off time from one destination. 

After the grand renovation that finished in 2023, you can find lots of new pools here. So you don’t have to worry about sharing a pool with a crowd of people. They are big on privacy and you’d enjoy having a private time here. 

The Rooms

You will be amazed by the luxuriously classic rooms in this hotel. With over 700 rooms that boast classic lamps, historic desert arts, and classic plush beds, there is room for everyone. 

It offers a bungalow for visitors that need more privacy, and a legit club room too for your relaxation.

Food and Dining

What’s a good destination without good food? Arizona Biltmore did not disappoint us with its menu. There are loads of sumptuous meals available here, both the popular and the least popular dishes. It’s a nice place to dine and wine in Arizona. You might not want to try another meal after the delicious meals here. 


Dive into the desert culture of the ancient residents of Arizona in this astrologically inspired spa. Whether you are in to look at your star alignment or a full body massage, they have got you covered. The chakra offered in this spa will leave you in awe. Additionally, the next door opens to a gym with state-of-the-art facilities to aid your fitness goals.

The service offered here is top-notch. The staff are so trained that you can mistake them for friends in need. There are ramps and elevators to get you around this hotel with a pool in Phoenix. If you are looking to relax, seize this chance to discover what this hotel offers.

Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix

Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix has intertwined the Kimpton signature design and the modern Phoenix desert designs to downtown Phoenix. It’s one of the latest places to visit as its unique features set it apart from other hotels. On entering the hotel, you might feel overwhelmed by the grandeur of Kimpton’s mid century design. 

It boasts well-trained and friendly staff always ready to assist visitors. You might even forget that they are doing their jobs and mistake them for new friends because of their cheerfulness and availability. 

It is one of the best Phoenix hotels with pools. Plus, its rooftop pool is just what you need after a hot Phoenix sun. Up there, the noise of the other guests is drastically reduced, so you can relax and even catch a nap on one of its numerous lounge chairs. Additionally, this rooftop pool offers a magnificent view of the surroundings. 


It offers accessible rooms luxuriously furnished with King beds. The bathrooms have a roll-in shower and other shower tub combos. Telephone ring signals, fire alarms, bed shakers and other things to make you comfortable and safe are available here. 

From outside your room, you can access the rooftop areas with ease. A wheelchair elevator is also available for guests with mobility issues. 

Food and Dining 

The two dining venues here add to the beauty of this hotel. The main one which is the Blue Hound Kitchen and Cocktail is next to the bustling living room. It offers breakfast, and dinner, made up of different sumptuous dishes. You can get dishes like chilaquiles, blueberry pancakes, French toast, and lots more. 

The second one is the Eden Rooftop Bar. This has lots of seating spaces with misters to keep it cool. Several options like yellowfin tuna crisp, chickpea hummus, and lots more are available here.

In the lobby, all sorts of morning coffee is offered to help you relax into your day. Talk about starting the day right.



There are lots of amenities here to make your stay worth every second. There is an EOS fitness Club across the hotel that guests have complimentary access to. Here, you will find loads of state-of-the-art fitness machines that will leave you with a lasting impression. To cap it all, it is equipped with a cinema space, so you can enjoy a movie while working out. Yoga mats and loaner bicycles are also available here. 

The location of this Phoenix hotel pool makes it a good destination for tourists who have plans to tour the downtown. It is surrounded by many shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers. There is a sports venue for indoor football, baseball, basketball, and other sports just some blocks away. This is just a summary of the beautiful experience you will have here, go ahead to book a room and discover more hidden gems. 

Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak

With one of the best pools in Phoenix, Hilton Phoenix is formerly known as Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort. It is located in a place surrounded by local restaurants and shops to ease your tour of Phoenix. Being very close to the downtown, it’s a must-visit destination for tourists looking forward to touring the downtown.

The pool and water splash experience that awaits you here is highly recommended for your relaxation. 

Food and Dinings

Even though free breakfast is not offered here, you will find an array of dishes to help you start your day with a high spirit. The menu is loaded with popular and unpopular dishes, so you can always try out the new menu here. The dinner will also leave you with a good impression.

The Rooms

There are different types of rooms you can book here. One such is the one-bedroom suite with two queen beds, a flat-screen TV, a living room, and a coffee machine. Other types of rooms you can book here include a queen suite with two queen beds, a bedroom king suite, a queen suite with mobility and hearing access, an ambassador king suite, and many others. 

No matter your taste or the type of getaway you have planned, this Phoenix hotel pool has got you covered. You will find the perfect room for yourself, your family, and your friends. The rooms are also furnished with comfortable beds to maximize your relaxation.


There is a spa here that offers therapeutic massages and other specialized treatments based on your needs. The spa staff are experts who deliver their duties with a high level of professionalism for a soothing experience. 

There are arrays of spa packages available here such as couple massages, and special massages for pregnant women. You will also find fitness equipment to go along with your spa experience. 

One of the many attractions of this Phoenix hotel pool is the River Ranch Water Park. Here, you will enjoy the enticing water slide, pools, and the lazy river. It is one of the best places to cool off after soaking up a lot of sunshine in the valley of the sun. 

The cabanas that are close to the waterslide and the pools make this venue a good family relaxation spot. Families can be comfortable in the cabanas and the kids can access the lazy river and the children’s pool from there. We could go on and on, but you will have to take advantage of their packages and enjoy a refreshing dip in their pools.


JW Marriott at Desert Ridge


A perfect day in JW Marriott is spent poolside. This Phoenix hotel pool is one of the best hotel pools in Phoenix famous for family vacations and relaxation. The property has loads of activities planned out for people of various ages. It’s like a little city with all that you can need inside it. 

It boasts lots of buildings, pools, golf courses, tennis courts, restaurants, and lots more. The number of families you will find here may leave you feeling like you are in a little town populated by happy little families. 

The Pools are like none in Phoenix as they have private cabanas with sofas, fridges, TVs, fans, couches, etc. It will surely make a great spot for friends’ weekend getaways. 

The Rooms

The buildings contain 1,000 rooms, so this hotel pool in Phoenix hardly runs out of rooms for guests. The wallpaper in the rooms is specially designed to showcase the spark of a clear desert sky. There are glass doors to balconies with magnificent views. 

The facilities here are the latest you can find elsewhere. Luxurious suites are also offered here with a private rooftop terrace. 

Food and Dining 

The latest addition to this hotel pool in Phoenix is the new eatery, Tia Carmen, with loads Of yummy Southwestern cuisine. The dishes here are inspired by Tia Carmen in harmony with smoky flavors. The kitchen activities here are supervised by Penny Tagliarina, while the food is made by Angelo Sosa. You will also find unique creations of Penny Tagliarina on the menu. 

There is a lobby restaurant with casual menus such as flatbreads, appetizers, and salads for light meals. You can also opt for a poolside restaurant at your service after a splash, or the Meritage Urban Tavern. 


There are various spa treatments offered here, such as special massage with ginger oil, bamboo stick treatment, etc. There are more desert body treatments like Pear Sugar Scrub and salt body polish (Turquoise Cocoon). All that’s expected of you is to drop some benjamins and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.  

The Global Ambassador 

Last but not least on our list of the best hotel pools in Phoenix is the Global Ambassador. It’s one of the most aesthetic sights that you would not want to miss while in Phoenix. It is co-owned by Brian Frakes and Sam Fox, two goal-oriented partners. 

A look around the hotel will tell you that these two men went the extra mile to build a state of the art hotel. They built a place where they and their loved ones can enjoy pool and relaxation hours. It’s well-detailed in its design to rival the traditional designs of most hotels in Phoenix. 

It gives the vibes of both a 5-star modern hotel and a historically inspired hotel with black and white photos on the wall. It is also furnished with glam wall mirrors that would surely bring back memories for the elderly. 

Situated in the most populous city in America, one will not be surprised to find the lobby always bustling with people. It’s a nice tourist destination for social butterflies to make friends with locals. Lots of business meetings and casual chit-chats between friends take place here all year round. 

The Rooms

It offers 141 elegantly furnished and soothing rooms. These rooms boast lots of beautiful artworks to give the rooms touches of skillful luxury. The rooms are also equipped with in-room bars for a private bar experience. These in-room bars are stuffed with elegant cocktail and wine glasses, sharp knives, limes, lemons, and wines. 

This Phoenix hotel with pools has luxurious bathrooms attached to each room. The bathrooms here have bathtubs and other fixtures. The Frette bathrobes are always neat and inviting.

The rooms also offer the most terrific views to visitors. It is built for visitors to enjoy the grand view of Camelback. Visitors can even request rooms that give the best view of it. 

The Food and Dining 

The food and drink is another adventure into the world of pleasure and yummy taste. It offers five signature restaurants with lots of professional waiters always at your service. The servers are mostly dressed in playful jumpsuits during breakfast and lunch. 

There is also a lobby bar that serves drinks and snacks daily from 3:00 pm. Additionally, you will find a Peruvian restaurant called Pink Dolphin with a good view of the large pool. Pink Dolphin offers special meals like Ceviche tacos, Shrimp cocktails, Margaritas, and many others. 

The rooftop restaurant called Crown Jewel gives a magnificent view of the beautiful city of Phoenix. You can enjoy the view of Camelback glowing in the sunset, West Phoenix downtown, Mummy, and the North Mountain. 

The dinner menu here will leave you coming back for more. Assorted meals such as baked feta, dips, brick chicken, sesame brittle, and lots more. 

Spa Experience


This is not just a hotel pool in Phoenix, it is also home to a world-class spa. To cap it all, all the products used in this spa are from the top-selling brands in the market. You can get a full body massage, oxylight lift, and other treatments with state-of-the-art spa machines. 

There is also an IV therapy session with a nurse. If gyms go side by side with spas for you, then you will like the fact that Global Ambassador offers a huge gym close to the spa. There is a Forma Pilates studio and a cryo chamber to maximize your pleasure time here. 

It is built in a way that you don’t get to hear the noises from the street even though it’s located in a busy place. It is close to many local shops and restaurants, and even the popular Cholla Trailhead is just a minute’s drive from here. 

To add more feathers to its already decorated cap, Global Ambassador offers a Membership Club that gives access to all its facilities. It has shops and a large space for events such as weddings.  All you might need for a simple getaway is right here. 


Just like the value of the sun, the West’s most western town is also endowed with an array of hotel pools for cooling off. To enable you to soak up in the sparkling pool and melt away some of the hot Arizona sunshine your skin soaked up. Some of the best hotel pools here are: 

Andaz Scottsdale Resort

Submerged in the desert warmth of Arizona is a luxurious fun venue, Andaz Scottsdale Resort. In comparison to some of the best hotel pools in Phoenix that we talked about before, this one stands out in many ways. One of which is the design of the architecture found here. 

The Rooms

All the rooms have a bungalow style which makes them luxurious when compared to what is obtainable in many hotels. Every room has a private patio where you can relax and enjoy a grand view of Camelback Mountain.


The 3 outdoor pools give you options of where to have a cool splash. These 3 pools also include one spa pool to maximize the total relaxation of your body and mind. The spa is another side attraction for guests who love special spa treatments.

The gyms are open 24/7 to attend to guests. So, a stay at this hotel pool in Scottsdale comes with lots of benefits for your body and mind. Sun, water, and good vibes – that’s all you need.

The list of recreational activities you can enjoy here is long, there is golfing, hiking, and many others. If documenting all your fun activities appeals to you then you will enjoy the GoPro free rental here. 

Also, there is a car drop-off service by Tesla which takes guests around the city. So, this place is a great place to be if touring Scottsdale is on your bucket list. 

Omni Scottsdale Resort

If you are looking for a fairytale destination in Scottsdale, the Omni Scottsdale Resort is a great place for you to try. Situated just at the base of the Camelback Mountain, it looks like a grand building from a fairyland. This is one of the reasons why it has made it to the list of honeymoon destinations in Scottsdale, Arizona. 


What is a relaxing spot in Arizona without a pool to cool off? Omni Scottsdale Resort has 3 pools for that needed cool splashes after Arizona sunshine. One of the pools is a rooftop pool with a touch of Moroccan architecture. 

The rooftop pool features cool sparkling water under the hot sun, that gives you a break from the heat. The view from this pool is also magnificent as it enables you to take in the breathtaking sight of the bustling surroundings. To wrap up the glamor of this rooftop pool, it was built for adults only.

The other two pools, Kasbah Pool and Oasis Pool have hot tubes and sundecks. The water fountains around this place make it so inviting that people end up spending hours cooling off there. 

There is a poolside bar that makes your cool-off experience more enticing with its supply of cool sips. You can order any drink of your choice here. The comfortable cabanas along these pools make them perfect pools for couples on honeymoon and families.

From the cabanas, you can access one of the pools which is built for kids only, or the adult pool. 

Furthermore, it offers Joya Spa, for VIP spa treatment. It’s the right place for you to pamper your body and give it the right relaxation it needs. The massage therapy here will leave your body and mind coming back for more. 

The Rooms

The rooms offered here are furnished to meet the taste of the modern Scottsdale society. They are spacious, to let you walk around and get things done, just in case you are on a business trip. The rooms offer beautiful views of the landscape in its picturesque form and the enticing pools. 

A fun trip cannot be complete without food and drinks which is why there are four different restaurants here. Each serves a different type of international cuisine. So no matter where you are from, you will find cuisines to suit your taste in any of these restaurants. 

The Phoenician

No list of best hotel pools in Phoenix or Arizona is complete without the mention of this grand hotel. Located in sunny Scottsdale, it’s like an oasis that draws people from far and near. It offers the much-needed sun break and relaxation in a serene environment that will rejuvenate you. 

Its sparkling rooftop pool is popular with its sparkling water which tourists find enticing. Above all, this rooftop pool offers a picturesque view of the surroundings like no other place. These views are some of the things that add to the aura of fairy tale magic in this hotel pool. 


There is a spa that runs from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm daily. In the spa, you will find other beauty and therapeutic sections such as a nail lounge for hygienic and aesthetic purposes. Spa treatments such as aromatherapy, couple treatment, full body scrubs and wraps, meditation, etc, are available here. 


There is also a fitness center here, to aid your journey to the fitness world. Also, there are courts for tennis, basketball, and pickleball. 

The Rooms

The rooms available here are furnished to meet state-of-the-art standards in every form. It offers 450 nice guest rooms, 107 casitas, 26 suits, and 2 presidential suites. All are furnished to meet the taste of any guess, no matter how high. It’s worth noting that these rooms have different prices. 

Lastly, this nice hotel pool is not lacking in the area of food and dining. You have access to a plethora of delicious dishes on their menus here. 

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort

When it boils down to water splash fun, Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort has all that you need and more. It offers the highest number of water dip and splash spots compared to many hotel pools in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Little wonder all roads lead to this resort, especially at the peak of the summer. 


Scattered in this fun venue in Gainey Ranch are 10 inviting pools with tranquil water, waiting for your splash. The fun is endless as you can decide to move from one pool to another to have a cool time before deciding on your favorite pool. You can even find the one with a suitable depth for learners.

There is a massive 30-foot water slide here. So if water sliding is your thing, this venue is a special destination for you as there is no end to the number of times you can slide down. No matter your age, you will find out that you are never too old for an adventure on the water slide. 

Another amazing sight to behold are the 45 waterfalls. This looks more like a show of diamonds as the sun shines on the falling water, causing it to shine bright. These 45 waterfalls are sights that you do not want to miss on your next trip to Scottsdale.

Still on the water show, there are 20 fountains to behold here, making this place the number one venue for aqua display. The sparkling water display under the hot Arizona sun is a soothing sight to behold. 

The palms around give the venue a little aura of the beach. Imagine having a sunny soak in the sparkling pool quarter with a soaring palm overhead. What’s more? You will be getting a great Mountain view from this hotel pool. 

There is a blooming garden here that adds to the beauty of this place. A combination of sparkling water, soaring palms, and a blooming garden makes it look like a mermaid beach from a Disney movie. The magic is endless with the finishing touch of meandering paths that paint a perfect picturesque view. 


Apart from the water fun, there is a spa here. So whenever Arizona allows you to leave the pools, you can make your way to the spa. Where you will enjoy full-body treatment. This spa also offers specialized spa treatment to help you maintain balance and find your inner strength. 

For sports lovers, this venue is close to the Gainey Ranch Club with three golf courses. So you can just visit the golf courses to play and unwind. 

The Rooms

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort offers spacious rooms with private balconies where you can sit and just soak in the beautiful view. The rooms are modern with flat-screen televisions for your private entertainment. The rooms are also spacious enough for a little family weekend gate away. 

International dishes are also available across the 8 on-site restaurants to make your every meal there memorable. No matter the continent you are from, there are familiar meals for you herein. It’s also a perfect place for food adventures, tasting new foods, and having fun while doing so. 

Paradise Valley

This might be another desert area in Arizona but make no mistake, there is a reason we call this Paradise Valley. Despite being a desert, the beauty of its landscape will leave you appreciating Mother Nature more. But just like every desert area, the need for cool-off spots is essential for the comfort of the residents.

This is why there are lots of pool hotels scattered all over the place. Adding to the beauty and charms of this desert landscape. Some of the top-rated hotel pools here are: 

Mountain Shadows

Mountain Shadows has taken desert luxury to the next level as it has defined and redefined luxury over the years to suit every generation. Since its opening in 1959, it has expanded till it got to the list of the top hotels and resorts in Arizona. In addition to its blend of beauty and luxury, it has moved to redefine desert beauty and luxury in Paradise Valley. 

Located in the very shadow of the Camelback Mountain in the tranquil Paradise Valley environment. It’s just a few minutes drive away from Scottsdale. It’s all about luxury here as contemporary architecture is in harmony with the 1950s architects. 

It’s also a vacation destination for a family as there are loads of activities for kids here. Furthermore, pets are allowed in this place, so the entire family can be whole here. 


Currently, it has lots of mouth-watering packages for guests like a free staycation which started on 17th May and will end on 2nd September 2024. And the 20-30-40 Deal which started on 2nd April and will end on 30th September.


It also offers event centers for weddings and other parties in its serene environment. The fitness area offers an array of activities like yoga, to help you stay fit. Overall, the environment is calm and fun at the same time. 

The pool is one of the facilities that keep pulling crowds to this venue all year round. The clear water in the pool is inviting and soothing, especially during the hot months. 

Lastly, the restaurants here offer lots of delicacies on their menus. It’s guaranteed to serve you your favorite and more. You can take advantage of the exotic menus and have a food adventure. 

Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain


The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain is a nice destination for a family vacation. Apart from being a premium hotel, it offers a free stay for children below 18 years, so long as they stay with the adults. It boasts 3 swimming pools for the family after basking in the desert sun. In addition to the 3 massive outdoor swimming pools, you can also enjoy a sauna here. 

The rooms

It offers 110 guest rooms with a refrigerator to keep your drinks cool and a flat-screen TV. The beds are covered with beautiful Italian sheets to give a hint of Italian splendor. It’s a total package of privacy and luxury here as you get to enjoy a well-equipped private bathroom with a hair dryer. 

The types of rooms here include Mountain King Casita, King Suite, Two Double Casita, Spa Casita, Spa Suit, Terrace King Casita, and Accessible Spa Suite, among others. 


To maximize your comfort, you are given a wireless and wired Internet connection and an iPod docking station. A valet parking is also freely available for guests who drive into the premises. Also, it offers a newspaper service, laundry service, meeting rooms for people on business trips, and an event center. 

Check out the spa which offers all sorts of spa services ranging from massage to other treatments. There is a gift shop available for guests to shop for the perfect souvenir for their loved ones. For sports lovers, there are tennis courts for guests to have a swell time hitting the balls. 

The meals here are quite impressive too. You can visit the restaurants for a meal or use the room service to get your meal delivered to your room. You can also take advantage of the free cooked-to-order meals in the morning. 

Have a relaxing time with chilled sips at the lounge or the poolside bar. To add to the highlight of your stay at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain. 


What is the Most Luxury Pool?


The most luxurious hotel pools in Phoenix for you depend on other amenities offered alongside the pool. Our top picks include Grand Ambassador, Arizona Biltmore, JW Marriot at Dessert Ridge, and others above.

How To Tell if a Hotel Pool is Clean

You can tell if a pool is clean when the water is crystal clear, does not have any odor, no slimy feel, or bad pool filter. 

What is the Best Phoenix Hotel with a Rooftop Pool?

Some of the best Phoenix hotels with rooftop pools are Kimpton Hotel Palomar, The Global Ambassador, and lots more.


The hotel pools in Phoenix are numerous and ideal for swimming, splashing, and all sorts of water fun. As the peak of the summer draws nearer, the need for a nice cool-off time in pools increases. To make your choice of the nicest pool for you, take advantage of our list of the best Phoenix hotel pools.

All the pools on our list are clean, safe, and accessible, with lots of other complimentary amenities. Pick your favorite from our list and go on a memorable solo trip, family getaway, or friend’s relaxation plan.